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When Grandpa Has a Toothache: Common Periodontal Diseases In Seniors

Periodontal Diseases In SeniorsWhen you’re young, you don’t think of getting dentures or losing your teeth. Those are things you see happening to grandma or grandpa. Apart from tooth loss and ill-fitting dentures, several other dental problems come with age. Getting periodontal diseases is one of them, and you can’t leave them untreated.

Gentle Dentist, a clinic for family dentistry in Geist, knows this all too well.  The next time grandpa gets a toothache, see if he has one of these common periodontal diseases.


If you think cavities are a kid’s problem, think again. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research says otherwise, as their study finds that they can develop at any age. As long as you have natural teeth, plaque and bacteria buildup can cause cavities and tooth decay.

Make sure your elderly loved ones are brushing properly. Having them lay off the soda and sweets also helps in keeping their pearly white in tip-top condition.


Gingivitis is a common oral problem, and many associate it with getting old. As a person ages, the gums tend to recede and become more sensitive. Hard brushing and bacteria buildup may cause swelling and bleeding.

If granddad’s complaining of swollen gums and difficulty in eating, a visit to the dentist helps treat gingivitis before it gets worse. Waiting too long to get remedies may cause more health problems like weight loss and oral infections.

Oral Cancer

This is a deadly disease, and those over the age of 50 are more likely to contract it. Studies show that males are at a higher risk of getting it. Signs of oral cancer include unexplained bleeding, numbness in the mouth and cheeks, and a persistent sore throat.

At their age, the elderly needs regular screening to detect the disease and get immediate treatment. With or without the symptoms, it pays to get checked early.

With age comes wisdom, wrinkles and several health problems. But, they don’t have to keep anyone from aging well. In knowing what diseases commonly occur in seniors, they can prevent and treat them immediately. The next time your grandparents have a toothache, don’t be too fast in thinking it’s no big deal. It may or may not be. But, it shouldn’t be. 

Are Real Estate Investments as Lucrative as You Think

Land For Sale in TruganinaAll investors have to decide if the return on investment is worth taking the risk and effort of buying land. Real estate is an investment avenue that most people look at once they are on track with their financial goals. You may have cleared your college loans or have figured out your retirement contribution strategy and still have some cash to spare.

Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to secure your financial future. Consider buying land for sale in Truganina as part of your investment strategy. However, bear in mind that real estate investment is capital intensive. Understand the basics before committing any substantial amounts of cash.

Understand the risks versus expected returns

Risk assessment is a crucial part of any kind of investment be it real estate or traditional equity. While the latter is easy to assess, the risks in real estate are not easily quantified. Historic data and past performance may not work in real estate. The unpredictable market changes in real estate make it difficult to predict. The anticipated return differs for every investor. It is important to calculate all expenses before deciding if the risk is worth it.

Required capital investment

Anyone can invest in traditional equity due to the varied nature of the initial capital requirement. It is easy to determine the volume of the investment. Real estate is different. You need to raise initial capital on your own or get several investors to help you raise the first capital requirement.

Taxes requirements

The property is taxed annually depending on the assessed value of the property in your city or county. Always consider the tax requirements before investing in real estate. In addition, hire a CPA to help you determine the amount of tax you will have to pay on your investment.

Investing in real estate can be profitable if you get your facts right. Invest in research before buying any property.

Save Your Home by Installing a New Roof!

Installing a New RoofMost homeowners will agree that re-roofing a house is not only an expensive but a time-consuming activity as well. Hence, most of the time homeowners try to put off re-roofing their houses. However, roofing companies view this as a dangerous situation. 

The roof of a home is the only protection that the house has against the elements. Moreover, if the roof caves in, it can lead to a terrible mishap. Hence, Salt Lake City roof contractors opine that you should get the roof of your home evaluated and if required get a new roof installed.

You should consider re-roofing your home if any of the following problems persists:

  • Expensive water damage: If the water is not getting drained off properly and the accumulation of water is damaging the ceiling of your home, you need to get a new roof at the earliest. This will protect the furniture in your home and your house as a whole against water damage.
  • Valuation of your home: Like any asset, the value of your property decreases with time. However, if you wish to increase the value of your property, you can choose to put up a new roof.
  • Safety first: The roof acts as a safety measure protecting you, your family and your home from the fury of nature. You feel the safest at your home. The roof is essential to maintaining your sanctuary. So if you feel that the roof of your house has suffered extensive damage, then you should definitely consider installing a new roof.

