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The Force that Powers the 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 in IndianapolisThinking about working with a used Chevrolet dealership in Indianapolis? Then you probably have your eyes and heart set on a 2013 Silverado 1500. This vehicle, the brand’s light-duty pick-up, comes with many great qualities, making it a favorite among many truckers in the city. However, the primary components that make it a great ride are those under the hood.

The base engine

For the base powertrain, Chevrolet equipped both the 2013 Silverado 1500 regular cab and the 2WD extended cab with a 4.3L, V6 engine. It delivers more than enough power for light to medium tasks, what with it capable of producing up to 195 horsepower. As for the torque, the engine has a 260-pound-feet rating. Regular unleaded fuel makes all trims in this line run, and they come paired with a four-speed automatic transmission system.

Getting more with the 4.8L, V8

For more horses, you may want to consider going for the 4.8L, V8 engine available for the regular, extended, and crew cabs. With a 302-horsepower and 305-pound-feet-of-torque rating, you can almost any task without problems. Expect a four-speed automatic system paired with this powertrain.

Fuel-conserving 5.3L, V8

You can also choose to equip your 2013 Silverado 1500 with the 5.3L, V8 powertrain, available for all cab options. Aside from giving you 13 more horses and 30 more pound-feet-of-torque than the 4.8L variant, you also get to enjoy the benefits of the Active Fuel Management technology. This engine, paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, helps conserve fuel.

Maximizing the truck’s potential with the 6.2L, V8

You will find used 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 models (extended and crew cabs) carrying an E85-capable, 6.2L, V8 engine. With this, you can experience driving power of up to 403 horses and 417 pound-feet of torque. You also get the standard six-speed automatic transmission system.

Blossom Chevrolet recommends getting your Chevvy from a reliable dealership if you are going for a pre-owned one.

As you can see, the engine options themselves already make the 2013 Silverado 1500 lineup attractive, even when you go for a used one.

Ranking Drop: Should You Blame Google Right Away?

SEO Expert

SEO Expert in Australia You rank happily above the fold in most of your site’s keywords. You gain decent traffic, and generate quality leads every day. You know the climb to the top isn’t over, but you’re generally pleased with the outcome of your marketing campaign.

Then you notice your pages slowly slide down. Weeks pass, you’re not even on the first page of the SERPs anymore.

It must be a Google algorithm change, right? What else could be the reason?

Actually, it’s not always healthy to point your finger towards the search engine right away. Sure, the industry has seen a number of phantom updates over the last two years, but unless there’s bedlam in the online community, and New York, London and Sydney SEO experts have solid evidence proving your suspicion, maybe other things are chipping away your organic traffic.

Improved Competitor Performance

It’s possible your competition is just doing better Google-friendly marketing lately. Given the variety of updates the search giant launched recently, particularly in quality and mobile-friendliness, to think that your competitors outperform you in terms of adapting to these changes isn’t a long shot.

Constant Search Landscape Changes

The very landscape of the search engine is ever-evolving. The advent of Google’s Knowledge Graph, tweaks on the Search’s page layout and increase of ads in the mobile SERPs potentially have a great impact on the visibility of your pages. Any of these changes could push your site below the fold even if you used to rank in the top three.

Technical Issues with Your Site

The lack of synergy in your own marketing team could be the culprit, especially when your developer makes some changes without consulting your SEO group. A slight modification could be disastrous for your rankings, once Google notices. In addition, computing oversights happen all the time, which is why it’s important to take extra precaution whenever you need to make alterations in your pages.

It’s pointless worrying about any algorithm update if you know in your heart you comply with Google guidelines. If you’re not trying to outsmart the search engine in any way, then the cause of your ranking decline has to be something else.

What’s Hot about Investing in Commercial Properties?

Commercial Property Investments

Commercial Property InvestmentsIt has been a lifelong dream for many to achieve financial stability while still young and strong. Being able to do so ensures you’ll be in a good financial spot even before you reach your retirement years.

But how can you do that? Well, you can put up businesses, take extra jobs on the side, or make strategic or wise property investments. Commercial property investments are considered one of the most rewarding types or ventures. What is so hot about commercial property investments?

