Bacteria, Bugs, and Poo: Microbiologists Found Horrific Things in Cars

A man cleaning the inside of his car Your car might be a hotbed for Staphylococcus bacteria and E.coli, new research suggests.

According to microbiologists, unhygienic microorganisms lurk among pet hairs, shards of fingernails, and mouldy snack packets inside the cars.

Understanding Microbes

The task of answering essential global questions through studying and understanding microbes fall on microbiologists. They work with manufacturers and suppliers of prepared cultured media such as Fort Richard Laboratories Ltd, among other professionals in the field, to investigate the nature and tendency of microbes.

In an attempt to track the presence of microbes in vehicles, microbiologists from The University of Nottingham’s Microbiology Investigation Centre teamed up with auto resource website in swabbing the interior of 15 cars and discovered something nasty.

A Hotbed for Germs

The car swabs also revealed contamination with yeasts, moulds, and environmental bacteria, as well as potential E.coli, because of the presence of faecal matter. The test results also confirmed the presence of Staphylococcus bacteria commonly found on the skin.

All this matter lurking inside cars didn’t come as a surprise for the investigating team, as one in 14 respondents said their pets had had toilet mishaps while on a trip, while one in 10 stated that they had a passenger throw up inside the vehicle. Others say their children and friends significantly contributed to the amount of dirt.

Nearly half of the drivers admitted being responsible for the dirty state of their car, with eight percent saying they never bothered to clean their car’s interior at all.

People have different ways of caring for their vehicle. Some want it immaculately clean, while others do not even bother anymore, as they’re bound to get dirty anyway. The one lesson we can derive from the study, however, is that no matter how ‘harmless’ our spaces seem, dangerous microbes could still be creeping around somewhere.