A roof is one of the two (along with the walls) first lines of defense of your home. A compromised defense then would just let illnesses penetrate the household, so replacing it when necessary is a step towards the right direction in maintaining your family's health. And it looks good, too.

Key Traits of Quality Swimming Pool Builders

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool in UtahBefore contacting a spa dealer, you ought to find a reliable swimming pool builder first. The right swimming pool contractors would build you a pool that would last you a lifetime.

In Utah, for example, reputable bullfrog spa dealers and pool contractors share similar traits.

They Have a Place of Business

Only full-fledged swimming pool builders can deliver. So if your potential contractors claim to have what it takes to handle any type of project, they should have an office. For example, if they usually work on their RV or truck, they would most likely disappear with your money. It is important that you visit their offices to determine if they are indeed what they claim to be.

They are Honest

You need a service provider that would be honest regarding whether they can handle your type of project, how long it would take to complete it, the cost of the entire project, and so on. A dependable service provider would also come clean concerning how building the pool would affect your yard.

They Have Installed Many Pools Before

Any pool installation contractor can claim to have installed an acceptable number of swimming pools since they opened shop. However, few of them would be willing to show you pictures of some of the projects they have completed. Choose an expert that would gladly show you proof of accomplishment.

They are Members of Reliable Associations

A service provider who belongs to a reliable association like the Better Business Bureau would offer superior services. This is because such associations demand high levels of business practices and accountability from their members. You should choose a contractor that is in good standing with the BBB.

Hiring the right swimming pool builder would help you avoid the frustration and expenses that come with poor workmanship. It is always important to invest time in researching a potential expert to ensure that they would offer top-drawer services.

3 Exterior Home Improvement Ideas You Should Not Ignore

Home Improvement

Home Improvement in AustraliaBefore putting your house or any property on sale, you might want to take a look at it a few more times. Evaluate every area, and put yourself on the buyer’s perspective. Would you buy it? Are you giving it a fair price?

You can start looking at the exterior area. Take note that this is the first thing that potential buyers will see. What’s the point of having remodelled bathrooms and well-designed bedrooms if you can’t even get anyone through the front door?

Learn some of the exterior upgrades to increase property value and attract more potential buyer:

1. De-clutter is the first big step

The first thing you need to do is to eliminate everything that that detracts from the curb appeal. Your priority is to highlight the best features of your house. So, remove all the clutter around the house. Start by edging the entryway, and make sure all the outdoor equipment and trash bins are well organised. You might want to upgrade your lawn, as well. A well-designed landscape is always a plus point.

2. Remove, repair, or replace outdated fixtures

Consider repairing or replacing outdated or dilapidated fixtures. Everything should function properly. Keep in mind that every detail is important — from window bolts or louvered windows to old planter box and other metal awnings. Get feedback from your family or friends. Ask them if they see any mismatched elements that do not complement the overall aesthetic of the house.

3. Improve privacy and security

Another way to boost curb appeal and increase property value is to maximise privacy and security. Inspect your house to see possible danger spots. You might want to hire a professional to check any termite damage in wooden porches or railings. They should also check the condition of your flooring and roofing system. Upgrading your fence or gate can also be a good investment. Shutters are also a great way to improve your home’s privacy, according to an expert from Half Price Shutters.

Keep these things in mind and you can increase your chance of selling your property at a good price. For better results, always consult a reputable contractor.

SEO in 2016: 4 Trends to Watch Out For

SEOSearch engine optimisation (SEO) helps you drive quality traffic to your website. It’s important for your business it increases your online visibility, strengthens your brand, and makes your business credible. So whatever business you’re in, it’s definitely worth keeping a tab on. 

SEO company Digitise My Business gives some of the SEO trends this year.

Mobile wallets: 2016 is the year for mobile wallets. Businesses are slowly waking up to the true potential of mobile wallets. The diverse applications that mobile wallets offer including coupons, mass transit, and loyalty points will make mobile wallets very popular this year.

