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The Best Mattress Isn’t Always the Priciest


Getting quality, full-night sleep is vital because our body prepares proteins to get refreshed for the next day’s hectic schedule. You should get at least 7 hours of good sleep a day to stay healthy and perform your duties with improved energies. To get quality sleep, start by buying the right mattress to meet all your comfort needs.

Types of mattresses

Size and comfort are important when buying a quality mattress. Take measurements of your cots before you visit any mattress stores. Familiarizing yourself about available mattress types makes choosing the best mattress at an affordable rate a lot easier.

According to The Mattress Department, choosing a springless foam bed offers support for your back. It’s ideal for people who suffer from back pain. If you have a habit of reading books in bed, you can go for the gel memory foam mattress because of its angular shape.


Latex Foam bed

This high tech foam improves your sleep comfort level and comes with a warranty of up to 30 years. With recent economic downturn, latex and memory foam beds are now offered at attractive discounts without compensating on their durability.

Organic foam

Latex resists allergens and dust mites to safeguard your health. Gel, Visco, and Latex memory foams are now manufactured to reduce mold, allergens, and mildews. They provide the best support for your body to get rid of work-related stress. They make sleeping on the side, back, and stomach more comfortable. They also offer more cooling and are breathable. It relaxes your muscles and relieves you from tension. Bamboo infused mattress could be a best choice to reduce heat, while folding beds are ideal for small bedrooms and apartments to accommodate guests.


Differentiate between beds for kids and adults. Sales people will usually explain the qualities of available beds. Doing a bit of homework, however, helps you come up with a more informed decision.

Makati Madness: Best Places to Live in Makati and Taguig

Fort Bonifacio

Home to the two biggest commercial and financial hubs of the Philippines, Makati and Taguig are two of the country’s most livable cities. Both have a great economy, good government, numerous housing options, broad career opportunities, and lively entertainment scenes–qualities that make for a great living. Makati is the richest local government unit in the Philippines in terms of income, with Taguig not that far behind. Both are also major cultural and entertainment hubs in Metro Manila.

Fort Bonifacio

Image by Roberto Verzo | License: CC BY 2.0

If you’re looking for an apartment for rent in one of these two cities, consider those located in any of these districts and barangays:

Forbes Park

Established in the early 1940s, Forbes Park is one of the oldest settlements in Makati. It was named after William Cameron Forbes— former American Governor-General of the Philippines. Purely residential in use, Forbes Park is home to some of the country’s wealthiest families, business executives, and diplomats and expatriates. Landmarks include the Manila Golf Club, Santuario de San Antonio Parish, Manila Polo Club, and Kasiyahan Homes.

Fort Bonifacio

Bonifacio Global City is a highly urbanized district in Taguig. It is home to sprawling developments that feature a number of shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, clubs, retail outlets, office buildings, and residential spaces. Renting an apartment in Fort Bonifacio makes it easier to reach the offices of some of the biggest local and multinational corporations in the Philippines.


Barangay Poblacion is the first settlement of the city of Makati. As it was the original community of the town, it is the center of the local government. Poblacion is known as Makati’s Heritage District, preserving the city’s old-world charm and homey ambience. While it keeps the heritage of Makati alive, the barangay has embraced modernity and economic development. Today, it features a number of commercial establishments, specifically along the main thoroughfares of Makati Ave., J.P. Rizal, Kalayaan, and P. Burgos.

Whether you’re looking for a place to settle in with your family or just a second home, Makati and Taguig are your two best bets.