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The Role of Satellite in Delivering Banking Services to Rural Areas

satellite servicesBanking plays a significant role in rural development. Unfortunately, generations of rural residents did not live to see a bank in their area. On top of other pressing problems, the utter lack of financial services is what hindered progress in many remote places.

Because of the sparse distribution of rural areas, constructing a terrestrial communications system would be extremely costly. But in recent years, satellites area playing an increasingly important role in extending banking services, allowing rural residents, even those in unconnected places, to transfer and withdraw money with ease.

How it Works

Rural banks operate in the same way they do in urban areas, except that a satellite terminal sits on the roof. When a person withdraws cash or transfers money, the machine will send the information via satellite and goes through a virtual private network (VPN) tunnel to the bank’s primary headquarters.

In a few minutes, the machine will send back confirmation through the same system, and the transaction is complete. This system has been around for several networks across rural areas in Africa and Asia. Before, banking transactions in these regions took days, but now, they take only a few minutes.

Role in Addressing Poverty

Following the advent of advanced satellite technologies, both NGOs and private and government organisations can now reach out to and conduct business rural and remote areas, where an estimated 47% of the world’s populations live.

The aid community hopes that the availability of financial services could assist in the rural development and help ease poverty, which is quite a serious issue in these areas. In addition to banking, satellite technologies also play a significant role in providing services education, healthcare and communications.


Singtel Satellite, a company that has revolutionised rural banking via satellite communications’, note that satellite networks offer the same level of safety as terrestrial networks. Sensitive information passes through a private tunnel, a system engineered to prevent security threats involving satellite communications.

In rural communities, where people live a more modest lifestyle, and technology is scarce, satellite technology is a highly valuable asset. It fills some gaps in different sectors in the community. The lack of technology and advanced infrastructure is a primary source of disadvantage, especially with regards to agriculture, health, education, disasters, and social services.

Healthy Teeth is Equal to Better Overall Health

Oral HealthWhen you keep your mouth clean, you are not only taking care of that part. You are also taking care of other important parts of your body – including your heart.

Other than that, Fresh Dental, a private dental practice, says there are many other important benefits you can enjoy when you have a healthy set of teeth and a clean mouth because you keep up with your dental hygiene and visit a dental practice regularly. Here are some of them:

More Smiles from You

Smiles are not just skin-deep; they affect the mood and the brain of a person. Smiling triggers a neural activity in the brain, which makes you happy. When you have great-looking teeth and a clean mouth, you are more likely to flash a smile.

Supercharged Saliva

Healthy, clean saliva protects the body. It contains antibodies, which are molecules that can fight viruses, such as those that cause the common cold and more serious pathogens like HIV. To deal with bacteria, enzymes in the saliva ‘melt’ them away before they can multiply.

Keeps the Heart Healthy

An unclean mouth can cause inflammation, and eventually gingivitis. This problem is known to cause clogged arteries and blood clots. With mouth inflammation and gingivitis, a person is more prone to serious health issues such as heart attacks.

Healthier Pregnancies

For pregnant women, oral health is especially important. Oral infections are to blame for preterm births, which can be dangerous for both the mother and the child. Toxins released by the bacteria can enter a mother’s blood stream and eventually flow into the foetus. Labour triggers also increase when there is an infection.

Humans get their energy and nutrients through the mouth. While the mouth is designed to block dangerous pathogens, it is up to us to take care of it. If the mouth is taken care of and kept happy, the body will also be happy.

Keep Your Company Competitive in this Changing Market

business competitionIncreasing competition and changing consumer tastes often have companies at a distinct disadvantage. Here are some of the proven ways to retain an edge in an increasingly tough marketplace without putting all your resources on the line.

Increasing competition in the market often causes companies to dig deeper into their bags of tricks to stay ahead. Rapidly changing technology bears both advantages and drawbacks to many manufacturing companies. Exploring technology often comes at a significant cost, but also allows for a greater range of products.

Consumer preferences can also have you at a disadvantage. Failing to meet their expectations can have you closing shop quickly. However, with a little bit of creativity, you can retain your edge without incurring the costs.

