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Dog Days: How to Dog Proof Your Homes


dogDogs are truly man’s best friend. They provide a certain level of companionship unmatched by other pets. These four-legged fellows are indeed one of the best additions to any household. They brighten up the atmosphere and contribute to the family by teaching lessons of loyalty and responsibility just by being the natural friendly creatures as they are. Whilst a dog can bring unlimited joy in a home, maintaining them can be a little bit challenging This is true, especially when you are dealing with a dog that is capable of dealing damage to property. Some dogs are just too big and too strong that their playful character causes a catastrophic mess when they get excited. Here are some common problems that dog owners may come across at one point and ways to fix them:

Damaged to property

Dogs can be full of energy that sometimes, because of their eagerness to move around, they tend to cause a substantial damage to different parts of your house. Sometimes, multiple scratch marks cover the surface of glass doors streaks because a dog has been scratching it in its effort to get to the other side. Some dogs chew on furniture such as couches, legs of tables and other things that are common inside the house. Fortunately, Cleargard Australia noted that there are scratch removal processes available to households today.

The house becomes a mess

No matter how hard you try to make you house flawless, if you have a dog, it is bound to get dirty. Dogs can shed hair at a rapid rate, which is why it is common in dog owner’s houses to see hair everywhere. Moreover, there are factors such as footprints on the carpet, chewed up garbage lying across the houses and the occasional litter they leave, in case they could not hold it anymore.

How to fix these problems?

Fortunately, there are different ways to prevent this particular situation from happening. Training your dog is the best ways to keep your house and more importantly your sanity intact. Although it may take a while, it is better to have you four-legged pal know the basic parameters, which you wish to uphold in the comforts of your homes. Remember, the more control you have over your dog the better the chances of instilling discipline on it. For the issues regarding the fur, you can choose to regularly bath your dog or give their coat a brush as often as you can. This will remove any loose strand and you will have an easier time cleaning up.

4 Things You Must Know About Cremations

Things about cremation

Things about cremationAre you having doubts about cremating your loved one? Those doubts are not new, there may be a few questions lingering in your head about cremation.

There are things you need to know to help you decide on whether to bury or cremate your dearly departed loved one.

Eco-friendly Alternative

Burials and cremations have pros and cons, but cremations provide you with an eco-friendly alternative. In a traditional burial, apart from spending on a sizeable plot for your loved one, caskets use a variety of resources, such as metal, copper, wood, paint, varnish and others. The embalming chemicals on the body also affect the soil. Cremation reduces the remains of your loved one to ashes without using too many resources or embalming chemicals.

Some people prefer to keep the ashes nearby, creating a makeshift memorial in their homes. They believe having the ashes of their loved ones near help them recover from the pain and grief of death. Others, meanwhile, keep the remains in a columbarium. Either way, the remains are not buried underground and, therefore, less expensive for the family.

No Need for Embalming

According to Centenary Memorial Gardens, cremations are an affordable alternative to burials because embalming is not a requirement. Embalming adds to the funeral cost and may harm the environment when it seeps into the soil after burial.

It is a Secular Practice

Cremations are not limited to any religious affiliation. Almost everyone can do it so long as their beliefs don’t forbid it. But it may also be wise to consult the loved one if they are open to cremation should that inevitable day comes.

Cremation is an eco-friendly choice, a secular practice, and an affordable alternative when laying a dearly departed to rest. It is not something to fear. Getting the right information about its process will help you make the right decision.

Renovating a Dull Bathroom: 3 Ways to Achieve the Open Look

Renovating bathroom

Renovating bathroomThe best bathroom should not just be aesthetically pleasing, but also an ideal place for rest and relaxation. It must address your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. If you want to update the look and feel of your bath, then be brave enough to have an open-plan bathroom. This is a growing trend that started in luxury hotels, but has now also spread to homes.

With this design, your bath, shower and toilet will be on display. This is a great idea if you prefer something unique yet awesome. There is no doubt an open look could change your existing bathroom dramatically. Let this article help you create a streamlined, seamless bathroom.