Diversifies Income Possibilities

Just like any form of business, investing in commercial properties includes risks you must embrace to achieve success. But unlike other investments, commercial properties can ensure you’ll still have the opportunity to earn while you take care of issues or problems. Your commercial building may not be fully occupied, but it will still generate income for you, compared to having an unoccupied rental home.

Big Chances to Earn More

Cash flow is more stable with commercial properties. Commercial properties have a higher purchase or rental rate compared to residential ones, especially if located in a strategic place in the city. Buying property in the city, through SMSF, can ensure your commercial spaces will generate higher income. The leases are also longer, which means you have more chances to stabilise your income or cash flow.

Commercial Spaces or Properties Allow Easier Price Evaluations

It’s easier to get a price evaluation of the commercial property you want to purchase. You can even ask the current owner’s income breakdown and current lease contracts to find out how much the entire property generates. Usually, the rates are determined by the size of the property and its location.

These reasons offer a ton of possibilities when it comes to commercial property investments all over the country. You need to be meticulous and wise when it comes to choosing which types you should venture into.

Your House, Your First Investment


HouseFor many, buying a house is getting a place to call one’s own. Somewhere one could raise kids and grow old. But so much emotional attachment to the house can make one forget that a house is still an investment that could get you to a better state in life when the time comes.

Losing Perspective

Owning a home seems an uphill climb for most. People view the comforts of an abode as a trophy of sorts, a place you can work hard for.

Many Americans would rather pay the mortgage for a home, to stay out of the ever vicious rent-a-home cycle. No wonder it brings a lot of happiness to have a place to call home. And for many, that’s about it.

But experts on real estate beg to differ. They say Americans should view their first home as an investment property.

Meaning, you should be looking at your first house as a way to jumpstart your finances and rev up your lifestyle. Instead of going through the usual post-college approach, consider the investment while young.

Such a paradigm shift gives you better momentum, as it allows you to focus on “building a life” instead of spending needlessly.

A Good Decision

Such a decision is wise, as rental increases are outgrowing purchase increases in many localities. It becomes an especially advantageous investment when you utilize an FHA loan, especially when you’re in your 20s or 30s.

Also, that helps you make your abode as valuable as possible.

When the time is right, exchange your home for a good financial return. Savvy companies offering cash for homes could give you a substantial return on your most valued living space. FasterHouse says the arrangement gives you a lot of leverage, especially useful when your need for cash is immediate.

When you view your house as more than just a place to live, you could improve your lifestyle faster than you could ever imagine.

Foreigner Problems: Main Challenges Expats Face in Singapore

Living in SingaporeSingapore has a global reputation for being an open economy and welcoming to immigrants. Still a young country at 50, the island-state is still trying to develop other parts of its nation-building, like arts, which, in the process, turn to overseas talents to improve in certain areas.

The influx of expats and continuous growth Permanent Residents in the Lion City is evidence that Singapore is a paradise to foreigners the world over. But it’s not all roses.

If you’re already living in Singapore, there’s a good chance you might have experienced some of these:

Strict Loan Application

This one makes sense because, unlike citizens, most foreigners don’t own properties in the country; therefore, they have nothing to use as collateral to make the loan secure. While banks offer such financial products, getting approved may be a little bit harder than you wish it would be.

Fortunately, some lending companies offer a foreigner loan in Singapore to provide expats another option to borrow money quickly in case of emergency and other needs.

Housing Discrimination

As you’re most likely to rent your own apartment while staying for a relatively long period, you might notice that some landlords aren’t too accommodating to some nationality — particularly Indians and Chinese. Ironically, the two ethnically compose over 80% of the Singaporean population. But where is this bias coming from?

Actually, most landlords are foreigners, which have negative notions towards these groups. They stereotype the Indians as unideal tenants with their cooking habits and diet, and the mainland Chinese as people that wouldn’t maintain the property well.

Local Hatred

Young Singaporean workers feel that they being overlooked by employers in favour of expats. Those who are able to land a job, however, find it difficult to get promoted with foreign colleagues around. Despite the implementation of Fair Consideration Framework in August last year and the low unemployment rate, citizens still feel resentment towards immigrants regarding this matter.

