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Help for Hashimoto’s: 3 Key Facts About This Thyroid Autoimmune Disease

A nurse monitoring the blood sugar of a senior patient The endocrine system is made up of various glands that secrete hormones, which regulate specific activities of cells, tissues, or organs. One of the most important organs in the body is the thyroid. It plays an essential role in the metabolism.

The thyroid gland can suffer from two types of abnormalities–hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Hyperthyroidism results from the overproduction of thyroid hormones, while in hypothyroidism the gland does not sufficiently produce the needed hormones for the body to function properly.

Hashimoto’s disease is one of the most common causes of hypothyroidism in the United States. Thanks to modern science and medicine, there is now help for Hashimoto’s disease.

Facts About Hashimoto’s Disease

1. It’s an Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune refers to diseases where the antibodies attack the body’s tissues, cells, glands, or organs. Consequently, the organ or gland may become damaged and function improperly.

With Hashimoto’s disease, the antibodies of the body attack the thyroid gland, leading to hypothyroidism. Autoimmune diseases have no cure yet, but management geared towards replacing the affected hormones is possible.

2. Who Gets the Disease?

Women are seven times at a higher risk to develop the condition than men. Additionally, people who have a family history of other autoimmune diseases are also vulnerable to developing Hashimoto’s disease. Moreover, individuals with the pre-existing autoimmune disease are also susceptible to Hashimoto’s disease. These conditions include vitiligo, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Addison’s disease, pernicious anemia, type 1 diabetes, and Grave’s disease.

3. The Progression Can Be Slowed Down

Autoimmune diseases are not preventable and curable per se, however, they can be managed to prevent progression and complications. Modern medicine now allows help for Hashimoto’s disease to include thyroid hormone replacement therapy.

Hashimoto’s disease is a common condition, especially among people suffering from autoimmunity. Consult an endocrine specialist to understand further the condition, and how to manage it effectively.

The Role of Physical Therapists in Managing and Treating Body Pain

Physical Therapy
There are different types of pain. There are good ones, those caused by workouts. Then there are ones that are uncomfortable, such as those that are caused by injuries. People who experience the latter seek the help of physical therapists.

Physical therapists (PTs) are responsible for helping patients regain control of their muscles while at the same time easing the pain. There are different types of physical therapy treatments. Thanks to electronic medical records (EMR) software, keeping up with therapy sessions has never been easier.

Physical therapists can now provide better service and treatment to patients who are suffering from:

Lingering pain

Pain is usually caused by injury. Raintree Systems agrees that visiting a PT immediately when the pain persists after two to three days is a good decision. Physical therapists can perform a thorough examination and recommend multiple visits to relieve pain and promote faster recovery.

Recurring pain

There are cases when the pain would feel like a cycle that comes and goes. Chronic pain, the type that people suffer for months and sometimes years, is classified as recurring pain. Patients consult a PT to identify the right treatment method that will soothe the pain and increase mobility.

Pain that does not go away with medication

Pain caused by injuries can often be treated with over the counter medication, which helps reduce the pain and in some cases, swelling. Physical therapists use effective techniques to identify and address the root cause of the problem. If multiple sessions are necessary, the PT uses EMR software to track the progress and the treatment schedule.

The treatment process starts with the patient. Physical therapists can only help those who seek professional guidance and effective treatment options. With the help of technological advances, medical practitioners can provide better services to patients suffering from severe and recurring pain.

Cash Flow Challenges? Here Are Five Quick Hacks to Raise Money

Piggy Bank with MoneyWhether it’s an illness or an unplanned home repair, some situations present themselves to us demanding immediate attention and money. Often, this is at short notice. Unfortunately, not many people have ready money in their bank accounts. The following are five tips to raise cash within the shortest time possible:

1. Online Loan Sites

When you need money within short notice, traditional banks are not your best bet. Even though technology has infiltrated many bank operations, core bank operations remain traditional. Paperwork and bureaucracy dominate most processes; your loan might take weeks to get approved. However, online loan sites are a good bet. There are some that will process your loan in hours. For others, it is a matter of a few days.

2. Home Equity Loans

A home equity loan is where you get funds from a financial institution using your home as collateral. Although this puts your home at risk, it is a sure and affordable way to get funding. These loans have lower interest rates than what credit card companies charge and are therefore easier to repay.  They are also approved faster than most other loans.

