3 Signs Your Kid is in Need of Psychiatric Help

Therapist listening to her patient in therapists officeIt can be challenging for parents to identify if their child suffers from mental health problems and requires psychiatric assistance. So the sooner you schedule for psychological evaluations, the easier it will be for experts to diagnose and treat your little one. A competent psychiatrist in Westport lists down the following signs and indicators you should look out for:

Extreme behavioral changes

You should not overlook extreme signs of aggression, tantrums and violence in your kid, for these could mean he or she is having mental troubles. One-off incidents are perfectly normal, but if such mannerisms persist for over six months, then you must not ignore the need to see a psychiatrist.

Extreme anxiety or fearfulness (or the lack of it)

Some mental health concerns trigger paranoia and intense anxiety while others minimize the fear factor, making a child feel no fear even if obvious danger is in sight. If your kid’s level of fear is extreme (or lacking), something could be amiss with his or her mental health. In most cases of severe anxiety, the child experiences nightmares, making him or her reluctant to sleep alone, attend school or be separated from parents.

Abrupt learning challenges

If your child was once growing academically but is now suddenly finding it extremely challenging to master even basic concepts, then there could be grave underlying concerns. With the right assistance, your little one could quickly recover and get back to improving his or her school performance.

Good mental health is just as vital as good physical health. Therefore, you should not ignore these red flags with the hopes that they will just all go away after some time.