Singapore is a land of promise and opportunities for foreigners, but it’s not without struggles. Many expats succeed, have succeeded and will succeed, but challenges are present somewhere along the way.

Age is But a Number: Fighting the Effects of Ageing

Age is But a Number

Age is But a Number in Singapore Ageing brings with it wrinkles, skin folds, and other physical signs that make you look older. Everyone reacts to the experience differently. Some love it, as they feel wiser and more experienced. Others dislike seeing how old they have become.

For those in Singapore who are not ready for old age just yet, you can follow these tips to fight the effects of ageing:

Protein for Good Health

Take a collagen drink to have healthy skin. Collagen is a protein essential to connective tissues of the body. You lose collagen as you age. Nonetheless, you can replace this loss using collagen drinks. Benefits include better skin, stronger joints, and even a stronger immune system. As Singapore’s explains, collagen drink may help in improving your overall appearance.

Protein Alternative

A substitute to a collagen drink is a recogen product. Recogen is a food supplement that contains collagen and other important nutrients for the body. You can choose between the three recogen products. Recogen is also good for stronger joints like a collagen drink.

Healthy Fat

Besides collagen and recogen, you can take Omega-3 supplements or Omega-3 rich food. Omega 3 helps in maintaining your heart’s health. Omega 3 also prevents numerous other diseases, such as coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, and different types of cancer.

Chocolate Full of Benefits

Another anti-ageing tip for any person who has a sweet tooth is to eat small amounts of dark chocolate regularly. Dark chocolate has many antioxidants that help in improving blood flow and preventing cardiovascular diseases. You have to make sure the chocolate is not loaded with sugar, though.

Exercise to be Strong and Alive

Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to fight the effects of aging. Exercise helps in boosting your immune system, strengthening your muscles, and relieving stress.

There are numerous other ways to look and feel young even if you are 40. As they say, good ageing starts with leading a healthy lifestyle.

SMSF Property Investments: Rules to Live By

SMSF Property Investments

SMSF Property InvestmentsThe investment trend using Self Managed Super Fund has been increasingly popular in previous years due to the excellent income it provides and significantly lower taxes. Likewise, using an SMSF provides individuals with diversity and control over their investment portfolios.

Nonetheless, there are certain investment rules regarding SMSF property investments that must be followed.

SMSF Rules on Property Investments

Australians who have $120,000 balance in their fund and have access to other financing options can directly buy and manage property within their super fund. A fund can be made up of four members at the most, with each member all being trustees. It can be created by adopting a corporate trustee arrangement, with all members being directors of the fund’s corporation and capable of deciding on investment options.

Trustees can invest a portion of the SMSF and use additional financing to buy commercial or residential property- with the exception of vacant land. The property should also be tenanted, but not by the trustees themselves or their relatives. In relation to this rule, trustees can’t purchase their own assets using their SMSF fund, or other properties owned by ‘related parties’.

All SMSF trustees must also lodge all returns and related documents to the Australian Taxation Office at the end of October each year to avoid penalties with accumulating interest. Trustees must comply with SuperStream, which is Australia’s new data standard for electronic contributions to avoid a fine of $3,400 and redirected payments to the default fund of their employers.

Whilst trustees may borrow money using their SMSF to cover expenses related to the maintenance of their property, borrowing for capital works to increase the property’s original value — building an extension, for example — are prohibited.

Critical Things to Remember

Trustees are responsible to ensure strict and timely compliance with the SMSF rules. It’s recommended to engage the help of a professional and ensure that everything’s on fine print. More importantly, the ATO can fine trustees up to $10,200 for non-compliance of SMSF rules, along with mandatory education courses and civil penalties.

Smart Ideas to Make Your Small Backyard Look Bigger

Small Backyard

Small Backyard Many people enjoy the combination of the outdoors and indoors, so they look for properties with spacious backyards. Due to land and budget restrictions, however, not all get the opportunity to make this happen for their home. If you’re among them, don’t fret because there are still ways to make your backyard look bigger. Here are some ideas to help you:

Define Space

An open and loosely planned layout may seem like a good idea, but it can make your backyard look more chaotic if you don’t organise it properly. Place furniture and fixtures toward the corner to create more space in the middle, allowing you and your family members to walk around easier. Imagine keeping them in a frame to set their designated place. If there’s anything you can’t move, such as big rocks and plants, try to work around them instead of hiding them.

