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How to Calculate for Workers’ Compensation Policy Rates

Payroll Calculation

Payroll CalculationSimilar to other insurance policies, insurance companies calculate rates for workers’ compensation policies using a number of factors. These factors include a company’s kind of business operation, total number of employees, and total annual payroll.

Premium Calculation

To calculate the premium cost for Florida workers’ compensation insurance policies is to multiply the annual payroll by the rate classification.

For instance, a company with an annual payroll of $200,000, paying a rate of 10 percent will have an annual workers’ compensation premium of $20,000.

After the insurance company calculates the premium, the employers can work with the agents to lessen the overall cost of the policy. In fact, providers often offer discounts for clients with premiums of $5,000 or more, and for clients with companies that institute safety programs.

Rate Classification Determination

Insurance companies base rates on the findings of the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI).

Annually, the NCCI gathers data from all industries nationally to define the probability of injuries, along with the overall medical costs that characteristically result from these injuries. Actuaries then calculate these numbers to determine the rate per industry.

After the rates are determined, the NCCI reports the rates back to agents in each state, based on the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS).

Payroll Calculation

As defined by insurance companies, this pertains to the total gross payroll for all employees, which includes all salaries, bonuses, commissions, and draws against commissions, with additional holiday, vacation, and sick pay. This also takes into account meals and lodging received as regular pay by the employees.

Excluded from the payroll, however, are tips, employer-paid perks, uniform allowances and employer payments to retirement or cafeteria plans and any reimbursed expenses.

To know more about how workers’ compensation policy rates are computed, be sure to consult your employer or your insurance agent.

4 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Transport Company in Perth

shipping container

shipping containerAre you planning to hire one of the Australian transport companies that specialise in sea container transport? Perth is a city that has a number of such groups within the locality.

As both experts and clients recommend, it is best to consider a few factors prior to choosing the one you will be in business with.

Here are four things to focus on:

1. Experience

Since numerous transport companies in Perth have over 20 years of experience in the transport industry, make sure to work with an experienced group. Hiring newcomers isn’t always wrong, but if the objective is to allow a safe and secure business to proceed, you will have a better fate with an expert.

When choosing a transport company, keep your guard up by asking a few questions. How many years of service does it have in the transport market? Is it familiar with the different corners in the industry?

2. Quality

A transport company needs to focus on the quality of its services. Expecting top-of-the-line services for storage (both commercial and residential), transport, removals, and others is standard. Such companies rely only high quality shipping containers, notes Integrated Container Logistics.

In many cases, transport companies that provide quality charge expensive fees. This is a little worrisome for those with a tight budget. Widen your search instead to find a group that would fit within your means.

3. Licence

Since acquiring a license is mandatory, make sure the transport company you want to hire has a licence. This ensures that they meet the requirements set by the AQIS or the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service.

Instead of being in business with just any transport company in Perth, select one that operates legally.

4. Professionalism

A transport company that does not make excuses regarding the services it offers is professional. It gives importance to timely deliveries and pick-ups of your freight, and cares about client satisfaction.

In the event of complications regarding transport such as capsizing and loss of goods, it will find an effective solution immediately. If its management shows commitment and willingness in working with you, it’s the one you may want to hire.

Finding a shipping and transportation company is always essential when moving a large number of goods to and from ports. Ask the pertinent questions and do not settle for anything.

Mobile Radios vs Mobile Phones

Mobile Radios

Mobile RadiosTo enhance security in your premises, whether it’s a small place like a house to a school, even to something larger that covers the entire neighbourhood, it would be wise to invest in a Vertex Standard mobile radio.

No Extra Subscriptions

Unlike mobile phones and landlines, you do not need to subscribe to a telecommunications network to operate a mobile radio, such as those offered by Vertex Standard. This device runs on rechargeable batteries like mobile phones. This means that even when there is power interruption, a mobile radio could still transmit signals from one party to another.

Therefore, security enforcers can still quickly respond to emergencies, like earthquakes or fires, which are common incidents that can cause a power outage. Moreover, once the cellular network is down, mobile reception would be hard to come by as well; fortunately, mobile radios of this type do not rely on such a medium.