3. Selling off Your Stuff

Today, you can sell almost anything on e-commerce websites, from broken laptops to natural hair. It seems there is always someone who is willing to buy. In-demand items include electronics, DVDs, and gift cards. However, it is jewelry that is easy to resell, whether online or locally. For example, diamond engagement rings in Utah are easily exchangeable for cash in jewelry stores such as AAA Jewelers.

4. Offer Your Services

Working on short term jobs that pay cash is a great way to accumulate money quickly. Some jobs such as babysitting or pet sitting can pay as much as $50 an hour. However, jobs that require special skills can pay more than that. Skills in demand include web design, content writing, and digital marketing.

5. Liquidate Your Assets

It makes no sense to have cash tied up somewhere when you have a real need for it. Whole life insurance is a good option to turn to. You can redeem its cash value if you have paid premiums for more than five years. Another similar source is certificates of deposit. Although you forfeit some interest earnings if you withdraw early, it is a reliable source of ready cash.

While most conventional means do not offer quick solutions for urgent cash requirements, these tips should help you stay afloat when things get tough.

On Your Boat, Drunk and Dazed: North Carolina Laws

A loved one inside the jail
“Under the influence” cases are not just for roads; it’s also applicable to the waters.

Safety is always a top priority out on the water. Life vests and ropes, however, are not enough when you can’t properly operate a boat or any watercraft, and make sound decisions due to alcohol.

Boating under the influence (BUI) is illegal and results in serious consequences. In North Carolina, authorities prohibit BUIs in the same strict manner with DUIs. NC BUI cases are class 2 misdemeanors already; offenders may face $250 to $1,000 worth of fines, plus a month in jail.

BUIs and Boater’s Hypnosis

Intoxication while operating a water vessel has a similar effect to Boater’s Hypnosis. It’s a kind of fatigue that occurs upon exposure to stressors. These certain stressors include vibrations, noise, wind, glare, water motion, sunlight, and any factor that triggers slower reaction times.

Drinking alcohol or using drugs worsens the effects, which include the following:

  • Lack of coordination
  • Temporary color blindness
  • Impaired judgment
  • Poor vision

Dealing with BUI Charges

Boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs comes with a set of consequences, both long-term and short-term. Each charge worsens depending on the outcome of your BUI (e.g., the injury or death of others).

In June 2016, North Carolina implemented “Sheyenne’s Law,” which enhances the consequences for particular BUI offenses. Examples of the new penalties include the following:

  • Serious injuries due to impaired boating. BUI offenders who injure others are subject to class F felony, which puts them in prison for ten to 41 months.
  • Death due to impaired boating.  Puts BUI offenders under class D felony cases, which carries 38 to 160 months in prison.

A Way Out

If you were charged with a BUI offense, do not despair. Wake County bail bonds can help you in a pinch.

Approach the nearest bail bond agent in your area for help. These experts understand the gravity of your situation and are more than willing to offer assistance. Bail bondsmen help you understand the legal system and also help you save money.

Boating under the influence can land you in a serious situation. If you find yourself in trouble with the law, know that there’s always help available.

The Wonders of a Parenting Plan

Parents and daughter outside their homeAre you a parent who is fighting for child custody in court? If so, you may want to know about this document — the document that lists the rights and responsibilities of both parents who are dealing with child custody issues. The document contains important parenting decisions that you should honor.

You can call this document a parenting plan. As child custody attorneys in Albuquerque would have it, it is a powerful plan. And, it is one that you should follow.

Periods of Responsibility

A parenting plan contains a part called periods of responsibility. This part puts a basic and important parenting decision (in case of joint custody) into writing. In this part, you will know how long a child (or children) will get to be with each parent.

Possible Disagreements

There may be disagreements about child custody – and a parenting plan’s design is one step ahead of you. This is why a parenting plan should not be one-sided (or in favor of one parent). Before one parent passes it forward, it is best that both parents agree with all of the terms.

To reach an agreement, at least one parent should request family counseling. At least one parent should formally ask for it by sending a letter to the other parent. In this counseling session (with the presence of a professional legal counsel), both parents should agree to all of the terms in a proposed parenting plan.

