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The Secret Behind Khloe Kardashian’s Killer Body

Body Transformation In UtahHave you seen Khloe Kardashian’s recent body transformation? The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has lost around 40 lbs in the last few months! Thanks to the gym, lifestyle change, and a cosmetic treatment called CoolSculpting.

Insane Workouts

Instead of spending her Sunday mornings at brunch, Khloe hits the gym. She does tons of workouts and she even does them with sauna suits underneath her gym clothes. In People Magazine, Khloe shared that working out has become her therapy. It has been instrumental in overcoming all the stress she experienced when she was dealing with her estranged husband’s tragic overdose.

Disciplined Diet

Khloe’s fridge used to have full of treats like candy bars and frozen pizzas. But now, she snacks on pre-cut veggies and fresh fruits. Despite her drastic lifestyle change, Khloe stated that she never deprived herself. She would still have a piece of cake from time to time, but she has managed to keep her intake of unhealthy food to a minimum.

Trendy Cosmetic Treatment

CoolSculpting is a trending cosmetic procedure in Hollywood right now. Celebrities like Molly Sims and Gretchen Rossi have been outspoken about the effectiveness of CoolSculpting. Khloe credited part of her killer body to the magic of this procedure. According to Clarity Skin in Utah, CoolSculpting is a body contouring procedure that involves freezing and reducing the body fat without invasive surgery. It helps people get rid of the fat that exercise and diet could not trim down, such as fats in thighs, hips, and upper arms.

Khloe didn’t achieve her toned body overnight. But with a mix of discipline, commitment, and technology, Khloe has accomplished a goal that most people can’t do. For that, Khloe Kardashian is the definite #bodygoals!

Nail Art: Professional Finish, at Home

Nail Art in BrisbaneChristmas parties and get-togethers are in season once again. Aside from thinking about your wardrobe, your nails should also be well thought of. But with the holiday rush, visiting the salon to get your nails done might not be a practical idea.

However, with a bit of creativity and patience, you can have great nail art, done at the comforts of your home, by yourself! Everything can do online. Have your design pegs and shop for nail polish with just a few clicks at Gloss & Co.

Tips on having great nail art at home

  1. Always use a base coat

Use a base coat to prevent your nails from turning yellow because of frequent application or because of the colour component. This also helps your nail polish last longer as it has a surface to adhere to.

  1. Three is the magic numbers

Three strokes are all you need. Start from the centre, then go to the left and then cover the remaining.

  1. Apply thinly

Aside from sticking to the three-stroke policy, remember to apply thinly. Applying thinly allows the nail polish to dry properly. Have two layers of nail polish and no more than that to get the colour and the texture that you need.

  1. Run under cold water or ice

You can run your fingers in cold water post application to help your polish dry evenly.

  1. Stay away from the quick-drying polish

Everyone hates the idea of dialling the phone awkwardly because your nails are not yet dry, but it’s still safer to wait than using quick drying polish, as they tend to dehydrate and damage your nails.

  1. Allow it to completely dry

The ultimate secret to having salon finished nails? Let. It. Dry. Drying completely can give you that shiny and even salon finish.

Patience is indeed a virtue, and in this case, it will get you the perfect nails perfect for the holidays.

Befriend Yourself: Struggling with Body Image

Body ShamingThe unrealistic standard set by the media regarding body image has been a large contributing factor in the deterioration of both men and women’s self-esteem, which needs to be dealt with immediately and further prevented.

Silence the Shamers

The internet is a two-edged sword. But if used well, it can be a powerful tool used for leisure, learning, and even earning. When used with malicious intent, however, this social platform can bring about destruction both literally and figuratively.

Body shamers have been all over social media, commenting on a person’s weight or general appearance, like pests that can never be completely extinguished. Though the purpose for their hurtful words is unclear, the consequences are evident. The sad thing is, people on the receiving end are left broken and feel the need to hide due to fear.

The Center for Advancing Health wrote an article on the relationship between body image and suicidal thoughts among teenagers on their Journal for Adolescent Health. Some people suffer from mental illness such as anorexia, which can be greatly aggravated by these haters. The first step is always to remove the toxic stimuli that have been causing your pain. If you’re unable to simply ignore them, consider blocking these negative people from your accounts, making a new account, or stay out of social media completely. Build a safe space on the internet for yourself, how you feel and see yourself is far more important than a few likes and favorites.

