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Popular Plastic Surgery: What You Need to Know

A plastic surgeon having a consultation with a patient
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, countless of Americans have undergone breast augmentation surgery, liposuction, and nose surgery in 2016. These patients spent as much as $16 billion and more for these surgeries as well as minimally invasive procedures.

Such spending became a U.S. historic high for cosmetic surgery and minimally invasive procedure expenditures.

Reshape Your Body

The increase of patients and increase of spending for such operations indicate how much plastic surgery has become safer, more accessible, and more mainstream. You may want to undergo plastic surgery yourself here in Utah.

You can consult the following details you need to know about breast augmentation surgery and liposuction before you subject yourself to such operations. As says, if you want to enhance your appearance, there is no better time than now to do it.

Choose Your Operation

Now, regarding breast augmentation, you can choose other options to gain bigger breasts. You can use fat grafting to the breast or breast autoaugmentation. Breast autoaugmentation usually comes with a breast lift. Breast augmentation using implants just happen to be the most popular option.

Change Your Breasts

Breast implants last only for so long. On average, one in five women will have implants removed within ten years. You can have your implants changed, however, if you want to change their size. You can also have them change if your breasts have begun to sag.

Go In and Out

Now, for liposuction, since the operation is an outpatient surgery, you can go in, have the operation, and quickly hit the beach right after. The recovery time for the operation takes two weeks on average. Most people can return to work after that period.

Maintain Results

Just like breast implants, although liposuction results have a limited lifespan, you can work together with your plastic surgeon to keep them. Liposuction works as a permanent method to reshape your body. Of course, its permanence will depend on how much you will maintain the results.

With plastic surgery, you can shape your body the way you want it to become.

Top Pool Decor Trends You Should Check Out

Designing a poolDesigners are competing every day. New designs and décor combinations are being discovered for both interiors and exteriors. There are numerous decor trends used for pools that homeowners can consider.

Some of the best pool builders in Utah do have designs that you will appreciate. Consider checking out some of the latest trends on the market. Pool contractors, including Dolphin Pools & Spas, recommend looking at the following designs when choosing the best pool decor.

Neutral and Saturated Hues

Color combination has been great for many décor plans. Matching color systems are excellent for pools. Some of the hot colors include warm nude, hazelnut, and kale. These work well for the poolside. Going for attention-grabbing colors, you can add pop colors to match. You can always go for different color combinations.

Mixed Metals

Consider metals when choosing pool decors. Brass and polished nickel, as well as oil-rubbed bronze, have become popular poolside décor choices. Most people are going for the minimalist effect, which is easily achieved through these mixed metal combinations.

Natural Charm Always Works

You can consider a rough stone edge or any other natural finish. Painted sand can also be a great way to enhance the poolside. Work with a good designer who can advise you on how to combine different natural elements around your poolside. An expert contractor can build a stone curving around the pool to meet your preferences.

Working with landscape specialist is important to get the best pool decor the market has to offer. Find out how reputable the expert you bring in is. Discuss your expectations before making any move. Luxury poolside decors may cost you a lot more but with proper research, you will get the best value for your money.

What is Asbestos and Why should You Stay Away from It?

A Jar of AsbestosAsbestos is a naturally occurring mineral known for its heat-resistant properties. It was used as a building material in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, as well as a fabric component in numerous textiles.

In modern times, asbestos can be found in factories and other heavy industries, such as chemical plants, shipyards and oil refineries. If they’re lauded for their versatility, why do scientists warn us to stay away from it, though?

The Danger Zone

People may build up scar-like tissue in the lungs just by breathing in asbestos fibres. When you are deprived of the ability to breathe, the effects could be fatal.

Scientists also now see asbestos as a carcinogen (cancer-causing agent), as well as a trigger for mesothelioma, a malignant tumour in the lung cavity or the stomach.

