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Silica Dust, Exposure, and Containment in Milling Facilities

Worker cutting through concrete giving off silica dust

Worker cutting through concrete giving off silica dust

Many industries come with their occupational hazards. One of the most common is dust exposure. Dust can take many different forms, with some putting individuals at greater health risks.

Silica dust is one such dangerous component present in a wide variety of workplace environments, including those involved in processes such as milling, cutting, drilling, sawing, as well as crushing of construction materials (e.g. concrete, stone, rock, brick, ceramic tiles, etc.).

Regardless of the type of dust, exposure at regular and high levels can cause various health problems. However, silica is one of the many that can cause severe complications. It is for this reason that employers should consider health and safety gear as an integral part of their industrial milling supply.

Silica and the threats it places on workers

Silica, commonly referred to as quartz and one of the most common elements on the planet, naturally occurs in two mineral compound forms: crystalline and non-crystalline. Sand and quartz are the most common types of crystalline silica.

In its natural form, silica does not do any harm. However, once cut, milled, ground, drilled, or otherwise disturbed, it generates very tiny dust particles that the naked eye cannot see. The dust mixes with the air, making it highly respirable.

It is this way that can threaten the health and well-being of people exposed to it. When ingested, even in minimal doses, silica dust can cause lung diseases, the most dangerous of which is cancer.

Containment: The most efficient protection against silica dust exposure

All businesses and organizations that have operations involving the handling of silica-containing materials (concrete, rock, stone, oil, masonry, granite, and even landscaping) need to utilize dust containment and entrapment equipment.

Dust extractors and downdraft booths are some examples of machines that can effectively contain these airborne particulates.

All in all, employers should provide such devices for the use of their workers. This way, they remain in compliance with all the rules and regulations set forth by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, while also ensuring that their workers receive adequate protection from health hazards.

Careful Movements: The Secret to Pain Management?

A young woman touching her back in pain

A young woman touching her back in pain Many experience lower back pain. Some causes are nothing to worry about, while others may be associated with something more serious. A check-in with your physician is the only way to know how severe the cause of the pain is. Take Wendy Whelan as an example: she slipped and thought she had merely pulled her hamstring, the Boise State Public Radio reports. For a ballet dancer, it was a big deal when she found out she had a tear.

Restricted Movements

Whelan was still able to perform even after her tear, but she could not do some of the dances she was known for. It came to the point that she could not do the most basic steps in ballet. That’s when she tried every. Acupuncture. Therapy. Massage. Whelan had tried them all, and pain management also helped her move around despite the injury. She needed to be careful with her movements, however, and she eventually retired from ballet after her reconstructive surgery. The restrictions in movement were easier to manage by then, and now Whelan has moved on to contemporary dance.

Pain Relief

Even if you are not a ballet dancer, you will still need to restrict your movements if you have back pain. Though many suggest that yoga can help manage the pain, a study reveals that the yoga session should specifically be targeting back pain, to avoid exacerbating the injury. Note, however, that this is recommended only for those whose back pain is not a result of a significant damage. Yoga classes designed to target back pain have more careful movements, with poses such as child’s pose, triangle pose, and cat-cow.

Anyone can deal with back pain. It’s what makes it something you should not ignore. When trying to manage pain, drastic movements are not what you need. Instead, move with gentleness and pay attention to pressure points. If things are unbearably painful, talk to your doctor.

The Brow Lift: Say Goodbye to Saggy Brows

Eyebrow Being GroomedNeed something to perk up your face without major surgery, but with effective results and minimal downtime? A brow lift could improve any face that has lost some (or most) of its youth. It treats eyebrows, eyelids, and saggy forehead skin, resulting in a more youthful look. As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, you should know and understand how it works before setting an appointment.

Brow Lift Basics

The procedure comes in two types, and the most appropriate one for you depends on what you want to achieve and your current health condition. With the classic brow lift, your surgeon will make a continuous cut around your hairline and adjust the placement of your saggy brow. With an endoscopic brow lift, your surgeon will make a number of tinier cuts. 

With both brow lift procedures, your surgeon will have to adjust and move some tissues and certain muscles to achieve that lifted look. Regardless of the type of brow lift, you’ll fist have to undergo an evaluation process to check if you’re healthy enough for the procedure.