Less Buttons

You do not have to dial several numbers or text letters when you use radios. By just pressing a button, security enforcers can communicate with each other. Remember that dialling numbers can take a lot of time and you may need to look up for it in the directory. What if there is an urgent emergency?

Limited Coverage

Radio communications usually have limited coverage because of their nature. Still, radios are for people who need to communicate in a limited area without having to pay additional subscription.

This is a requirement for all security enforcers, whether in the private or public sector. You too, however, can own a personal radio in your house, especially if you have a big one where members of the household can barely hear each other.

We still need telecommunication networks to reach farther areas. To ensure that a place is safe and secured, you would need radios like Vertex Standard mobile radio.

Ensuring Your Water is Safe and Clean


WaterGlobal warming and the booming population have made it even harder for us to get clean and safe water to drink. Fortunately there tried and tested products exist, which you can use for your home.

Here they are.

Water Softener

Water softeners do what their name claims to do – soften water by removing impurities caused by hard minerals, iron, and other chemicals, like chlorine, used to disinfect water. When left unaddressed, this can cause clogging and rusting in your bathroom, kitchen and plumbing. Your skin would also begin to feel dry after using hard water for baths, and soap residue will leave a scummy film on your skin.

A water softener, notes, is a good system for use with a water filter. Some may also feature filtration capabilities.

Distilled Water

Familiar with bottled water? Bottled mineral water undergoes the distillation process. You can buy distilled water from any water station. It would be better if you purchase a water cooler than buy big bottles for your home. Your distilled water coming out from the jug will remain cold if you use a water cooler, perfect for warm weather or tropical climates.

Water Filter

A water filter is another cheap option. There are two kinds of water filters– one runs by electricity and the other uses a replaceable filter. Water filters powered by electricity functions pretty much like distilled water, but without the bulk of large machines and features precise calibration.

The other type only filters impurities, using a cartridge as a semi-permeable membrane that traps sediments and contaminants.There are available cartridges that can replace your old one. Unfortunately, water filters only address minor water impurities.

There are now several water purifying machines in Utah that that you can install on your home. Depending on the type of water that comes out of your faucet, a more sophisticated machine may be necessary to fully address dirty water problems. Ask for a demo to make sure you are buying the right kind.

Premature Hospital Discharge: Are You Really Ready to Go Home?


patientA hospital is far from anyone’s ideal vacation spot, which is why most patients are eager to go home as soon as possible. When they finally hear the good news from their doctors, they usually don’t think twice, and are soon walking out the door with a smile on their face. They can finally get on with their lives, or at least finish their recovery in the safety and comfort of their own homes.

But if luck is not on your side, you might find yourself going back after just a week or two. Premature hospital discharges are a real problem, and every year, patients that go home too early suffer because of their doctors’ oversight. Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.P. stresses that an early discharge following surgery can lead to infections, injuries, or other medical complications.

Why do hospitals release patients too early?

While you might think that hospitals have nothing to gain for putting their own patients at risk like this, there are usually some strong financial incentives for them to do so. For profit hospitals earn more with every surgery they perform, and you being there for too long robs them of a bed that they could use for a new patient. Compared to that, sending someone home too early seems like an acceptable risk to take.

Of course, this is an extremely short sighted way of doing business. The costs to a hospital that engages in such an unethical practice can be immense.

• Lawsuits – It is possible for a patient to sue a hospital that discharges them too early, if the decision led to an injury or medical complication. The costs of any lawsuit far outweigh whatever the hospital might have earned from booking an extra surgery or two.

• Satisfaction – Even when the patient chooses not to sue, they will almost certainly feel disgruntled when they experience pain and hardship because of their early discharge. As a result, there is a good chance that they will take their future business elsewhere.

• Reputation – A healthcare facility that prioritizes profit over the wellbeing of their patients will quickly earn a reputation for just that. No hospital can thrive for long with such an image, and they will suffer for it.

This form of malpractice is alive and well in the country, and you might become a victim of it, too. Before trusting your doctor at their word, use your own judgment to determine if you are really ready to go home.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: 4 Tips on Buying Commercial Signage

Commercial Signage

Commercial SignageSmall businesses face tougher challenges every day. As an owner, you need to exert all efforts in leading consistent traffic to your business. Using signage can be suitable for this purpose because these materials can attract the attention of passers-by. That’s why you need to get the proper commercial signage.