In Emergency Cases

Despite petitions against the mineral, many fields still utilise it and put their employees at risk of asbestos exposure. Construction, roofing, shipbuilding, automotive and maritime industries are only a few of the sectors that use the mineral in their facilities, vehicles and equipment.

If you’re an employee in a field that requires you to be exposed to asbestos, make sure to get regular check-ups and contact a personal injury lawyer if your health suffers because of your work. You have the right to question your employer and demand compensation.

Important Precautions

There is no “safe” level of asbestos exposure but being careful could minimise the risk of exposure. Always wear protective gear while on site and make sure to use the proper equipment when dealing with construction tasks. Make sure to request for assignments in regulated areas and do research on emergency remedies for accidental asbestos exposure.

Protect yourself at all times. There is no easy job, but you have the right to be employed in a work environment that prioritises your health and safety.

Office Cubicles Will be Around Much Longer than You Think: Learn Why

Beautiful office furnitureIt is the dream of most employees, if not all, to work in a corner office. Many people are already working in office cubicles, which to some consider as a cramped up space. But this kind of talk is far from the truth.

There is a lot to gain from working in an office with cubicles. To create a better environment without overspending, more businesses in Salt Lake City and other cities in the US are opting for used office cubicles.

Quality Used Office Furniture discusses some reasons office cubicles are still in demand and will be around a little longer than you expected.

Encourages the Spirit of Teamwork

A cubicle environment encourages teamwork. It allows employees to brainstorm ideas easily, giving them an opportunity to share inputs and work collaboratively. You have people to interact with and offer you help should you get stuck in your work operations.

Encourages Work Motivation

An office cubicle is a step up of a home office and an open office plan. Working in a cubicle offers you private space, yet without isolation; therefore creating that clever balance between privacy and work productivity.

So, What Size of Cubicle Do You Need?

There are standard office cubicles for different employees and offices. You must consider other factors, such as work surface models, the manufacturer, clustering and declustering capabilities, and panel thickness, when determining the size of your cubicles.

Choosing your office cubicles can be difficult if you do not know your options. Consult a space planning professional or an architect for assistance when creating a cubicle office environment. If you need new or used cubicles for your workspace, contact your nearest furniture suppliers for proper guidance in finding one that will best meet your office needs.

Planning for Your First Ever Ski Resort Holiday

Man Going SkiingPeople typically plan a break during the winter vacation. They might decide to brave the weather to drive down to their holiday vacation or head to their parent’s home for the holidays. It is a good idea to break the tradition and book yourself your first ski vacation at an excellent ski destination. This is one of the best ways to refresh yourself and recharge your batteries.

Book and plan early

The quaint settings, crisp air, down to earth town citizens and the first ski vacation experience is a wonderful thing to look forward to. For accommodation, you can pick from the various St. Anton ski chalets that are available at the ski resorts like Ski Line Limited. But since it is your first time, you should know how to prepare for it. Plan well and book your tickets and accommodation well in advance, so that you get what you like.

Pack wisely

While personal items are important since you are going to a ski resort, it is important to pack all the medication and first aid kits your family might require. Take a copy of prescriptions so that you can get them later if needed. Take warm clothing for each of the member and all the necessary toiletries.

In snowy and mountainous regions, it is best to dress in layers to protect yourself from the severe cold. Hence carry enough clothing, shoes, gloves, warm socks, scarfs, ear muffins and the like. Many items you have to carry on a vacation, is dependent on the mode of your travel.

If in any doubt call the ski resort, to know what daily use items will be available and what you have to carry with you. You should be equipped well to ski, snowboard, to sledge and also spend time indoor with your loved ones. Check with the resort to know if they will rent ski gear for you and your family members. Thus, with the right planning, your first ski vacation will be a memorable one, and it will not be your last ski vacation.

DIY Dental Fix: Using Superglue for Missing Teeth

A man smiling and revealing he's missing a tooth It is embarrassing to have missing teeth. It also stops you from smiling and keeps you from eating and talking properly. Unfortunately, this is common in the UK, as there are people who admittedly neglect dental health or fail to prioritise it.

