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Custom Food Labels and How They Can Help Boost Your Sales

Nutrition facts on a food labelLabels are an important component in marketing packaged products, as it is the first point of engagement with a consumer, whether it’s a popular brand or a newbie. A salsa jar stamped with vibrant, chilli-shaped logo in a glowing finish would most likely appeal to a buyer than a similar jar with plain, old labelling.

Labels With a Cause

Whether you own a small or medium-sized packaged food business, high-quality labels are indispensable as they make your products more attractive. Unimax notes that you can use the labels to highlight your product’s uniqueness using eye-catching words and images that can make your target customers buy.

Other than the standard nutrition information and expiration date required by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), your custom food labels can connect better with consumers by including vital information.

Types of Custom Food Labels

Food products, such as sauces and mixes, soups, preserves, spreads, baked goods, beverages and wines require different types of labelling. Here are three basic options depending on your product’s packaging:

1. Non-Laminated Labels – not water or oil-resistant

  • Paper Labels – come in various textures, grade and stock; great for food items
  • Recycled Labels – Also called Kraft or Vellum labels, these are made of 100% recycled material and are ideal for organic and other ‘green’ packaging.

2. Laminated Labels – for protective finish

  • Metalised Labels – ultra-shiny labels for a glossy, elegant finish. These are ideal for premium, export-quality products.
  • Matte Laminates – provide non-glossy, raw finish and are ideal for the earthy or natural-look type of packaging.

3. BOPP (Bi-Oriented Polypropylene) Labels – These crystal-clear materials are excellent for packaging retail products, as they are water and oil-resistant.

  • Clear BOPP Label – used in reverse printing (label is attached inside the glass packaging and read from the outside) for a window-type finish.
  • Chrome (Silver) BOPP Label – has a mirror-like effect of shiny chrome perfect for bottles, jars and see-through packaging.

A good custom food label provider can guide you in creating labels that your target customers can easily recognise and remember. Your product labels are invaluable tools for promoting your brand and growing your business.

Helping Someone with an Eating Disorder: 4 Things You Could Do

A slice of cucumber next to a woman with an eating disorder

A slice of cucumber next to a woman with an eating disorderEating disorders are considered to be one of the most dangerous and life-threatening conditions because it affects a person’s psychological and physical soundness. Among all the mental disorders in the U.S., this has the highest mortality rate in both men and women. What’s even more alarming is since the year 2010, there’s a continuous increase in the number of people who have it. This is why it’s important to get it treated as early as possible to save lives.

Here are a few advice to help you or someone you love cope with this condition:

Be Aware of Your Condition

The first step to recovery, if you are or someone you know is under this condition, is to admit you have it. This might be difficult at first, but it is within your admission can you get the proper support and treatment to live a completely different life.

Open Up to Someone

If you suspect you’re under this condition, it’s easier to deal with it when you have someone you could confide or talk to. The mere fact of opening yourself up to someone may sound challenging enough, but it must be done if you truly want to get better. Choose a person you could talk with comfortably, it could be a family member or long-time friend, as long as you feel at ease.

Find a Treatment Program

Now, this next step would be the most crucial stage of your recovery, as it will address every aspect of your condition. From your eating habits down to psychological health, this must all be covered throughout the program. Treatments for eating disorders usually include multiple methods depending on the severity of a patient’s condition. They may involve group or individual therapy, medical and nutritional monitoring, family counseling, and other in-house treatments.

Learn to Accept One’s Self

Appreciate you self-worth and let go of the negatives. Try not to be conscious about your looks and your weight. Focus on your own improvement and start loving yourself. Don’t let the things you see or hear define you. Instead, lean towards positivity and self-appreciation. Be active, find a new hobby and stay away from the scale.

Beat the complications of eating disorders with these methods. The key to fast recovery lies with your commitment to get better and to break the unhealthy habits.

Eco-friendly Brands are a Hit with Consumers

Man holding boxes

New studies suggest that businesses could protect the environment without sacrificing their profit. Environmental Leader, an online environmental magazine, reported that 53% of consumers prefer products from companies with a good environmental reputation. Chinese consumers have the highest preference for eco-friendly brands at 67%, followed by Australian and Swedish shoppers, at 52% and 46%, respectively. The results mirrored a study by Unilever, which showed that about 33% of consumers would choose sustainable brands.

Consumers do not rely on reputation alone. About two-thirds of global consumers would buy eco-friendly products even if they cost more. In these circumstances, businesses can hit two goals with one move. By enforcing an environmentally sound production, they could attract customers as well as protect the environment.