You’re Never Alone

Everyone experiences insecurity in at least one point their lives, this is absolutely normal and just means you’re human. But insecurity is different from shame, and if you’re starting to hate yourself and the way you look, then you may need some time to re-evaluate and earn back that self-love. Talking to someone like a close friend or a family member can be a good way to start releasing some negative thoughts and emotions, it’s important to face this battle with at least one person you can open up to remind yourself that you are never alone.

If you’re uncomfortable with opening up to people you know, then why not try a professional? Talk with your school guidance counselor or your office psychiatrist, there are even hotlines that you can call if you’d like to maintain a sense of anonymity but still have someone to help you deal with your problems. Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia can arise from troubles with body image and should be diagnosed immediately. Treatments for anorexia and other eating disorders are readily available.

If you’d like to learn more about its symptoms, you can read on the National Eating Disorders Association’s website for a detailed list. Learning to accept your body and loving yourself for who you are is a clear step in the right direction for a healthier body and mind. With the new year approaching, start with a clean slate and work towards shutting down the hate and flaunting what you’ve got.

5 Effective Ways to Protect your Back When Lifting Weights

Weight Lifting In DenverIt doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete or an avid weightlifter, strength training could put significant strain and trauma on your body, particularly your spine. This is especially true if you lift weights regularly. As such, you must always pay attention to proper form and technique when engaging in strength training. Below are expert tips for spine safety and injury prevention.

Be Aware of Potential Risks

Lifting weights can cause several conditions and injuries, including strained ligaments in your upper back, lumbar strain in the lower back’s muscles and tendons, spinal misalignment, and muscle strain in your upper back’s intercostal portion. Knowing that you could potentially sustain these injuries will make you more cautious of how you lift weights, so in the event that you do experience them, you could address them immediately and prevent the worst consequences.

Select the Right Weight

Here’s one thing to keep in mind when building or toning muscles: unless you’re a professional weightlifter training for a competition or looking to build major bulk, heavier weights doesn’t necessarily mean better. If you feel strained by the sixth or seventh rep, you’re using the right weight and lifting heavier than that might injure you.

Always Be Aware of your Back

Essentially, your back should always remain straight. Ensure that you don’t twist it so as not to engage other muscles that shouldn’t be engaged. This helps avoid strain on your muscles and tendons.

Keep your Core Engaged

This is the best way to safeguard your back when lifting weights. Even seasoned chiropractors in Denver remind patients to keep their abdominal muscles engaged and clenched. This helps take some of the load off when you lift weights.

Know When to Rest

When you feel exhausted, stop for a bit and rest because being physically drained actually puts your body at a higher risk of injury.

Before strength training, remember the tips above to make sure you’re doing the right things to safeguard your back and prevent unnecessary pain and serious injuries in the future.

Poor Insulation Problems: Ways to Lower Your Home Heating Bills

insulation problem in Utah
Living in a poorly insulated house means suffering thousands of dollars in energy bills as you seek to keep your home warm and habitable during the biting winter months. In most instances, the cost of improving the insulation might be too high, leaving you with a problem. However, even without a major home overhaul, you can keep your bills low and your home in Draper warm.

Have an Expert Look at Your Heating Unit

If the home has poor insulation, it means that the heating unit may be overworked. Regular maintenance will keep it in excellent condition, improve performance, and lower the power consumption.

Additionally, it helps you tend to any problems long before they get worse, enhancing the longevity of the heater. Furnace repair companies such as Airtime Heating & Cooling say such a move saves you thousands of dollars in repair costs that you could channel toward improving the level of insulation.

Put the Furniture Away from the Walls

Regardless of the construction material, the walls of your home are likely to be 3 or 4 degrees colder than the room temperature. As a result, placing your furniture right next to the wall leaves you cold. Moving them away from the wall keeps you at the room temperature, and it keeps the seats warm. Move your bed away from the wall during the cold season if you don’t want to wake up with a stiff neck every single day.

Cover up the Walls in the Home

Even the solid brick walls serve as heat sinks during winter, and as such, could skyrocket your heating bills. Covering up the walls with posters, mirrors, or even thick curtains lowers the amount of heat loss that occurs. Such a move can raise the internal room temperature by a degree while cutting the energy loss by at least a quarter.