There are various ways to replace missing teeth. But there are those who resort to ridiculous methods to avoid going to a clinic. Though obvious, people tend to forget the consequences of a homemade dental remedy.

Neglecting Dental Health: A Common Occurrence

National Smile Month revealed some shocking statistics regarding oral health in the UK. Its survey showed that one in four adults, including a third of men, do not brush twice a day and that one in 10 forgets to do so.

This puts them at more risk of developing tooth decay, especially that some of them admitted to only brushing once a day.

Dental Implants: A Permanent, Natural-Looking Solution

Forgoing brushing and flossing puts you at risk for tartar and plaque build-up, which can cause gum disease. When this worsens, the bacteria from the inflamed gums may reach the bone supporting your teeth, weakening it and making tooth loss possible.

Apart from the effects of periodontitis, you may also lose teeth through trauma, for instance, sustaining a mouth injury during a sports game.

You do not have to hide your smile forever. You can restore teeth through dental implants in Gainsborough. Dentists use the procedure because it provides a permanent solution, offering you natural-looking teeth. So you need not worry about your teeth falling out as you chew or speak, which is the tendency with other dental appliances.

Missing Teeth and Superglue

How far will you go to replace your missing teeth? Some people resort to using superglue to stick their teeth back into place.

Two years ago, Angie Barlow from Greater Manchester, got dental implants after a decade of using superglue to put her broken teeth back into her mouth. She did this because of her fear of going to the dentist.

She eventually had to get implants because she lost most of the bone supporting the teeth in her upper jaw.

If you are dealing with missing teeth, consult with a dentist to receive the appropriate solution. In addition, practise good oral hygiene to maintain the results of your dental treatment.

Spring clean your teeth

Woman showing her clean teethSpring is here! It’s the time of year when we all get a surge of energy and a desire to freshen things up, give the house a good clean, and generally add a bit of zip to things after several months of cosying up indoors. An easy way to get the feeling of new fresh energy for yourself rather than your home is to invest in teeth whitening. A fresh smile can do wonders for your self-esteem, and, if you look after your diet and hygiene afterwards, can last for a long while.

It’s tempting to dash out and buy an off-the-shelf kit to whiten your teeth. However, for good reasons, it is far safer to go to a dental practice for this treatment, such as Blue Sky in Belfast.

Why go with the pros

A dentist can protect your mouth from the bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide. When a dentist does your teeth whitening treatment, they start by taking impressions of your teeth so that they can make a gel tray that fits you exactly. This is important because it means that your teeth get maximum coverage from the whitening gel. It also ensures that gel does not spill out of the tray into your mouth, where it could be an irritant.

That’s why whitening at the dentist involves two visits. The first for the dentist to take impressions for the mould, and the second for the whitening treatment.

The dentist will use a bleaching gel that is more powerful than gels used at home. Before they apply it, they will cover your gums and lips with a special barrier to protect them. Once everything is in place, the bleaching agent in the gel is activated by a special light. The process takes about an hour and results in teeth that are several shades lighter.

Many dentists also offer an at-home treatment. You still come in for an appointment to have impressions taken to make the gel tray, but you carry out the treatment at home yourself. The gel is less powerful so you will need to wear your gel-filled mould for several hours a day, or overnight, and will not see results for about 2 weeks.

Top-Paying Jobs in New Zealand

People looking for workAfter a considerable damage caused by an earthquake a few years back, New Zealand is still at a chronic shortage of skilled workers to the extent of recruiting overseas to meet the demand.

On a brighter note, median weekly earnings from paid employment rose by $44, a 5.0 percent increase, which was the largest annual increase since the June 2007. The average wage rate all throughout the country differ from one place to another, and it showed in a nicely plotted map by

As job specialist Quinn Recruitment puts it, the employee selection process of companies now are becoming more and more critical, as they sift through talent very rigorously. 

