5 Questions Men Ask Before Getting a DNA Paternity Test

Blood Sample in DNA Test Tube

Blood Sample in DNA Test TubeParenthood is tricky, especially when you constantly ask yourself “am I the real father?” To identify if you are the true poppa of a child, you need to undergo a DNA paternity test. This sounds intimidating for some, but DNA testing is extremely common today. Below are the five questions men usually ask about it.

Is DNA paternity testing the best way to prove that I am the father?

Yes. Comparing the DNA of a child to their assumed father is the best and most accurate way to prove paternity. It is also the most recommended method by lawyers and medical professionals alike.

But why should I establish paternity if I am already taking care of the child?

Determining a biological relationship is important because apart from establishing legal and social benefits, it provides an accurate medical history for the child as well. This is much necessary when they need additional health reference in the future.

So… How can I find the best DNA testing lab? I want the most accurate results.

Good research and testimonials are the best ways to find the right DNA testing lab for you. When looking for a laboratory that provides reliable DNA tests, That DNA Company reminds to ensure that it has accreditation and conforms to ISO 17025.

I want the results to remain confidential, is that possible?

Of course, it is. It is a rule among DNA laboratories to keep your results completely confidential. Before undertaking the test, speak with the laboratory about their policies concerning confidentiality.

How long until I know the results? And is it costly?

It depends on your choice of laboratory, really. Most paternity test results can come back within the same day, or in other cases, it might take a week. In terms of price, paternity tests aren’t so daunting and typically cost one hundred to five hundred dollars.

Don’t discount the significance of a DNA paternity test. Apart from securing your future and leaving you worry-free, it safeguards the well-being of the child as well.