Downtime is minimal, depending on your job and daily activities, and the entire procedure itself is only around one to two hours. You’ll be given an anesthesia or IV sedation during treatment to numb the pain. While recovery differs from one patient to another, it usually lasts for 10 days to two weeks.

More than Just a Lift in Appearance

Aside from lifting and enhancing your facial appearance, a brow lift could likewise increase or bring back your self-esteem, resulting in an improvement in your professional, social, and even love life. Furthermore, you also get these extra perks from a Sandy cosmetic surgeon's brow lift:

  • Smoothened frown lines
  • Raised saggy eyebrows
  • Reduced wrinkles between your eyes, nose bridge, and forehead
  • More youthful, yet natural-looking eyebrow placement

Put simply, a brow lift not only enhances your facial features, but positively impact how you feel about yourself as well. However, do note that you have to weigh the benefits and risks before undergoing a brow lift. If you are healthy enough to undergo the procedure, then there’s really no reason to let time ravage your appearance if you can do something to fight it. 


Treatment Overview for the Three Types of Eating Disorders

Man refusing to eat foodEating disorders can be treated. They are medical illnesses that could be diagnosed with other psychosocial or mental disorders. Most of the time, the problem arises in the young, with a greater prevalence among women compared to men.

Here are some of the current approaches for the treatment of binge eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, and bulimia nervosa.

The treatment that works for you

Most people dealing with the any of the three disorders receive medical intervention as an outpatient. Nevertheless, depending on the severity and the presence of co-morbidities, some require closer monitoring and medical or psychological support 24/7. The doctor who assesses the patient determines the type and level of treatment. The appropriate combination of treatment methods must be determined based on the individual needs of the patient.

What comprises effective intervention?

Destructive eating habits usually have some causative factors. As such, there is usually more than one intervention being implemented. The management of problems should be geared toward the root causes to be effective. If the assessment reveals that the eating disorder is a coping mechanism, then management focuses on identifying healthier and less destructive coping methods.

It is important to remember that what could be an effective intervention for one person may not necessarily be the right approach for another person with the same diagnosis.

Getting help and support

Medical intervention helps address the most important issues. However, a person who has been diagnosed with binge eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, or bulimia must also endeavor to get emotional support. There are many ways to get help, and it does not necessarily involve always being with people. Finding an activity one enjoys, where there are opportunities for self-expression, can provide respite from the stresses that come with mental illness.

Voluntarily engaging oneself in a recovery program is a good first step. If you are a binge-eater or have been diagnosed with bulimia or anorexia, there is help out there. Find the intervention that suits you best.

3 Qualities of a Professional Caregiver

Female caregiver assisting an old ladyCaregivers must possess important qualities that are necessary to perform their duties. These unique qualities are what bring out the difference between an average care provider and excellent senior care provider.

Read on to learn what makes a caregiver stand out from the rest.


A solid bond between seniors and their caregiver is important, especially to the patients. Compassion helps strengthen this bond. Seniors need attention and empathy to foster a trusting relationship. The care provider should also have the professional demeanor, which will make the patient listen.


Caregiving services for the elderly can get overwhelming. This is because as people age, their limbs, eyesight, hearing ability, and other body functions get affected, rendering them almost helpless. In worse cases, conditions such as the Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia crop up. That said, it is evident that taking care of the elderly requires high levels of patience and understanding, in order to have the ability to provide proper care.


A caregiver must be able to communicate efficiently and effectively. He or she will have to interact daily with the elderly and must have the ability to convey information in a way that seniors will understand.

A professional caregiver in a senior living community in Utah also stresses the importance of listening to the needs and wants of seniors. In addition, the caregiver should be in constant communication with the family members to update them on any change in care plans or conditions that are going to affect the resident.

A professional caregiver must match the above characteristics in both skills and personality. Possessing these qualities will not only make their jobs easier but will also improve their efficiency and quality of service. In addition, the elderly will enjoy being taken care of by a caring and knowledgeable professional.

Prolotherapy: Say Goodbye to Chronic Pain

Doctor Injecting On A Patient's Knee

Doctor Injecting On A Patient's KneeProlotherapy (Proliferative Therapy) is a non-surgical procedure that triggers the natural healing of the body by injecting a substance into the soft tissue. This substance will cause an inflammatory response signaling the body to repair and strengthen injured joints and connective tissues that are causing chronic pain by producing new collagen tissue.