Google and local search: Internet giant Google is set to invest more in local search engine optimisation. The recent release of the Google My Business API and adding local searches to the Search Quality Ratings Guidelines, both point to the fact that Google is serious about local search in 2016.

Local marketing will be based on location data: Traditionally, businesses have allowed their local data – names, addresses, phone numbers – as passive data but they are now realising that this information can be amplified using data aggregators like Localeze. Publishers like Apple and Foursquare can also be roped in to amplify location data in the digital world that is populated by customers.

Apps will flourish: Apps like SnapChat and Periscope can play a huge role in supporting advertising and direct response at a national level. Businesses that have a national reach are able to use and adapt these methods to target audiences at a local level, making it relevant.

These are just some of the trends that will rock the local search engine optimisation world in 2016. Keep an eye out for them and see how you can apply these trends to your business.

When Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?

Fertilized LawnThe lawn is an important area in any household. It makes the home look brighter and cozier. A beautiful lawn is a healthy one, and homeowners think using fertilizers frequently is the way to go. But, is it really?

Like other substances, they have to be used sparingly to achieve desirable results. Greenside Landscaping understands this well. How often do you really need to use them on your lawn?

What Too Much Fertilizer Does to Your Lawn

It’s tempting to apply fertilizers frequently, especially if you’re in a hurry to see those flowers bloom. But, using too much of them may have the opposite effect. The University of Utah Healthcare says that fertilizers increase the growth of leaves in plants. So, there are fewer flowers.

In addition, they make grass grow too fast. When grass roots take up a lot of space, other plants are unable to grow strong roots because of the crowding. They can’t get enough nutrients from the soil as well.

Too much grass makes it difficult for you to maintain your lawn. You have to mow it more often than usual because they grow too fast.

When You Need to Fertilize

Spring and early fall are the ideal times to apply them. Plants grow during these seasons, and extreme weather conditions slow down growth.

The summer heat is not convenient for fertilizing, as plants dry up more easily. The winter weather, on the other hand, increases risks of injuries for the gardener. It is also difficult to apply fertilizer when there is a thick layer of ice and snow over the soil. Spring and early fall are ideal for both the homeowner and the plants.

In using fertilizers, knowing when to apply it is key to achieving desirable results. A healthy lawn is any homeowner’s pride. Fertilizers make it possible, but applying too much of them does the opposite.

Researchers Discover Link Between Tooth Brushing and Dementia

Woman with Painful ToothOral bacteria entering the bloodstream is far from a minor anatomical slight. Keeping microbes out of your bloodstream may seem like a tall order, especially when they are located at the place where we ingest food and fluids, but doing so can spell the difference between health and having dementia.

Simply put, brushing your teeth apparently saves you from much more than an untimely trip to the dentist.

More Than Painful Smiles

Researchers from King’s College London and the University of Southampton have found a link between gingival bacteria and dementia, adding to the microbes’ growing list of ‘capabilities’ outside just causing gum disease. In 2014, researchers from Florida, U.S.A. were able to confirm a causation from oral bacteria such as Porphyromonas gingivalis, Treponema denticola and Fusobacterium nucleatum to heart disease.

Dentists from All Smiles Dental Care Implant Centre note that before the findings, it was common belief that the link was indirect, as consuming high amounts of sugar negatively affects both oral and cardiac health. By injecting mice with oral bacteria, scientists were able to connect the risk of atherosclerotic heart disease to more than just dietary factors. The British researchers, however, had to take a more analytical approach regarding gingival bacteria and dementia.

More than Basic Findings

To observe the effects of oral bacteria on the cognitive ability of an Alzheimer’s patient, researchers monitored 59 people with mild to moderate dementia for six months, taking note whether those who did not take care of their oral health suffered more severe symptoms. Sure enough, subjects with gum disease suffered cognitive deterioration at a rate six times faster than subjects who had healthy gums.

‘If there is a direct relationship between periodontitis and cognitive decline, as this current study suggests, then treatment of gum disease might be a possible treatment option for Alzheimer’s’, Professor Clive Holmes, the study’s senior author, remarks. He adds that despite the definitive margin between the two test groups, further studies are required in formulating an oral health-based dementia treatment procedure, as well as determining the extent of its viability.