Outsource to a reputable company

If your company’s product requires something you cannot create, you can outsource for the necessary parts. For instance, many service providers need engineering companies for their manufacture of metal and other parts. Well-established engineering companies, such as those that supply metal spinners and pressing, have refined their production process over the years. They can meet your every production need with a decent turnaround time. Hence, you can safely outsource your tricky orders to them. With their machinery and expertise, such a service provider helps you to handle any order with relative ease.

Increase your catalogue

Unless you serve a very specific niche market, you need to carry an extensive inventory to remain competitive. If you have credible market research to analyse your consumers’ preferences, you can increase your stock options significantly by creating a product geared to your target market’s taste.

For example, kitchenware companies apply such an approach to remain competitive in a rapidly changing world. They constantly create products that fill the consumer’s specific need in the kitchen.

In the face of increasing competition, companies often have to espouse strategies that give them an edge. Using these two simple approaches could help you improve sales, and expand your bottom line.

No Car? That Shouldn’t Stop You from Dating the Girl of Your Dreams

a man keeping a date simpleThere seems to be a man drought in Auckland. In recent years, Auckland has experienced the worst and highest shortfall of young to middle-aged men. According to a report, women who are 25 to 39 years old outnumber the opposite sex by more than 11,000. Although this might be a tragedy for women, it’s apparently the other way around for their counterparts.

Now that you know there are fewer men in your country, that just means there are fewer men to compete with. You might have been eyeing that one girl for the longest time, and there is no better time to date her than now. If the only thing stopping you from chasing after the girl of your dreams, however, is a car, then there’s no need to fret.

For the Intimate Date

With the state of the economy, it will be difficult to get your own car during the beginning of your career. Metropolitan Rentals believes that your lack of a car shouldn’t stop you from going out on dates.

In Auckland, there are several vehicles you can rent for a specific amount of time. Two-door cars and London taxis are good choices for dates.

Don’t Like Couple Dates? Go on Group Dates

If you’re ready to enter the dating scene but not quite in for an exclusive one-on-one rendezvous, try group-dating. There’s a famous mobile app in Auckland called Date with Eight, an app for singles between 22 and 50 who want to bring people together in a ‘quadruple date’.

Car rentals also have luxury minibus and mini van options for those who want to go on group dates without the need to bring several cars to a venue. The best way to go about it with a rental vehicle service is to meet at a common point.

You can make a date work without owning a car. If you’re resourceful, you will always find a way.

The Easiest Way to Better Dental Health

dental healthThe goal is to not simply avoid tooth decay and gum disease. The goal is to care for your teeth in a way that allows you to feel healthier.

Tooth decay and gum disease (or periodontal disease) can lead to other health problems. These include diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. While following a dental routine — without fail — and regular visits to the dentist are good practices for keeping healthy teeth, there is one other way: eat better food.

Good Food, Good Teeth

A healthy diet is probably the easiest dental care you can practice. It is the most basic habit that can save your life. With careful planning and a bit of effort to make the right choices, you can ‘eat your way to better teeth’.

The first step is to eliminate sugary drinks from your diet. Ridgeway Dental explains that cutting down on sugary food and drinks, particularly between meals and before bedtime, can prevent tooth decay. Tooth decay not only causes pain, but without treatment, it can also cause infection and gum disease.

Instead of your usual sugary beverage, drink more green tea, which kills bad bacteria.

Replace Unhealthy Snacks

There is nothing wrong with a bit of nosh now and then, but it can damage your teeth if you like snacking on food with artificial sweeteners.

Food with high acid content, such as citrus fruits and tomatoes, can also be bad for your teeth. Minimise their impact and have them with meals.

Instead of your usual crisps or sticky foods, eat cheese, celery, carrots, and nuts. Cheese contain alkaline, which cancels the harmful effects of acid on your teeth. Raw vegetables and nuts, meanwhile, require a lot of chewing, which helps you produce saliva. Saliva neutralises bacteria and reduces the chance of tooth decay.

Brush, floss, see your dentist regularly. But also, eat good food. With a combination of these practices, you can achieve better dental health.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Solar Energy is the Hope of the Hopeless

solar energy installationThe first ever solar power generator was at a display in Paris’ Universal Exposition, in 1878. Since then, the technology of solar energy has come a long way.