There are many types of signs. The contractors from Commercial Signage Australia say, ‘Whether you’re from the commercial or corporate world, there are professional, large scale, and high quality signs to meet your advertising needs.’ You can also choose where to place them, either indoors or outdoors.

Pick the Suitable Materials

If you’re putting the signage outside, you should avoid materials that can be easily blown away by the wind, or look old and faded in a short time. Steel-made banners can be sufficient, but if rainfall is constant in your region, you can go for plastic, glass, or foam, as these don’t rust. Just be sure that the text and image are rainproof.

Design the Signage Accordingly

Some companies offer designing services, but also accept designs from their clients. Keep in mind that the message of the signage must be readable even from a distance. Use colours that match and ensure adequate height. Consider also the clarity of the sign at night and during rain.

Choose a Competitive Provider

Good and effective signage presents more opportunities to attract potential customers. If you want the agency to do the design and production work, you have to be sure they have the expertise. Beware of those who are mere printers and those who have promising designs but can’t produce quality structures.

Follow and Abide by the Guidelines

To avoid unnecessary problems when it comes to your signage, make sure it follows the laws. Putting signs inside your property won’t be much of a concern. But for those outside, there are specific rules to follow per state or region. Don’t let your assets go to waste; follow these guidelines to be sure you can keep your signage up.

There are different advertising approaches you can use for your small business. Commercial signage, in particular, can give you better opportunities in gaining more potential customers—that is, if it’s done right.

A Closer Look at the Not-So-Invisible Invisalign

MouthNot everyone is born in perfection. Some were graced with all the socially acceptable physical features, whilesome have to deal with imperfectionsmost of their lives. Let’s bring the focus tothe mouth.

The Perfect Mouth

There are studies that look into the perfectly proportioned mouth. Plastic surgeons skimmed over thousands of photos both of men and of women in search of the beautiful mouth.

They found that the upper incisor or front teeth should be visible below your upper lip for one to four millimetres, while the lower teeth should be visible when the lips are open. The upper teeth should also overlap the lower teeth by one millimetre – exceeding this, you’re considered to have an overbite.

Straightening the Crooks

More than a decade ago, dental innovation lead to the invention of moulds that promises to solve overbites, deep bites and malocclusions without suffering from having the ‘metal mouth’. Among the many breakthroughs, Invisalign was born. defines Invisalign as a set of clear plastic aligners that, over the course of a few months, will gradually begin to shift your teeth into theirproperposition.It works like metal braces and retainers, but is better in many ways.

The Invisalign process uses a series of moulds that is worn 24 hours a day except when during eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. The moulds are changed every two to three weeks to follow up with the straightening teeth.

Invisalign is virtually invisible as these are made from lightweight, clear plastic material. Unlike braces, these plastic aligners are removable and unobtrusive, allowing patients to take it off whenever necessary, like giving speeches or even kissing.

The technology behind these ‘almost’ invisible aligners shows a3D representation of your teeth adjusting to a straighter position over time using different moulds. The machine, however, cannot detect growing teeth and, thus, are exclusively for adults.

Invisalign has changed the way dentistry is known. Like many success stories out there, you can have the perfect mouth you have always wanted with Invisalign.

Still Thankful: Even When Life Drags You Down

Praying people in a church

Praying people in a churchProblems, failures, and disappointments drag people down. It is easy to lose focus and hope when you have a seemingly unsolvable problem or if it feels like it is taking forever to get out of a pitiful situation. Negative and bad thoughts cloud your mind, making you feel lonelier or more resentful.

Problems are a part of life. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should always take them the wrong way. Worrying won’t change anything. It is best to be thankful to God and acknowledge the blessings or the good things coming in your way.

Stop Complaining

Being sad or angry because of the unfortunate things happening in your life is perfectly understandable. When things don’t go as planned, you may start to lose direction. It is important to remember that even though it feels like the situation is beyond your control, how you respond to it is a decision that is all yours. When you stop complaining, you’ll start to realize that life is not so bad after all.

