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The Great Advantages of Ordering Meats Online


Remember the time when you would accompany your mom or dad to the local to get dinner essentials? Back then, every town had a butcher who we thought knew all there is to know about beef, pork, chicken and other meats. Times are changing, though.

Today, we can get the same in pre-packaged varieties from the supermarkets, and heck, even online. Buying cheap meat in Brisbane through the internet is now a reality with some added benefits. This trend has caught on in major cities across the globe as well.

Be careful when choosing an online store to order from, though. Check how they package and ship it. Meat should be shipped frozen or very cold. It should be packed with dry ice or another kind of freezer packs to retain the subzero temperature. It should also be shipped in good quality foam or corrugated boxes only.


Some of the other advantages you can look forward to include the following:

  • Since the prices can be compared on the website itself, there is no need to go from one shop to another in search of your favourite cut. Surfing the net is easy and you save on fuel, parking, and other costs. You also avoid queues.
  • Organic products may not be available in many areas, but you can buy organic meat online and ship it to any destination. This is a real advantage as you can even chose from many options.
  • Butchers operating on the net do not spend money on overhead costs. So they can, and will pass on this saving to customers. The products available through the internet are generally cheaper.

Once the products you order reaches you, open it immediately and check if the product is still frozen. Ice crystals should still be visible. Store them immediately in the refrigerator. If they are not cold or warm, then do not store or consume it. Call the company instantly and report it. A good company will send you the replacement instantly or refund the money, if you want.

Small Business Bankruptcy: Choosing Reorganization


The hardest question for a small business owner facing a Chapter 11 or 13 bankruptcy is whether the business has a future or not in Little Rock. After all, a chapter 11 or 13 bankruptcy may or may not be included in either resolution.

To move forward, you need to know what caused the problems your business is facing now. You need to know if there are prospects for change, and if filing for a Chapter 11 or 13 bankruptcy will have an impact on the change.

When filing for a Chapter 11 or 13 bankruptcy with your local bankruptcy attorney, you need to realize that:

  • Reorganization can’t create a market. It can’t increase gross revenue or balance the skills available and the skills required to run a business.
  • Reorganization can free up cash from servicing old debt to fund current operations. It can allow lease or contract rejections that are no longer advantageous, like a costly facility lease or a reckless equipment purchase.


Reorganization can also prevent the vital asset losses or prevent cash to creditor collection actions.

An alternative to liquidation in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a reorganization in a Chapter 11 or 13 bankruptcy can provide breathing space for you to sell your business, as a current concern, or your assets in a sale other than a fire sale. The resulting proceeds can pay the taxes or unpaid salaries, as well as provide ongoing jobs for the workforce under the new management.

Once you’ve managed your operating expenses, you can convert your Chapter 11 or 13 bankruptcy into a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, especially if you no longer need bankruptcy protection.

When the conversion occurs, the court may order a dismissal of your case on payment to the creditors with the sale proceeds.

To determine whether your small business has a future or not, consult local bankruptcy attorneys and firms, like Baim Law Firm, about the steps you need to take.

How Are You Planning to Spend Less This Summer?


When the summer season hits the Philippines, many people spend more money. It’s mostly for the same things: workshops, shopping, Friday night parties, and long beach trips. Invites to a weekend getaway with friends are common, and it’s hard to say no. As long as the sun is out, everyone wants to spend time outdoors. The question is, do all of these activities fit your budget?


Without careful consideration, summer plans can really eat away your savings. Just because it’s summer, however, doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. Let this article help you have fun this summer without breaking the bank.

Use promos and special offers

The change of season simply means a change in the wardrobe. It can be really tempting to load up on the trendiest swimwear, flip flops, and T-shirts. Curb your summer spending by using your credit card freebies and discounts. To save more on shopping, you can use your gift certificates or your BDO MasterCard. According to industry expert BDO Unibank, Inc., you can celebrate exclusive privileges with a credit card.

Set goals

If you have a plan to save money for an emergency fund, you will think twice about spending on unnecessary things. If you go to Starbucks daily before work, limit the frequency and try going weekly. It forces you to live on less.

Go on a staycation

Do you think all the great destinations are a plane ride away? Explore the things that often get overlooked in your area. With many people going out of town, you might want to consider a hotel staycation. Many banking companies today like BDO partner with MasterCard to offer consumers great discounts on top hotels. Staycations are a time to have fun, new adventures, rest, and relaxation. If you’re staying in a condo with a pool, take your time to enjoy lounging by and swimming in the pool.

If you don’t want to end the summer with no idea where your hard-earned money went, manage your spending wisely. Following these tips can boost your bottom line.