3 Secrets to Effortless Beauty

InvisalignSome people seem to have no effort in making themselves beautiful; they go out with a fresh, naked look and you think they’ve put nothing on their faces. But just ask them how they got this look. They have at least a layer of concealer under their eyes, mascara on their lashes, and clear invisible braces on their teeth.

And why not? The clean-faced look with just a barely-there makeup is attractive and you just have to glam it up by applying a high-contrast lipstick. This means, if your complexion is fair, you just have to use dark lipstick. So how about it? Are you ready to rock this look?

Concealer for dark spots

If you’re working on a schedule that demands you stay up late at night, chances are, you have dark spots under your eyes. While proper sleep and diet are the best ways to get rid of those, you can make do with a layer of concealer on them. For a quick and easy blend, use a liquid one that matches the colour of the back of your hand.

Invisalign for your teeth

Misaligned teeth are not just bad for your health, they also do not look good. But not to worry, you do not have to stick wires inside your mouth to fix crooked or gapped teeth. What you need is a set of invisible aligners to improve your smile. The great thing about them? They are easier to maintain than metal braces as they are removable, according to MiSmile.

Mascara for that ‘pop’

The concealer hides dark spots, the invisible braces straighten your teeth, and the mascara brings life to your eyes. The even skin tone won’t mean anything when that is all you have, so buy a bottle of non-waterproof mascara, which is easier to clean in the evening and doesn’t flake off during the day, apply it on your lashes in quick and even strokes, and face the day looking fresher and lovelier than ever.

These are what you need for any casual day, with only a darker shade of lipstick to add when you have to glam up. See, it is not hard to achieve a lovely effortless look.