What Can Prolotherapy Treat?

  • Degenerative disc disease
  • sacroiliac joint instability/dysfunction
  • Neck, knee, shoulder, elbow, foot, ankle, wrist, and hand pain
  • Knee meniscal tears
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fasciitis
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Hypermobility
  • IT band syndrome
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Temporal mandibular joint syndrome (TMJ)

Who Should You Consider Having a Prolotherapy?

The people who will benefit most from a prolotherapy procedure are those who are suffering from:

  • Ligament and tendon injuries, sprains or strains, and chronic pain in the neck and back
  • Joint pain that is causing weakness and instability or caused by osteoarthritis
  • degenerative knee cartilage
  • Chronic pain even after taking pain medications, having corrective surgery, or physical therapy
  • Pain when exercising or even just moving normally causing movement limitations

Before pushing through with a prolotherapy in San Diego, however, make sure that the physician received training from an authorized training group for prolotherapy.

Benefits of Prolotherapy

Here are some of the improvements in your health that you may experience after undergoing a successful prolotherapy.

  • The ligament, tendon, or joint capsule is stronger than ever
  • No more back pain
  • The treated site is less likely susceptible to the same injury
  • Return to the normal function of the joints without the pain and movement limitations

Prolotherapy Success Rate

Studies have shown that prolotherapy is a highly successful procedure in treating ligament, tendon, or joint pain and injuries. In fact, 85% to 95% of patients with low back pain reported an improvement after undergoing prolotherapy. Of course, the success rate highly depends on your medical history and ability to heal. The type of solution used should also be taken into consideration.

Prolotherapy can be a lifesaver. Know when you should have it, so you can live a better life.

Warning Signs of Addiction: When to Seek Professional Help

Woman having drawbacks due to addictionMany families in the United States have to contend with different problems, but perhaps there is nothing more serious than discovering a loved one developing substance addiction. In many cases, addiction results in unfortunate circumstances that could involve criminal activities or serious physical injuries.

It's important to know the warning signs of substance addiction, so you can take the necessary action, such as taking your loved one to an outpatient drug rehab facility in Farmington.

Behavioral Changes and Mood Swings

One of the most common symptoms of substance addiction is the sudden change in behavior and mood swings. If a family member used to be very amiable and social in the past, and then suddenly became sullen and withdrawn, something must have caused it. If there is no perceivable cause for such change, your loved one may be into drugs. While such behavioral change and mood swings may have been caused by another reason, drug use should never be ruled out.

Lack of Concern on Personal Grooming

An article cited the deteriorating state of personal grooming habits as one of the warning signs that a person may be suffering from substance abuse disorder. Oftentimes, victims fail to take good care of their oral health, as well as their entire body. In extreme cases, some of them neglect washing their bodies properly, leading to the development of some infections in various parts.


Some people with substance use disorder reported losing some of the elasticity in their skin, which result in wrinkles appearing prematurely, as well as scars and other marks. This is why many of them appear older than they really are.

Diminishing Functions

Another warning sign to watch out for is the diminishing bodily functions of those who are into drugs. The substance may affect the vision and cause permanent damage to the eyes.

Other warning signs include failing to meet work responsibilities and obligations, as well as resorting to criminal acts, such as stealing. If left unattended, such behaviors can worsen and may even result in tragic circumstances. It is, therefore, important to seek professional help once you notice your loved one displaying these warning signs.

Bacteria, Bugs, and Poo: Microbiologists Found Horrific Things in Cars

A man cleaning the inside of his car Your car might be a hotbed for Staphylococcus bacteria and E.coli, new research suggests.

According to microbiologists, unhygienic microorganisms lurk among pet hairs, shards of fingernails, and mouldy snack packets inside the cars.

Understanding Microbes

The task of answering essential global questions through studying and understanding microbes fall on microbiologists. They work with manufacturers and suppliers of prepared cultured media such as Fort Richard Laboratories Ltd, among other professionals in the field, to investigate the nature and tendency of microbes.

In an attempt to track the presence of microbes in vehicles, microbiologists from The University of Nottingham’s Microbiology Investigation Centre teamed up with auto resource website in swabbing the interior of 15 cars and discovered something nasty.