Eco-friendly Production

Environmental Leader stated that 12% of consumers want corporations to take action against climate change. Because of consumer demand for accountability, many manufacturers plan to include the environment in their business strategies. They will focus on using eco-friendly materials from a reputable source.

Sustainable Packaging

Experts also say that manufacturers should improve their packaging. A Nielson report claimed that 52% of global consumers would check the label to ensure that the brand leaves a positive environmental impact. For packaging, businesses could use materials that only leave a small carbon footprint. One such material is carton. In fact, it’s been dubbed the most eco-friendly type of packaging.

Companies can rest assured that using these materials will not hamper production. According to PakSmart, a company that offers automated carton packaging machinery, production will remain effective even if they switch to using carton packages.

Recycling Information on Packaging

Consumers also do their part to promote sustainability. Aside from choosing sustainable brands, they intend to recycle the packaging. In fact, a study by Recycling Today, an online recycling magazine, claims that consumers look for recycling information on the packaging.

Protecting the environment doesn’t cost companies their profit. In fact, people will trust a brand more if they go green. Companies could grow their customer base while preserving the environment.

Spider Veins: What Causes it and Can it be Treated?

Woman's legs with spider veins

Woman's legs with spider veinsSee those blue and red veins behind your knee? Those are spider veins, also called telangiectasia, and most people develop them as they age. They are dilated superficial blood vessels similar to varicose veins, but are closer to the surface of the skin and smaller. While most appear behind the knee, they could also be found in the abdomen and the face. Although they’re not completely a cause for concern in terms of health, they could look unappealing.

How Do Spider Veins Develop?

In general, spider veins develop because of a significant increase in pressure the veins. It’s still not known why some people get spider veins while others don’t, but studies have pointed out that it’s usually hereditary.

In addition, spider veins are common in individuals who stand for long periods of time like teachers and nurses. Aside from the appearance of web-like blue and red veins, those with spider veins might experience other symptoms, such as significant tiredness, unusual swelling, and heaviness in the affected leg.

Can You Get Rid of Spider Veins?

While results would vary from one individual to another, the following are clinically proven treatments for spider veins:

  • Sclerotherapy – This is the most popular treatment for varicose veins and spider veins. The procedure involves injecting the vein with a solution that would force it to collapse and halt blood flow. It would then scar and then go away after several weeks. Sclerotherapy is more effective for varicose veins that spider veins.
  • Laser Treatment – Most individuals prefer laser treatment because they’re more effective than sclerotherapy since spider veins are significantly smaller and more difficult to inject.
  • Topical Creams – One cream that has been proven to treat and actually prevent spider veins, and is recommended by My Health Scoop and other experts, is Remescar. It contains Microlens Coated Crystals to lend that healthier and smoother appearance and uses active ingredients that aids in repairing weakened vein tissues and reducing the appearance of vascular discolouration. According to top review sites, Remescar could treat spider veins (provided that you use it diligently).

Spider veins are extremely common and primarily a cosmetic issue that doesn’t usually require treatment. On the other hand, if you don’t like how they look and/or if it’s causing your other problems, you should get it treated.

Skin Care Techniques

a woman with healthy-looking skinFrom dietary changes to non-surgical cosmetic techniques, like Ultherapy, there are lots of different techniques that can be used to make the skin look great.

Diet for skincare

The first key to great looking skin is hydration. The body is more than half water and all of the organs, including the skin, rely on this level of liquid in order to function at optimum levels. If someone is showing signs of dehydration, they have already been getting less water than they need for some time. This can include dry skin, more pronounced lines and dark circles under the eyes. The effect is often exacerbated by dehydrating drinks such as alcohol or caffeinated beverages. Limiting the intake of these substances and upping water consumption can have a positive effect on the skin.

As well as water, the skin needs certain proteins, amino acids and minerals. Deficiency or imbalance can lead to skin conditions as well as depletion of essential substances such as collagen and elastin. The body naturally produces less of these as we age in any case so this becomes particularly important as time goes by.

Everyone’s dietary requirements are different and people react differently to substances such as, for example, dairy. However, as a general rule a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables and low in unhealthy fats and sugars works pretty well for most people. Adding extra herbs and spices can be the key as these simple but powerful additions can make for a tasty boost to the levels of anti-oxidants.

A helping hand

Many people are also now turning to non-surgical cosmetic practices to enhance the aesthetic quality of their skin. Ultherapy is a good example of this. This is where clients have their deep tissue layers stimulated by ultrasound in order to produce a healing effect that tightens the skin. This is the best way to get the body to up its production of collagen and elastin to improve tautness.