Pray and Reconnect

While you may feel like going through an obstacle alone, there are people who are willing to help you. You can share your thoughts with those you hold dear to your heart or ask God for guidance. Praying about everything can also give you peace of mind. says attending church services is a great way to free your mind and meet new people.

Be Grateful

Gratitude is the healthiest human emotion. It makes you less vulnerable to illness and boosts your resistance against stress. When you choose to be grateful despite problems, you’ll feel lighter. People who are ungrateful often end up feeling miserable because they think that nothing makes them happy. It is best to cultivate the attitude of being thankful to eliminate stress and feel happier.

Think Right

Changing the way you think can cut stress levels down. This also alters the way you respond to negative situations. You need to make a conscious effort and think about the things that are best for your situation. Seeking guidance from others and God always helps.

Don’t lose hope and always be strong and brave. Always ask for guidance and thank God for all the blessings you have.

More Signage, More Exposure: Why Choose Digital Displays


SignageWe live in a digital age. Technology follows us everywhere we go; from our homes with our smartphones to our workplace with our laptops, we cannot escape technology. It’s no surprise the March of Digital Progress has even breached the shores of advertisement. Indeed, digital displays are the new face of modern advertising.

Lightking Outdoor defines digital displays as types of electronic displays used to advertise products from brands. The images are uploaded and controlled by special software and are displayed on LCD monitors or LED. Choosing digital displays can get your brand more exposure and is the best way to advertise. Here are the reasons:

Web Connectivity

With LCD monitors or LEDs easily connected to the Internet, it’s easy to display updates from the Internet. Social media feeds from Facebook or Twitter can be seen live. Video from YouTube may also be included in the display.

Cheaper than Usual

Initially, the idea of switching to digital may sound costly. The amount of the display and the connections can be pricey. But if you look at a bigger picture, you save more in the long run. As the need for print media is lessened, production costs are reduced, as well. To advertise, you’re not required to print every month consistently; all you have to do is upload.

Easy Updates

A change to your advertisement is just a click away. Compared to traditional print media where you have to re-think and re-print, digital displays only require you to re-think then upload. Your content can be updated easily with just one click.

Attention Seeking Methods

Digital displays grab attention subtlety. With a high-definition display combined with live feeds from social media accounts or online videos, target markets are bound to keep their eyes glued to your display.

It’s not enough to be contented with traditional print media. If you want your brand to go the extra mile, digital displays is your solution.

Like a Diamond: Two Ways Your Teeth Can Shine Bright

teeth whitening

teeth whiteningA gorgeous smile isn’t exactly hard to achieve with today’s technology. The dental industry found ways to make sure that what used to be disgustingly expensive treatments that were reserved for the rich and the richer are now well within reach of the hoi polloi. We have another reason to be grateful for living in this day and age. Thanks to science, technology and orthodontics, things just got brighter and straighter when it comes to tooth care.

Church Road Dental and Cosmetics shares two of the treatments that have gotten more and more remarkable – and affordable.

Inexpensive Teeth Whitening

Want to have dazzling, movie-star level smiles? Go to your nearest orthodontist and look and feel like a million bucks on your next date. You might think that since you could just use bleaching kits at home, there is no need for a dentist. But, the thing is, dentist supervised treatments can help you keep your teeth in good condition even when they are subjected to harsh chemicals. Dentist supervised treatments could also use professional-grade bleaching solutions that give a more pronounced effect. What’s even better is that you aren’t likely to suffer from irritated gums if you go to the dentist for teeth whitening because they will make a mouthpiece tray that is customised to give your set of teeth a perfect fit.

A Total Teeth Makeover with Veneers

These are the equivalent of a total makeover in the dental world; they give your teeth a pearly-white finish. Veneers are thin shells made of materials that look like teeth. They are also the ideal solution for chipped teeth and obvious gaps in between teeth. This is good news for those who engage in habits that cause teeth discolouration, such as smoking and drinking coffee. With veneers from your friendly orthodontist, have your cake (or tea or coffee or cigarette), eat it, and still keep that million-dollar smile.