Choose an Appropriate Shower Screen

An open-plan bathroom has to be bigger than a typical one, so it can contain luxury interiors. If you are planning to achieve the doorless approach, decide whether to install a frameless or semi frameless shower screen. Both can add beauty and function to your bathroom, but you have to weigh your options. A shower screen comes in different style, design, size and colour, so choose one that will fit your budget and preferences. Done properly, industry professionals like Jigsaw Balustrades note that you can enjoy a more comfortable bathing experience.

Use the Corner Area

As views are not impeded by walls, lack of privacy can be a concern with an open-plan bathroom. As much as possible, consider a corner location. Not only does this preserve some measure of privacy, it can also prevent water from spilling outside and avoid flooding. To achieve a seamless look, make sure the bathtub, basins and vanities will complement the overall look the design.

Ensure Proper Drainage

As splashes and steam can escape when you take a bath, outfit the room with surfaces that can stand up to moisture. Whether it’s metal, stone, hardwood or glass tile, choose a material that can contain droplets or resilient to water.

Even a small bathroom can be a costly process if you don’t have a solid renovation plan. Keep these things in mind, so privacy or moisture will never be an issue.

In-Home or Community: Which Type of Care Is Right for You?


FamilyAs people grow old, their body tends to be more sensitive and prone to ailments. There will come a time when they will have to limit their movements and activities. Their health will eventually decline and they will need someone to take care of them.

Fortunately, the elderly have choices on what kind of care services they prefer. There are even websites like that help old people and their families find the right service they need, whether in-home or community-based. Given the choices, how would a person know what type of care fits them?

In-Home Caring

Getting a personal caregiver always has its perks. More than having care specialised for the person’s condition, they get their caregiver’s undivided attention. They can even create their own schedule for the caregiver or the nurse and manage the compensation. In addition to the caregiver’s primary role of healthcare, they can assist in housework as well, such as meal preparation, shopping, and cleaning. In-home services are more convenient as well. This means the senior won’t need to get out of the house often.

The best part of home care is the constant presence of a family member. In most cases, someone from the family assists the elderly apart from the hired caregiver.

Care Communities

Living in care communities gives the elderly an opportunity to interact with more people, young or old. These establishments mostly have scheduled social activities that are essential for the elderly’s health. This is in addition to therapies and exercises conducted within the community. Some community types even focus on particular cases like memory care.

A community resident can enjoy a comfortable life. Apart from round-the-clock service of caregivers and nurses, the staff takes care of all housework. Physicians have regular rounds as well. To cap off their cosy lifestyle, the residents can live in a well-supplied community that has its own salon, café, and other amenities.

Growing old is part of life, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Old people can choose the right type of care to supplement their need. Whether a personal and more family-oriented caring or a social and more well-appointed type of living, seniors can receive the particular health care they deserve.

The Johari Window: Understanding Yourself and the People Around You

Understanding yourself

Understanding yourselfEvery person strives for individuality, and at the same time, a sense of belongingness. They need to find their true self in order to fulfil a function in society and to feel self-worth. It is one of life’s basic truths surrounding every person’s existence.

The pursuit for a personal identity is a life-long journey for everyone. While “soul searching” exercises can help you identify their goals and objectives, peer relation facilitates in the discovery of your personality. Activities like group counseling in Salt Lake City is a good way of enriching your Johari Window, a primary tool in understanding one’s self.

The Johari Window is a diagram created by psychologist Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham to help people with interpersonal and intrapersonal relations. The grid consist of the following quadrants:

Public Self or Arena

This quadrant represents the aspect of your personality that you and others know about. These are the characteristics you openly display and use to interact with the people around you.

Hidden Self or Façade

There are things you keep to yourself, aka your “private alter ego”. These consist of the things you are afraid to show to other people for fear of rejection or exploitation. You may also not want to share some things because you are naturally humble or self-effacing.

Blind Spot

While you keep private information from the public eye, they may know a part of you that you don’t. These are other people’s perception and observation of you. This also refers to personalities you project unconsciously.


While there are areas of your personality shown in different perspectives, a part of you stays in the dark. These are the traits you and the public don’t know you’re capable of, which you should aim to uncover.