Ultherapy is available across the UK and practitioners are able to advise on its effects as well as provide before and after shots so people can see what kind of results they can expect.

Smarter Smiles

Woman wearing her InvisalignThere is a discreet and comfortable way to achieve a better-looking smile with teeth in healthier positions. Invisalign is a type of aligner made from transparent plastic. Popular with adults who work in and around Harley Street, Invisalign is worn over the teeth, and uses gentle pressure to improve dental positioning. At London dentists like the Harley Street Dental Clinic, this treatment gives patients a way to optimise their dental positioning without the unwanted social attention that more eye-catching braces can often attract.

Efficient and customised

The process of tooth realignment begins with a consultation between dentist and patient in Harley Street. Invisalign is suitable for a range of problems, but particularly complex ones may require a different kind of treatment. Once it’s clear that Invisalign is appropriate, the dentist will take detailed images of the patient’s mouth. Then a set of clear plastic aligners is produced, carefully shaped to fit the patient’s requirements. The patient will wear each one of these aligners for around two weeks, before moving on to the next one. Each aligner is a slightly different shape, so over the treatment’s duration, the patient’s teeth are gently pressured into better positions. The lightweight aligners can be removed when the patient needs to eat, or brush their teeth.

Gradual process

The total duration of a Harley Street Invisalign treatment will vary according to the patient’s needs, but it is a contemporary technique, and precise planning makes it as efficient as possible. Typical treatment can take around 12 months or longer. Afterwards, the patient will need to wear a retainer while they sleep, to ensure that their teeth settle securely in the new positions.

Future improvements

Having straighter teeth means having a mouth that functions more efficiently and is easier to keep clean. The risk of tooth decay and gum disease is therefore reduced. A person’s smile is also more appealing when their teeth are properly aligned, and this can improve the confidence they have in their overall appearance. All of these benefits will last for many years, meaning that when a person opts for Invisalign in Harley Street, they make a long-term investment in their future oral health.

What Exactly is Asthma?

Mature man treating asthma with inhaler at homeAn estimated 300 million people in the world suffer from asthma in the United States, expert report some 8.8% of the population has it.

You may have seen what an asthma attack looks like and know that this causes difficulty in breathing, but you know little about what exactly happens to the lungs when a sufferer experiences an attack or a flare-up.

If you have recently been sensing wheezing sounds when you breathe, it is time to see a specialist for pulmonology here in Salem. Here is more information about this common and potentially deadly lung disease.

Changes in your smaller airways and lungs

Asthmatic patients have chronically inflamed sensitive airways. Pollens, dust, smoke, and other pulmonary issues like pneumonia can trigger an asthma flare-up. In an attack, muscles that line the airways contract becoming narrower.

The inflammation in these smaller airways then worsens, causing more mucus to develop. The wheezing sound when an asthmatic person breathes is the whistle of the air passing through the narrowing mucus-filled space.

The blockages created make it difficult for a person to exhale, keeping air from properly exiting the lungs. In an event you trap air in the lungs – a phenomenon called hyperinflation – the delivery of oxygen throughout the body is compromised. That is when the exacerbated symptoms of asthma become fatal.

The treatment for symptoms

Asthma is a long-term lung condition. When doctors prescribe medication, it only really treats the worsened symptoms. Pulmonologists will prescribe Beta agonists to relax the muscles and improve breathing. More air coming in and out of the lungs will give the patient relief.

Corticosteroids, meanwhile, address the inflammation, thereby reducing patients’ sensitivity to environmental triggers. It is important to have medication readily available to control the narrowing of the airways and prevent hyperinflation in the lungs.

Worldwide, some 250,000 deaths a year are due to asthma. Seek advice on what type of inhaler you should carry around in preparation for an attack.

Discreetly Realigning the Teeth

a woman showing her plastic bracesContemporary dentistry has several methods of realigning adult teeth. Treatment by these methods is discreet, because of the materials from which the appliances are constructed, such as the transparent plastic of Invisalign. Weybridge dentists, like Weybridge Orthodontics, use Invisalign to move their patients’ teeth into healthier and more visually appealing positions.

A customised process

The patient will start the process with an in-depth discussion at their dental practice in Weybridge. Invisalign treatment uses digital technology to capture 3D images of the teeth. This ensures treatment can be precisely planned, and that the plastic aligners are comfortably shaped for each patient. Sometimes, the dentist can show the patient a simulation of how their new smile will look.

Once a series of plastic aligners has been produced, the patient will wear one of them over their teeth for around two weeks, before moving on to the next one. The shape of each aligner is slightly different, so the patient’s teeth will gradually move into better positions.