A Hotbed for Germs

The car swabs also revealed contamination with yeasts, moulds, and environmental bacteria, as well as potential E.coli, because of the presence of faecal matter. The test results also confirmed the presence of Staphylococcus bacteria commonly found on the skin.

All this matter lurking inside cars didn’t come as a surprise for the investigating team, as one in 14 respondents said their pets had had toilet mishaps while on a trip, while one in 10 stated that they had a passenger throw up inside the vehicle. Others say their children and friends significantly contributed to the amount of dirt.

Nearly half of the drivers admitted being responsible for the dirty state of their car, with eight percent saying they never bothered to clean their car’s interior at all.

People have different ways of caring for their vehicle. Some want it immaculately clean, while others do not even bother anymore, as they’re bound to get dirty anyway. The one lesson we can derive from the study, however, is that no matter how ‘harmless’ our spaces seem, dangerous microbes could still be creeping around somewhere.

Ways to Deal With Chronic Pain

A clipboard that has documents about pain management Pain is one of our body’s ways of telling us that something is wrong. The sudden pain you feel when touching a hot object tells your brain to move your hand away. The pain we feel in our tooth when something is wrong urges us to visit the dentist.

Pain can be a good indicator that something is not quite right and our body makes use of it in many ways. But sometimes, it just gets a little too difficult to handle. Most clinicians agree that pain is subjective. One person may have a higher tolerance for chronic pain while another may not handle it too well.

For many cases, there are solutions that can help you remove, reduce, or manage the discomfort.


Stress damages our body in many ways. While it is a good way to give us an extra boost in tough situations, constant stress can take its toll. One of its consequences is that it can make you even more sensitive to pain.

This is why relaxation techniques and avoiding stress is helpful when it comes to pain management. Breathing exercises and meditation can help alleviate some problems, and there are helpful guides that can aid you de-stress.


Like many other feelings, you feel pain through hormones released by our brain. This means we can also train our body to release hormones that can give us a positive mood. One such is endorphin, the hormone responsible for feelings of joy and elation.

Your body naturally releases this hormone during exercise, which is why it may be helpful to engage in regular exercise to reduce pain.


Bad habits, like smoking and alcohol, affect our body’s way of dealing with pain. In fact, studies have shown that the bad effects these things have can greatly increase the chronic pain that we feel. Cutting back or even completely removing them can be a step forward to a pain-free future.

Pain is a normal part of life and helps us understand that there are things in our body that need our immediate attention. If you are experiencing chronic pain, visiting a pain clinic in Boise or a specialist should always be your first step.

EHR Adoption Finished, Time Now for RCM Improvement

Doctor checking medical records

Electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR) have drastically changed the patient and practice data collection, analysis, and reporting process for healthcare organizations. Instead of space-consuming paperwork, you can now access a patient’s overall health record or a patient’s medical history with ease.

EHR/EMR Adoption

The healthcare you belong to most likely adopted EHR and EMR technology already. In case it hasn’t yet, you can take the initiative in EHR/EMR implementation. You may choose from numerous products, including cloud-based EMR. Through research and careful evaluation of your organization’s processes, you can find the perfect choice.

Effect of Such Adoption

Once you have adopted EHR/EMR technology, you will likely experience the same predicament most healthcare organizations are going through these days. Due to EHR implementation, which took time, capital, and energy, the adoption of the electronic system caused the stagnation of technological improvement in other areas. Such stagnation ultimately affected revenue cycle management.

Focus Now on RCM

With the implementation of EHRs completed, providers have started to focus their efforts on bringing outdated or manual areas of their organizations into the electronic era. According to industry experts, providers will now look to improving overall operational efficiency. You can already expect revenue cycle management or RCM to be your next step after EHR adoption.

Improvement Challenges

Plans for streamlined revenue cycle management through electronic technology face a number of challenges, unfortunately. For one, you have hundreds of RCM system vendors and you lack purchasing guidelines that can help you select the best product. RCM products also tend to target specific RCM components, making each product highly specialized.

Other than the reasons above, you have to deal with the ever-changing landscape of healthcare in terms of methodology and regulations. Different regulations in the future may affect your current RCM unless you adapt. Perhaps you can only overcome these challenges through value-based purchasing.

Value-based purchasing means careful purchasing based on how much value products can provide today and in the future. With it, you can choose an RCM product that can lower your organization’s costs and increase revenue for years to come.