Promote Transparency

If you have a swimming pool at home, recommends installing pool fencing from Perth’s leading suppliers of glass balustrades and fencing materials. Glass is becoming a popular design element because of the transparency it offers. This extends the eye view, as it allows natural light to pass through. You see the other side and you protect your family members and pets from drowning.

Give it Purpose

Give your backyard a single purpose — a reading nook, a barbeque area, or an outdoor dining area. If there are many things going on within the area, it gets confusing and you’ll need to install more furniture and occupy bigger space. Make it multi-purpose if possible, like using one seating for all purposes, so you don’t have to add clutter to the backyard. Keep it simple, so it’s pleasing to the eye.

These are only some ways to make your backyard look more spacious. Remember that with the right furniture and arrangement, you can make the most of the space you have.

Quitting Smoking: Physical and Monetary Perks


SmokingYou are a smoker and you need a good enough reason to quit. True, having a more positive purpose to stop a habit that you had for years may be a better incentive. If that’s the case, consider the following advantages you get based on the number of months that you’re ciggie-free.

Within a Week – If the anti-smoking regimen or the tablet given to you to stop smoking has worked then you no longer have any nicotine in your bloodstream. Oxygen can now reach your heart more easily. Your blood pressure has decreased and your blood now has higher dose of antioxidants. Your sense of smell and taste has significantly improved along with your lung’s natural cleaning functions. You can now afford to buy a watch worth more than $150 with the money you saved from not smoking.

Within a Year – If you have managed to hold off smoking for this long, you are less stressed and tense than when you were still smoking. Your lungs have less phlegm and are a lot healthier and your breathing has really improved a lot. Congratulations, you can now afford to buy a brand new or nearly new motorbike for $2,000 to $2,500 with the savings you got from not smoking.

Within 2 to 5 Years – Your body can now fight off cancer more effectively than when you were smoking. By 5 years, females now have the same risk percentage of cervical cancer similar to other women who have never smoked. The risk of stroke and heart attack has greatly decreased and continues to do so. By two years, you have enough to buy an expensive diamond engagement ring or the deposit for a $1,000,000 suburb home in five years.

This model is based on a best-case scenario of giving up a moderate 10 cigarettes per day consumption at $15 a pack. Imagine how much more you can save if you are smoking even more than that. And imagine how much of your health you have saved, retained and recovered with quitting. Hopefully, these are enough positive reinforcement for you to finally give up smoking.

What Do Pools Attract: The Usual Victims

Swimming Pool in Australia

Swimming Pool in Australia Pools are refreshing, physically and visually. A nice blue pool can be an attractive feature in your home. It makes your house look cooler and more inviting to guests. Nonetheless, it may also invite danger.

Accidents can happen near the pool if there are no safety measures around it. As inviting as they are, you might not notice potential victims coming close to it.

Here are the common victims you need to keep away from your pool for their overall safety:


Most children love pools, as they treat it like the aquatic version of a playground. They love to splash around even when they may not have the skill yet in swimming without floaters. As children may wander around your house, it may not be easy to keep them away from the pool. You need to be in constant watch whenever you have kids at home, or they might end up falling into the pool. Clear-Az-GlassFencing suggests installing a pool fence or a barrier to keep them out even when they slip from your view for a moment.


Just like children, your pets can be curious beings. While your dogs may be natural swimmers, it can still be a problem. Your pups may bring along with them all the dirt that their fur gathered throughout the day. Their fur shedding habits may also be a disgusting annoyance that may plague your pool area. It may render your pool murky, which requires constant cleaning whenever they find a way into them. Cleaning the pool all the time can be costly and a waste of water.

Find installers of quality pool fence in Perth. Choose a design that does not compromise the beauty of your home exterior. Keeping your pool safe from kids and pets is important, but you should not have to sacrifice its aesthetics.