Light Up the Dark

In Nigeria, electricity is a luxury. They make do with candles, batteries and gases as their source of light energy. Electric fans were rare in the villages, and lamps fueled by kerosene couldn’t provide enough light for a child to read at night. Based on a case study by Ecolution, an installer of solar panels in the UK, a lot of countries in the world still couldn’t afford to harness solar energy no matter how low the prices have dropped in the last couple of years.

Today, however, the tables have turned. Nigerians now have access to solar power, enough to light an entire house or charge electric appliances for hours. What was the most heart-warming to hear was that Sandra Besong, a mother of three, was happy to know her kids could study at night and watch cartoons on TV. Nigeria also frequently has blazing hot temperatures that could reach up to 30 degrees Celsius. Now that they can use more electric fans, the children could get a good night’s rest.

Hand-held Accessibility

Kenya, Rwanda and India are a few of the countries that have been using off-grid solar-powered kits for the past few years. Nigeria, Africa’s largest country, is next to get the energy reform. The country has seen major solar energy investments and transformations, faster than any other in Africa.

Other than powering a house, what solar power changed for Nigeria is their usage of mobile phones. A villager may use solar power to charge their phones and pay for their solar energy kits through pre-paid mobile credits. Mobile phones revolutionised commerce in Africa without the need for bank accounts or credit cards.

There is no other energy that has given the less fortunate more opportunities than solar power. From the idealistic and unattainable concept that it was, solar power continues to change lives and give hope to those who seek a brighter future.

Alternative Toothpaste: Does it Really Work?

Oral CareFrom baking soda to coconut oil, the list of things people can use as a toothpaste alternative is long and comprehensive. Local dental practices like Smile Spa remind patients that oral health is important. So, no matter how unconventional, they believe that alternative toothpaste can be useful — as long as their use is evidence-based and proven.

In recent years, more and more people have been incorporating natural products into their oral care routine for added health benefits. Just how effective are alternative toothpaste products, though?

Baking Soda Prevents Plaque Build-Up

Baking soda is a natural home remedy used to eliminate smells and clean carpets. Another use for this wonder-product is tooth stain removal. As a chemical compound, baking soda is a mild abrasive that removes tooth stains and brings out their natural whiteness. Baking soda may be ineffective against older, deeper stains, however, which would require professional cleaning to come off. 

Coconut Oil Treats Oral Infections

Coconut oil pulling is gaining attention as an oral detoxification procedure. In the same way that soap cleans dirty dishes, oil pulling works to create a clean, antiseptic environment in the mouth to prevent cavities and the development of oral diseases. A study in the Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, in fact, shows that oil pulling prevents tooth decay and can cure over 30 systemic diseases.

Kaolin Clay Remineralises the Teeth

Old, herbal remedies still manage to make their way into modern oral care procedures, Kaolin clay being one of them. In fact, beauty and cosmetic products, such as face masks, also make use of the ingredient as it contains various minerals which are beneficial to skin health. Furthermore, these minerals can remineralise the teeth and reduce the chances of an individual developing gingivitis by absorbing debris left in the mouth.

While the methods for improving one’s oral health care routine are expanding, it also emphasises the importance of regular brushing with fluoride-based toothpaste. There is, after all, still no substitute for the traditional toothbrush-and-regular-dental-check-ups routine. Other ingredients do, however, point at the potential of the improvement of oral care procedures in the future.

Uncovering the Truths Behind the Myths on Cosmetic Dentistry

A dentist in Bloomington For the last ten years, cosmetic dentistry is slowly climbing the top as one of the most preferred ways to improve not only your smile but also your self-confidence. With its popularity, however, myths do exist causing people to accept these as facts.

To debunk these misconceptions and false beliefs about cosmetic dental procedures, here are the truths for each one of them:

Myth #1: Stains on the teeth are permanent and are usually caused by brushing your teeth too hard.

Truth: Tooth enamel can be stained a number of times due to many factors, but not because your brushing it too hard. It can be due to the food you’re eating, drink preference (caffeine intake), tobacco addiction, and side effect from the medication you’re taking. This is also not permanent because there’s a way for you to get rid of these unsightly stains and that is through teeth whitening or teeth bleaching.

Myth #2: Dental caps and fillings look unnatural and ugly when done.

Truth: Thanks to today’s advancement in technology, the porcelain materials used for this procedure can be matched to the shade and size of your existing tooth enamel. Thus, making it look normal and beautiful like the original.

