A Guide On How To Keep Your Joints Healthy

a runner holding his legWe carry out a lot of physical actions that involve the use of our joints every day. It is vital to have healthy bones, muscle, and cartilage to reduce the risk of problems later in life. Below are five easy tips to help keep your joints strong and healthy:


Sufficient sleep is key to maintaining a healthy body weight. To minimize nighttime discomfort, use a comfortable mattress and sleep in a position that helps keep the curve on your back. There are different types of quality mattresses available in Utah to help you sleep better.

Exercise and weight management

Maintaining a reasonable weight is essential in avoiding joint problems. Exercise helps in shedding pounds and preventing weight gain. Ensure you keep your joints warm in cold weather and do stretches on a regular basis. Low impact activities such as cycling, walking, and swimming can help strengthen your muscles.

Good posture

Poor posture can put extra strain on our joints and muscles. It is crucial to adopt a healthy posture to avoid excess pressure on our bones and joints. Sit up with your back straight and take regular breaks every so often. If you work on computers, make sure the monitor is an arm’s length away, and the screen is at eye level.

Nourish your joints

A healthy and balanced diet will provide your body with nutrients. Consume oily fish at least twice a week, and five servings of fruit and vegetables every day. Consider taking an antioxidant supplement such as vitamin C. Drink water throughout the day to maintain proper hydration.

Enjoy a massage

Massage can help reduce fatigue and relieve muscle tension. Certain types of massage, such as deep tissue and Swedish, focus on joints and muscles to improve function. A professional massage therapist will identify the best kind of therapy for your situation.

Taking the above steps in mind will help you prevent wreaking havoc on your joints, and improve your overall health in the long run.