The discovery marks a breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research; a break in hundreds of drug trials over the past 15 years that consistently failed to provide a possible entry point for a cure. ‘If there is a direct relationship between periodontitis and cognitive decline, as this current study suggests, then treatment of gum disease might be a possible treatment option for Alzheimer’s’, says Holmes.

All About Cataracts: Separating Fact from Fiction

Fact: cataracts are the number one cause of blindness. Despite its prevalence, you can find myths about this eye condition and its treatment everywhere.Facts, Fiction, Cataract, Facts and Fiction Cataract

Cataracts are a natural result of ageing, forming when the eye’s lens grows older and the cells die. When this happens, the lens becomes yellow and cloudy, leading to blurred and fuzzy vision. Eye injuries and some diseases and medications may also result in cataracts.

Myth: cataracts are reversible. Because they’re a part of ageing, the process is inevitable. You can only slow down its process by eating healthy food, quitting smoking, and wearing glasses with 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Here are some of the most common myths ever told about cataracts:

Myth: Cataract surgery is dangerous.

Fact: Cataract surgery is one of the safest and most commonly performed operations in the world, says Australian Institute of Eye Surgery. As with any surgery, there are risks that you need to discuss with your surgeon. You’ll need to avoid bending or heavy lifting three weeks after the procedure, as well as rubbing the eye.

Myth: Eye drops can cure or delay cataracts.  

Fact: Not quite. The FDA has not approved any drops claiming to prevent or ‘dissolve’ cataracts. Again, cataracts form as part the eyes’ natural ageing process so there’s no way to prevent them. Moreover, cataracts are not a substance. There’s nothing to dissolve.

Myth: Cataracts can grow back.

Fact: Cataracts form from a protein buildup in the eye’s lens. They’re not a ‘growth’ that settles on top of the eye. Sometimes, a different, secondary cataract can develop. When the membrane holing the new lens implant gets blurry, the vision may reduce. Thankfully, this can easily be treated through quick and painless laser surgery.

As common as they are, the good thing about this cataracts is that they’re highly treatable. Here’s another fact: only an ophthalmologist is licensed to perform eye exams, diagnose and treat disease, and perform cataract surgery.

Under the right medical supervision, there’s hope for many cataract patients everywhere.

The Battle with the Bulge: 4 Essential Things to Know About CoolSculpting

Weight Loss in Salt Lake CityMore and more people, men and women alike, are searching for easy ways to eliminate stubborn fat on their thighs, tummy, chins, back, and love handles. Introducing CoolSculpting—a fat freezing, non-invasive procedure that actually works. 

Interested? Below are four fundamental things Utah Dermatologic & Medical Procedures Clinic believes you must know about CoolSculpting.

What Exactly is CoolSculpting?

Put simply, CoolSculpting will freeze your unwanted fat in order to get rid of it. During the CoolSculpting procedure, the skin that surrounds the stubborn fat you want eliminated will be suctioned off and cooled through cryolipolysis in order to lower your skin’s temperature to the point where your fat cells die. Your body will then flush out these cells in subsequent weeks.

Can Anybody Undergo CoolSculpting?

First off, note that CoolSculpting isn’t really for weight loss so candidates must be near or in their ideal weight prior to undergoing treatment. This means that if you want to lose more weight, do so first. According to a CoolSculpting expert in Salt Lake City, the procedure is better for contouring your body and adding oomph to your weight loss results. Likewise, you’ll have to have ample pliable fat in order that CoolSculpting attachments will have something to hold on to while suctioning stubborn fat.

How Many CoolSculpting Treatments is Recommended?

Some people are happy with one treatment, which brings an estimated 20% reduction in fat while other people usually go for three or more sessions that are scheduled between one and two months apart. Discuss your expectations with your provider so that he or she can make a proper treatment plan for you.

How Long Before I See Results?

You can see some changes between three and four weeks after treatment, but will notice more significant changes two months after treatment. Note that your body will continue on flushing out dead fat cells up to six months after your last treatment so just be patient.

It is, however, important to note that as with all cosmetic procedures, your results will largely depend on your future habits and upkeep. If you stop exercising and eat poorly, your CoolSculpting treatment won’t be able to stop you from putting on extra weight. However, new fat won’t easily accumulate in treated areas. That said; keep on exercising and eating healthy to ensure not only long-term CoolSculpting results but overall health as well.