Myth #3: Dentures (false teeth) are for old people

Truth: Tooth loss can happen at any age. This means no one is too young or old enough for dentures. The purpose of this procedure is to fill in the gap and eliminate the development of potential problems caused by these spaces. The fact is, more than half of the country’s total population have dentures, which is why you shouldn’t be ashamed of it if ever your dentist recommends it.

Myth #4: Dental bridges can hurt you a lot.

Truth: If you’re living during the early 1900s that are likely the case. At this day and age, however, dentists are now using advanced fitting techniques which make the procedure safe, painless and comfortable than ever.

Myth #5: Cosmetic braces are exclusively for teenagers only.

Truth: In Bloomington, dentists recommend braces to improve and straighten the alignment of teeth and jaw. This orthodontic treatment is responsible for correcting the following condition which mainly affects the patient’s “orofacial” appearance – crooked or crowded teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites. So, if you’re suffering from that condition you are subject to cosmetic braces, regardless of your age.

Don’t let misconceptions stop you from achieving that perfect-looking smile. Read, understand, and research to tell apart fact from a lie. Avoid relying on hearsay, instead ask the dentist outright to personally answer all your worries and concerns.

Expert Repair Services for Clean Drinking Water Always

Clean Water in Salt Lake City

Clean Water in Salt Lake CityHealth is an important issue that you need to observe at any time. Case in point is in a home setting that requires a functional and reliable water supply system. In case the system develops problems, you should have an expert assess it and probably repair or replace the dysfunctional parts.

With your water softener functioning correctly, you will always have clean water. As such, you will no longer have to worry about any health complication that would arise due to using unfiltered water. Having said so, here is why you will get value for your money by contracting a trusted company that specializes in water softener repair in Salt Lake City.

Enjoy Expert Knowledge

In addition to the do-it-yourself tricks that you might have learned through the period of owning a water softener, an expert will always have the edge. To start with, experts can examine your softener and recommend the best and practical measures you should take to boost your equipment’s lifespan. Following the recommendations will ensure that your softener breaks down less often as you continue enjoying healthy water.

The expert knowledge that professionals bring onboard is also essential in ensuring that you use the correct products for your water softener. In this case, the expert could recommend only trusted salts that will keep your equipment rust-free.

Less Frequent Repairs

How much money would you be willing to spend on fixing your water softener on a regular basis? You would probably want to spend on repairs as little as possible. However, opting for expert repair services in Utah costs more than repairing the equipment yourself. Fortunately, professional repairs are durable than DIY repair hence effective in ensuring no frequent repairs. Although less costly, DIY approaches tend to be less efficient in the long term.

Clearly, despite being expensive, expert water softener repair services are the best in ensuring your water is always clean and healthy. You could consider saving money for few months to hire such trusted expert services.

Make it More Colourful: Have the Right Painter

Colourful House in WellingtonBrowsing through a home magazine would naturally encourage you to finally give your home that long overdue paint it deserves. Before thinking what colour and style you want your interiors to look like, there are much more important things to consider. One of which is looking for the right painter.

There are a lot of interior painters in Wellington like Gavin Chan Decorators Limited. You might be able to come across them through reference or ads. Regardless of how you knew them, here are some things to know before you take the plunge and sign the deal.

Things to know before hiring a painter 

  1. Cost and schedule

It is of utmost importance to have a budget and be able to stick to it. With many painters available in Wellington, you would surely find one who would be able to give you quality work without busting your finances. Having a working schedule and sticking to it should also be considered.

  1. Paint types

If you would be staying in your place while repainting occurs, then the types of paint your contractor would use matters more. Make sure your painter uses quality brands to ensure the longevity of your interior’s colours.

  1. Experience in the business

Like hiring other professionals, do not forget to do a background check on the company your painter is from. While you are at it, do check on your painter’s experience and works as well. Seeing their work portfolio and reading testimonies from previous clients is one of the most effective and easiest ways to know whether or not they would be able to deliver your needs.

  1. Warranty and insurance

Painters should be fully insured for their labour and materials should be included. A company that does not provide warranty and insurance with their services should be avoided.

Now that you are done with the guidelines, checking on interior paint styles and colours should follow.