So if you are looking for a job and do not know where to look, here are the top-paying jobs in the country today.

General practitioners in the medical field

As assumed by most, general practitioners of the healthcare and medical industry top the list at $155,416 annual average salary showing a 40% growth.

IT architects

On the second spot came the information technology architects. It is surprising to find out these IT professionals get $125,257 for an average annual income. In addition, IT managers get $124,982, which comes in third but within the same industry.

Medical specialists

Specialising in the medical field is a tedious and expensive journey, and employment in this area registered a high-pay range at $121,548 annually.

Financial managers and controllers

This might come as a surprise, but financial managers and controllers in the accounting industry took the fifth top-paying jobs in New Zealand at $117,869 annually. It might be a reflection on how important data analysis is nowadays especially in the field of business and finance.

Enriching your credentials to land a high paying job might be difficult. However, the rewards are also great if you do make it.

Reasons for Encouraging Employee Recognition

Motivating employeesMostly everyone likes knowing that they had done something excellently. There is something euphoric about getting praise for giving extra effort. Most workplaces try to reinforce meritocracy but aren't often quite the norm for some reason. The simple yet powerful act of recognizing the good that your people do in your company has the following benefits.

Employees Realize their Value – Employees are important in any organization and showing some love for their good and hard work makes them feel special. Sometimes, a simple note that says “good job” can make an impact. As long as it is genuine and timely, it will be appreciated. This means no matter how much you spend on procuring Employee Recognition Label Pins and how many employee label pins you give away, you can remain out of touch. Employees who feel they are valued in the company are less likely to resign or absent themselves from work.

Improves Relationships in the Workplace – When an employee's work is always given proper recognition, they also feel that they are truly part of a family. This doesn’t just apply to the one being recognized but also with the remainder of your staff who are aware of their co-worker's achievements. They become better team players knowing that each of them has a role to play in the company while everyone does their best.

Creates and Encourages Productivity – Genuine recognition for good work can give a mood boost to any employee. When you show appreciations to every employee, this morale enhancement is passed around and can affect their interdependence. Imagine what your company can do when everyone is doing their best and are happy to do so.

A little appreciation for every staff member can go a long way. If you haven’t been giving recognition to your people yet, now is a good time to start. Make a list of possible awards and activities that will give their achievement credence. Eventually, you will see the profitable and positive effects that it will have on your employees, company and even your customers.

New Solutions to Missing Teeth

A man smiling and revealing he's missing a tooth If you have one or more missing teeth, you may be experiencing problems eating or even speaking. You may also be self-conscious about smiling and this can affect your social interactions and self-esteem. In the past, dentures or bridges used to be the only option but new technology has allowed patients to benefit from the many advantages of dental implants. They are more natural looking, stable and comfortable so you can eat your favourite foods again and smile with confidence. They also improve the health of the jaw as they act in the same way as the root of a natural tooth. This stimulates the bone and tissues and prevents loss of tissue which can happen when missing teeth are replaced in other ways.

How do dental implants work?

A small titanium screw is inserted into the jaw during a minor operation. This is performed using local anaesthetic so it is comfortable. The bones and blood vessels of the jaw mesh around the implant, usually in between 6 and 8 weeks, stabilising it and ensuring that it stays in place. When it is secure, it is used as a base for crowns, dentures or bridges. Your new teeth are custom-made to match the tone and appearance of your teeth for a natural look. As soon as the replacement teeth are fitted, you will find that you can eat and speak as normal, as well as enjoying an enhanced appearance. Glenholme Dental in Basingstoke have helped patients with dental implants for over a decade.

How long do implants last?

Just as you need to look after natural teeth, your dental implants will also need care. Otherwise they can develop a coating in the same way as other teeth, which can lead to soreness, infection and gum disease. Your dentist will advise on how to look after and clean your new teeth properly. With the correct attention, your implants can last for several decades. Having implants are a long-term investment, allowing you to enjoy a better quality of life and feel better about how you look.