Poor home insulation can contribute to high home heating bills and cause you to strain financially. However, with a little bit of preparation, you can overcome such problems with relative ease.

Dental Health: A Strong Priority

Your dental health is as important as your physical health. When you take care of Dental check-up your teeth, you reduce the risk of gum disease. And the most severe form, which is periodontitis, can lead to other diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes.

This is why it is crucial to maintain good oral health. Part of achieving this is practicing consistent oral hygiene. Another part is making appointments with your dentist, and never skipping them. During the checkup, share observations about your oral health and ask your dentist the following things:

Are you noticing warning signs about a serious health problem?

Your checkup will reveal whether your teeth and gums are in perfect condition. Alternately, the visit may disclose certain symptoms that indicate a serious condition, like inflamed gums. Since experts link oral health and overall health, you should ask your dentist if your symptoms should be shared with your general physician.

What is your treatment plan for my condition?

Your dentist should discuss your treatment plan. What will it entail? What will it cost? Will the NHS cover certain procedures? If you are unclear about the treatment, do not hesitate to get clarification. The ideal dentist will gladly go over your questions with patience and understanding.

Will my current medication affect the treatment?

Certain medications may have an effect on your dental treatment. If you are taking contraceptive pills, you need to let your dental team know. This is in case a treatment requires antibiotics; antibiotics can reduce the efficacy of your pills. Disclose your complete medical history, too so you receive proper assessment, which ensures an effective treatment plan.

Your dental health is crucial to your overall physical health. Take care of your teeth and gums. Never skip dental appointments. And you will avoid health problems in the future

3 Important Life Lessons You Can Learn from Polyester Strapping

Polyester StrappingLife is one big learning experience and anything and everything we encounter in life can become a teaching tool. The humble polyester strapping that is used to secure bundles and packages can also teach many lessons about humanity and life. Here are some of those essential lessons:

There is Strength in Cooperation – Plastic is not as naturally strong as steel, but polyester strapping manages to have the strength comparable to steel because of the way the plastic material is woven into each other. Like the plastic in polyester strapping, humans can be weak as individuals and can be easily broken down by bad habits or negativity. Get them together to support each other in both attitude and activity and they can take on anything.

The Ability to Change is Strength – Polyester strapping is strong due to its flexibility, which is enough to handle shifting loads without breaking easily. If there is anything in life that is a constant, it is the fact that change always happens to everyone, anywhere at any time. Humans need to adapt easily to change or survival will be difficult or even impossible in some cases.

Wherever We Are, We Can Be Useful – Polyester strapping is usually made from recycled material, and noted that it can also be recycled to make other useful items. In the same way, all individuals will go through varied situations and will arrive at numerous places in their lives. Whatever the place and situation, you can choose to make a difference and play an important role wherever you end up in. It’s really up to you.

The next time you look at a piece of polyester strapping, do remind yourself of these encouraging pointers. They can motivate you to be more productive in life and help you be stronger when facing daily problems. Remember that everyone can be strong, but it’s your choice to use that strength to make your life and others a lot better.

Alternative Investment 101 – Getting Started With the Basics

Alternative Investment in BirminghamWhile most people understand alternative investment to be free of the traditional stock, bonds or money market account limitations, just but a fraction knows what they’re buying into when testing the alternative investment waters.

Alternative investments aren’t open to everyone. You need a strong asset and income foundation to succeed. Any sensible investment adviser firm will first help you evaluate your net worth and annual income to establish whether you can fund the ventures.

What Are Your Options?

The main alternative investment options include:

  • Hedge funds (the most popular)
  • Venture capital
  • Real estate
  • Private equity

The fact that alternative investments are more complex than traditional investments calls for a lot of reading, research and consulting. The true definition will vary from expert to expert with regard to the investment option on the table.

Start by understanding the basics. Know who is eligible, which niche has the best reputation and most importantly, choose an investment adviser firm to help guide you through.

Keep Your Investment Volumes in Check

Since alternative investment is more complex and inherently trickier than traditional investments, new investors must be keen when venturing into the market. If an opportunity fits your current financial situation and the future plans, you can try it, but always keep each investment under 15 percent of your overall portfolio.