While treatment is ongoing in Weybridge, Invisalign appliances can be taken out of the mouth at mealtimes, or when the patient needs to brush their teeth. They are convenient as well as discreet, causing minimal disruption to the patient’s lifestyle.


Everybody’s needs are different, and the total duration of a realignment treatment will depend on the complexity of the patient’s needs. Typical durations can be 12 months or longer. After the aligners come off, the patient may need to wear a retainer at night.

Long-term benefits

Realignment will give people teeth that function more effectively, are more aesthetically appealing, and easier to keep clean. There is a reduced risk of gum disease and tooth decay, and less strain on the jaw during mealtimes. If the front teeth were too prominent before treatment, there’ll be less chance of damaging them afterwards. As well as this, a better-looking smile can help people to feel more positive about their overall appearance.

These advantages will last for a long time after the aligners have come off. Choosing to have Invisalign in Weybridge can mean choosing to make a long-term investment in future oral health.

Secure and Durable Replacement Teeth

a dental implant firmly intactWhen people need to have their teeth replaced in London, dental implants can be used as a natural-looking solution that restores dental functionality and confidence. North London dentists, like Moor Park Dental, have many years’ experience in replacing teeth by this method. The oral health enhancements of having dental implants in London can last for decades, provided the new teeth are properly cared for. They can be used to replace a single tooth lost in an accident, or a whole set that have deteriorated over many years.

A careful procedure

Implant dentistry begins for the patient with a detailed consultation at the dental practice. Once it’s established that the patient’s oral health and jawbone condition are good enough to receive the replacement teeth, the dentist will install the patient’s implants in a minor surgical procedure. The implants are small titanium posts, placed directly into the jawbone. After a period of healing, the patient will return to the surgery to have their new teeth attached to the posts.

Long-lasting benefits

For people in London, dental implants have several long-lasting health benefits:

  • The patient can enjoy biting and chewing their food as they used to do, because the jawbone meshes with the implanted titanium, creating a secure base. There’s no chance of the new teeth sliding out onto the dinner table, causing embarrassment;
  • The implants are easy to keep clean. They can’t be removed by the patient, and so there are fewer awkward gaps in the mouth for food particles and bacteria to hide in, reducing the risk of developing gum disease and tooth decay;
  • The underlying structure of the face is maintained, unlike with removable dentures, so the patient won’t develop the sunken look.

Future health

Having dental implants in London is a long-term investment in future oral health. The cosmetic enhancement that implant dentistry can bring, making a person’s smile more appealing, can often improve the way a patient feels about their overall appearance. At business meetings or social events, dental implants can help the patient to feel at ease. They can even make certain words and phrases easier to pronounce, improving intelligibility.

A Better Appearance

a woman with an appealing smileThe appearance of a person’s teeth can be a big factor in their overall self-image. Chipped or missing teeth can leave gaps in the smile. Discolouration or dental crowding can make a person reluctant to reveal their teeth when laughing out loud. People can spend years with these and other problems before they choose to see a cosmetic dentist in Manchester such as Smylife. When they finally do, they can discover a wide range of techniques to enhance the look of their teeth, and reduce concerns about their overall appearance.

Varieties of treatment

A cosmetic dentist in Manchester can transform the aesthetic appeal of a person’s teeth in many different ways. Treatment usually begins with a discussion about what the patient wishes to change about their dental appearance. The most suitable way of achieving this will then be decided on.

Tooth discolouration is a common reason people visit a cosmetic dentist. Over the years, due to a combination of factors including drinking, smoking, and not-quite-perfect oral hygiene, a person’s teeth may lose their brightness and take on a surprising range of unwanted colours. Simple teeth whitening treatments correct this problem, giving patients a bright and fresh-looking smile.

People can be unhappy with the look of their teeth if they’re misaligned or not straight enough. Modern realignment treatments often use appliances made from transparent or tooth-coloured materials, so that potential embarrassment is minimised for the wearer while treatment is ongoing.

If someone wants to make more comprehensive changes, a cosmetic dentist in Manchester might be able to use contemporary imaging techniques to redesign their smile. Digital software can be used to show patients a 3D picture of what their new teeth will look like before treatment begins.

Personalised care

Dental professionals get to know their patients so that treatment can be delivered in the most appropriate way. A Manchester cosmetic dentist will be aware of the long-lasting improvements in quality of life and overall self-confidence that dental enhancements can bring. Payment plans are usually available to help spread the cost of these changes, so that patients don’t have to wait to make the transformations they want.