The quadrants do not necessarily have to be equal. Refining one’s personality involves movements between these areas. This is the key to finding your true self. You have to be aware of how you act, what you think, and what people think of you. This way, you will discover your identity and at the same time, possibly improve your relationship with other people.

Streamlining Administrative Functions in the Medical Profession


DoctorIt is hard enough running a hospital or a clinic with a few staff, let alone make sure that the administrative tasks like data encoding, billing and accounting are accurate, updated and streamlined. But not anymore. With today’s technology and software maximization tools, you can shape up your in-house functions and be better in your practice:

Data Entry

Encoding data and making sure no lines are left unfilled is a detail-oriented task that needs constant checking and unremitting effort. Hospitals running low on clerks may find that a simple data entry job is taxing. Not to mention that manual and human operations are error-prone.

Not that you should give up your data entry clerk, but ultimately, your team will benefit from an application dedicated to this task. You do know that industry-specific software have been able to make hotels and pest-control operations easier, so why not manage the clinic using the same technology. It will surely streamline your frontline services.

Medical Billing

Among the many administrative tasks of clinicians, medical billing is the most taxing. It requires concentration, error-detection, accuracy and quick computation. It adds to the already rigorous operations taking place in medical practice.

Clinics and hospitals may benefit from a medical billing company that will assist their daily operations on many levels. A software solution that assists in organizing billing statements and summarizing them into chunks of digestible data report definitely cuts the administrative work by half. Imagine not needing to go through all of the billings for the month one by one just to produce a report on financial performance.


Accounting is the backbone of any organization. Many operations depend on the work done by the accounting office. When your accountant is buried from all checking books and balancing assets and liability, software that boosts productivity, simplifies computation, and takes over analyses can help in accelerating projects to the more important part of the job like revenue recycling.

Streamlining clinic operations becomes easier with the help of software applications. Explore your options and make your tasks easier to manage.

Not Just About that Perfect Smile: Poor Oral Health Can Be Fatal, Too

Poor Oral Health

Poor Oral HealthSo, you have been missing out on a lot of your scheduled dental visits and checkups. You have not given it much thought, since you thought that you have been properly taking care of your teeth and gums anyway. What you probably do not know is that there is already a small crack or hole in your teeth, or that your gums are already developing gingivitis.

Since there is no other real way for you to determine that you have these problems unless they become worse, they are inevitably going to result in the deterioration of your oral health. If you believe that this is not a pressing concern, think again: these problems can actually lead to life-threatening conditions. Choosing a family and cosmetic dentist is going to make things easier for you and your loved ones to maintain optimal oral health.

1. Cancer

According to new research, pathogens that are present and exist in the mouth can result not only in oral cancers, but those that also affect other parts of the body. Cervical cancer and colorectal tumors are just two of them.

2. Diabetes

Periodontal disease is considered a risk factor for developing Type 2 diabetes. Those who already have periodontitis should be concerned about their increased risk of developing serious complications from diabetes, including heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease, among others.

3. Endocarditis

Endocarditis is a type of infection that affects the heart’s inner lining, called the endocardium. This usually develops whenever bacteria or other kinds of germs coming from another body part, such as the mouth, get into the bloodstream and start spreading. These bacteria and germs can attach themselves to certain areas of the heart that are already damaged, resulting in the inflammation of the endocardium.

The best kind of defense you have against these potentially fatal diseases and illnesses is the combination of a proper dental care regimen and expert oral health care services.

Singapore Work Culture: How to Adapt and Have Fun


SingaporeWorking in Singapore is a dream of many. The city-state is rich, continuously developing, and is a portal to many opportunities. But, with a plethora of cultures, you should expect the unexpected and be ready before even starting the process. Here are some tips to make the risk you’re taking worth it.

Read the Contract Thoroughly

Now that you’ve undergone the basic health screening in Singapore and went through the troubles of multiple work applications, you have to make sure your job is beneficial to you. Being presented a contract to sign may urge you to sign in a hurry, but carefully read through every word first. You might miss some uncomfortable surprises if you don’t assess the contract before taking the leap.