This will protect you from paying too costly a price should the investment go wrong. This is especially important since you will more often than not, have no influence over the profits or losses as you aren’t actively involved in running the new venture.

There are tonnes of ways to lose money in every alternative investment venture. The dynamicity of the market means that no investment will ever be similar to the other. The best way to stay in the know is by running a full audit of each venture, knowing the potential hazards and accommodating them in your venture. This will let you avoid future frustrations or costly miscalculations

Chiropractors: Chronic Illness Game Changer

Chiropractor In Salt Lake CityMost people are using alternative methods to treat their chronic conditions. After all, consuming too much pain relievers just to keep the pain at bay can have enormous side effects. One of the most widely accepted alternatives is chiropractic treatments.

Chiropractic treatment focuses on the disorders of the musculoskeletal system and its effects on the function on the nervous system and health in general. Chiropractors are professionals who are licensed to provide necessary diagnosis and treatment to its patients. Finding a chiropractor in Salt Lake City, UT is possible with referrals and proper research.

While a chiropractor can give comfort to a wide array of conditions, here is a guide to help you decide whether your condition would benefit from a chiropractic visit. 

When to see a chiropractor

  1. When you have determined the source of your pain

People who suffer from chronic backaches are among the first to consider chiropractic treatments. While moving the spine in order to treat the pain can truly be helpful, there are instances when the treatment should not be considered. People with lower back pain, herniated discs or slipped discs, then chiropractic treatments might make the condition worse than better.

  1. Alternative treatment for some chronic pain conditions

A migraine is a common chronic condition that finds relief from chiropractic treatments. This might be because headaches originate in the upper cervical spine and making adjustments in the spine can actually help the patient find relief. However, be sure to find a legitimate chiropractor that specialized in an area of the spine (depending on the one that you need) as spine manipulation, especially the upper cervical spine includes high risks.

  1. As supporting treatment

Despite people swearing over the good effects of chiropractic treatments, such care is designed to complement other therapies (i.e. physical therapy, nutritional therapy etc.). Therefore, it is important to find the proper balance between the different kinds of treatment that works for your condition.

Spotlight on Rheumatic Diseases: Fast Facts

Rheumatic Diseases in Miami

Rheumatic Diseases in MiamiApproximately 46 million individuals in the US alone suffer from different rheumatic diseases. Rheumatic disease, likewise referred to as musculoskeletal disease, is actually an umbrella term that covers more than 200 diseases, with the most common being various arthritis types, gout, lupus, ankylosing spondylitis, and fibromyalgia, among many others. Below are fast basic facts about rheumatic diseases.

  • Rheumatic diseases affect connective tissues and joints and they affect women and men of all ages. Cases of rheumatic diseases are however higher in women.
  • There are specific factors that could increase a person’s risk of developing a rheumatic disease. These factors include old age, excess weight, smoking, genetic factors, as well as particular occupations that typically result in injury and overusing joints.
  • While symptoms vary from one person to another, the most common symptoms of rheumatic disease include deformity of the joints, persistent joint pain, inflammation characterized by warmth, redness, stiffness, and/or joint swelling, tenderness, reduced joint flexibility or range of motion, weakness, lack of energy, and severe fatigue.
  • Diagnosing a rheumatic disease is typically made by evaluating the medical history of the patient, conducting a physical exam, imaging investigations, and certain lab tests.
  • Every patient will respond to treatment or medication differently, notes Dr. Kromo, a renowned comprehensive rheumatology practitioner. There are plenty of treatment options that aid in controlling arthritis symptoms and managing pain, while many rheumatic diseases that are inflammatory in nature could be treated with biologic therapy that supposedly has a better effect than those that decrease only the symptoms.
  • The most traditional arthritis treatment is still medication. However, surgery, alternative medicines and treatments like chiropractic and acupuncture, as well as injections into the soft tissues or joints, are likewise viable treatment options.

Perhaps, the most crucial fact that you should know about rheumatic diseases is that they could significantly affect your daily activities and overall quality of life. The good news is that the earlier you get your disease diagnosed, the earlier you could begin treatment. That said, if you believe that you might be suffering from a rheumatic disease, visit your doctor as soon as possible.