Conclusion: The Need to Follow a Parenting Plan

Do you think not following a parenting plan is okay? Well, it’s not – unless you are not taking the child custody battle seriously. If you do not play by the rules, you will be putting your chances of winning custody on the line.

After all, a parenting plan is usually put into motion by a judge. This means a parenting plan is a court order. If you don’t honor the parenting plan, you may be legally penalized for violating a court order.

On Getting Your Dues

Girl collecting moneyFace it: in business, some clients try to stiff you by not paying their bills. While you can look up debt collection anywhere in Wellington, there are some things you can do first on your own before you hire some muscle.

An Ounce of Prevention

It’s always easier to find a remedy if you have a solid base. That includes a well-written contract and some knowledge of the client prior to your transaction. Consistency is key. Be clear that service will not be rendered if payment isn’t made, or include a firm payment timeline in your contract. Covering your bases can prevent misunderstandings and, hopefully, reduce the instances where payment is delayed.

Be Persistent

Should there still be any delays, send clients a reminder. The day after your client misses payment, contact them. Stay professional in your manner so you don’t burn any bridges. Sometimes, a client may miss the payment deadline not because they’re being aggravating but because there are factors preventing them from doing so.

These factors can include their own clients’ payment delinquency, or other similar cash flow issues. Call them, find out the reason they’re not paying you and from there decide on the frequency of your reminders. Some small businesses manage to force their delinquent clients to pay them based on sheer persistence in their follow up calls.

Hire an Agency

When following up doesn’t work and your client’s delinquency becomes too much to handle, you may want to refocus your energy on your business instead. This would be the time to let a collection agency handle matters. Some clients deliberately bully small businesses. They get away with it simply because some small businesses don’t have the energy to keep reminding clients of their due payments. By putting that account on debt collection, firms such as Rainey Collins Lawyers say you’ll recover at least part of something that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

It is unlikely you’ll get any follow-up business from clients you collected from in this manner. However, you might consider the loss of their business a boon; after all, you wouldn’t want to have to go through the entire process all over again.

Save Up on Your Wedding Day

Wedding VenueAlthough weddings usually cost a fortune, you can reduce your expenses on your wedding day. You can still cut down on expenses and make it special for you and your future spouse. Here’s some advice to help you save up on your special day.

Service and Reception in One

For one, consider the venue. You can have your wedding service and your reception in different venues, but that is clearly a costly move. Instead, you can have both the service and reception in one place. Why not choose a venue that can be unconventional yet welcoming? If you’re in Tunbridge Wells, there are restaurants, such as The Barn Pub & Restaurant,  that could fit your needs.

Larger Flowers, Less Stems

When it comes to the flowers in your wedding, you can spend less by choosing large wedding flowers. Large flowers mean less stems, and less stems mean less expenses. You can tell your florist to skip on the finer details and focus on bold flowers.

More Space with Bigger Tables

You can also save on tables, linen, and table centres. To do this, you can simply enlarge the tables that you will use for the reception. A 5-ft round table can seat eight people comfortably, while a 6-ft table can seat twelve. You can choose 6-ft tables if you have the room and spend less on table arrangements.

Alteration Savings

Alterations on bridal wedding dresses and groom suits can rack up your costs. Before you have that dress or suit made by your tailor or dress maker, you can check if they allow free alterations. You can freely choose another tailor to get free alterations. Alternately, you can also hire an external seamstress for a good price.

You can find many other ways to save on your wedding day costs. You can even ask your married friends or family if they have any tips that can help you spend your money wisely. With a less expensive wedding, you and your spouse-to-be can start your new lives together debt-free.


4 Ways to Calm Your Child’s Dental Fears

A young girl in the dentistry covering her mouth in fear Does your child shudder every time you talk about visiting the dentist? Well, he/she is not alone; most children are afraid of hospitals in general and dentists in particular. Use these proven tips to allay their fears.

Pay a visit to a kid’s dentist

To make your child familiar with the dentist, plan to visit a kids’ dentist in Millcreek. While at the dentist’s office, explain to you child about what goes on there. Chances are you will meet other kids around the same age as your child. As your little one spends time at the center, they’ll get the impression that visiting the dentist is a bearable experience.