Let Go and Embrace the New Culture

Singapore’s working culture is fast and high-pressure. This may be a lot more stressful than what you’ve been used to, but you need to be ready for it. Experiencing burnout is not rare, so just find ways to relieve stress whenever you have down time. During your off days, make sure you leave work behind and plan other activities to refresh your mind and entire being.

Get Used to the Methods

In Singapore, method is the key to excel at your job. There’s not much room for creativity and spontaneity. If your job is to get specific paperwork to be signed by your seniors, just do it, and do it fast. Here, the process is better than innovation and change.

Adapt to the Dress Code

Singapore is a tropical country and the weather is a bit warmer compared to Western countries. Therefore, their dress code is usually more casual than what you are used to. Wearing a suit and tie every now and then can be okay, but going smart casual might be better.

Working in Singapore is a challenge, but it can be a lot of fun, too. With different nationalities in the office, you’ll be exposed to more of life has to offer.

The Great Outdoors: Choosing Exterior Shutters

Exterior house shutter

Exterior house shutterExterior shutters add value to your home. They bring out the best features and create an airy and comfortable environment. One of the ways you can improve the value of your home is by choosing the right kind of exterior shutter.


The style of your exterior shutters is just as important as its functional features. Consider your home’s design and your lifestyle. Panel shutters are an ideal partner for traditional home designs, while slat or louver shutters will enhance its appeal. Batten and board shutters are popular choices for French country, rustic, and cottage design homes. Exterior shutters from companies, like will help you find the right window treatment that will complement your home’s design.


Fixed shutters were made to add a cosmetic touch to your house. This type is installed as a permanent feature in windows. It requires less hardware and materials to produce making them cheaper compared to operable shutters. They come in various materials, sizes, and colours to complement your house’s architectural design and colour. Fixed exterior shutters are also easy to repair.

Operable shutters are practical. They create a protective covering for glass panels as they close over the exterior windows. This feature is important for extreme weather like hurricanes. This type of exterior shutter helps with insulation by keeping cold winter air and hot summer air outside. Add bolts to keep the shutters secure. It also often includes a mechanical crank or motor that lets you open and close it from inside.


Wooden shutters are many homeowners’ favourite. They add a chic and natural look to a house. Cedar is the wood of choice when it comes to exterior shutters as has natural bug-deterrent tannin and natural oils that keep it from decay and rot for a long time. Vinyl types, on the other hand are an affordable and light alternate to wood.

Choosing exterior shutters is easier once you have the parameters and style that will fit your home design.

Prenatal care by a Pregnancy Doctor

pregnant mother

pregnant motherYou can give birth to your baby without a doctor’s help. Women have been doing it since the beginning of time. You and your baby may even survive without any problems, if you are lucky. However, one in three American women has pregnancy-related problems. Without proper care, these problems can worsen.

This is why prenatal care is important. It can nip any problem in the bud. It would be even better if you plan to get pregnant to consult with a pregnancy doctor in Salt Lake City, suggests. You can think of it as preparing the stage before the play begins.

What is a Pregnancy Doctor?

There are two kinds of doctor specializing in women’s health: a gynecologist, and an obstetrician. For your actual pregnancy, you will need an obstetrician. For your personal health, you need a gynecologist. Ideally, you want to consult with an obstetrician-gynecologist, or an ob-gyn for short.

What Will the Ob-Gyn Do?

You ob-gyn will give you a thorough physical checkup to see if you have any health conditions that can affect your pregnancy. Your ob-gyn will want to know any chronic conditions you already have, and any medications you are taking that can be dangerous for your baby.

When your doctor has all the needed information, they may ask you to stop taking some medications. The doctor will give you advice on how to manage systemic disorders such as diabetes, for example, because high glucose levels can harm a developing fetus. Your ob-gyn may also prescribe a course of prenatal vitamins that will prepare your body for optimal fetal development.

You can ask your women friends or family members who already have kids for referrals. You could also ask your family doctor for a recommendation. The important thing is to choose a pregnancy doctor with whom you feel comfortable. Pregnancy and childbirth are very stressful. You have to like and trust your ob-gyn for the best results.