Talk to them about the importance of dental care

Explain clearly to your child why it’s important to maintain dental hygiene. Help them understand how the dentist assists in keeping their teeth healthy. Once they understand the significance of having healthy teeth and keeping cavities at bay, they will start to see the dentist as a friend, not someone they should fear.

Role-play a visit to the dentist

Roleplaying is a very powerful way to influence your child’s perception regarding various things. Engage your child in an enjoyable play about a visit to the dentist. Pretend to be the dentist and examine your child’s teeth for any cavities and infections. Your little one will become more familiar with the experience before an actual visit.

Reward them after the first visit to the dentist

Once the procedure is completed, shower them with congratulations for their bravery; children love that. Buy him/her a small gift on your way home. They’ll be looking forward to the next visit so they can show you just how tough they are!

One of the most important healthcare lessons you can teach your children is to visit the dentist regularly. By approaching the subject creatively, you can not only calm down their fears but also motivate them to appreciate dentists.

3 Self Makeovers You Should Definitely Try

A Woman Measuring Her Waist

A Woman Measuring Her WaistMakeovers are not just for celebrities or contestants in a reality show on the telly. Makeovers are for anyone who wants to feel better about themselves. What matters is you want it for yourself.

Here are three ways to get you started on that new you.

Improve Your Smile

This is no doubt a worthwhile investment. Improving your smile typically involves straightening your teeth, and having them cleaned and whitened, generally boosting your self-confidence. Not only is it good for your self-esteem, but it may also save you from health problems.

Visit a dentist in Gainsborough for invisible braces if you are not comfortable getting traditional metal straighteners. Ask about teeth whitening, as well. You may also ask for advice on better dental hygiene.

Get a New Hairstyle

Visit your favourite salon and ask about the latest hairstyles for your face shape. See which one will fit you best. However, do not stop there. Ask your hairstylist about the best hair care treatments you can find, or the right way to use shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.

You can also ask what hair colour may complement your looks.

Get in Shape

Of course, one of the best makeovers out there is all about becoming healthier and letting your body show it. Switch your diet gradually to one that makes you lose that flab while not forcing you to go hungry or weak. Hit the gym and hire a personal trainer; start exercising regularly.

While you are working on your muscles, do not forget your bones. Get the right amount of calcium for stronger bones. Pamper your skin, as well. Visit your dermatologist to get a facial and ask about treatments for fine lines, spots and other skin blemishes.

These three makeover options are all worth your while. You will thank yourself when you see the results.

Bacteria in Your Salad?: Experts Ward Off Salmonella with Probiotics

Bowl of Salad Experts are looking into introducing friendly bacteria to bagged salad leaves to prevent salmonella and listeria outbreaks. Researchers from the University of Queensland (UQ) and the Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited are working together on a $800,000, two-year project involving ProbiSafe, a UQ-discovered ‘friendly’ lactic acid bacteria. The researchers aim to commercialise new strains that already occur naturally in vegetables, and use it to control the growth of bad bacteria.

This project aims to help salad producers and food safety supervisors provide fresh and fresh-cut salads that are beneficial to consumers.

Responding to Salmonella Outbreaks

UQ School of Agriculture and Food Sciences Associate Professor Mark Turner notes that salmonella outbreaks linked to bagged sprouts and salads caused food poisoning in over 300 people in South Australia and Victoria.

Food poisoning related to raw food, such as raw eggs, unpasteurised milk, lettuce and bean or seed sprouts, meanwhile, accounted for food poisoning-related doctor visits among an estimated number of one million Australians every year. Of these people, 32,000 required hospital admission while 86 died.

According to Turner, this is because it may be difficult to eliminate low levels of pathogen (disease-causing bacteria) contamination. Additionally, chlorine treatments, washes, and other methods usually used to kill or remove pathogens are only partially effective.

Probiotics for Veggies

With the new strain, scientists can increase the number of good bacteria in veggies, which can significantly lower the growth of bad bacteria. Scientists dubbed the new strain ‘probiotics for veggies’. The researchers hope that the new approach can help add value as well as provide an extra layer of health protection for consumers.

This approach is an extension of a previous UQ and Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited project where they screened a large lactic acid bacteria collection for activity against Listeria and Salmonella. The bacteria they are commercialising have been safely used for human consumption for a long time and were already used in various food fermentation processes including beverages, meat, dairy and vegetables.