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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs? Here’s How You Can Prepare for Fumigation

a dead bed bugBed bugs are one of the hardest pests to deal with. They will feed on blood and can thrive for up to a year without a single meal. In addition, they know how to find the perfect hiding spots in mattress seams, furniture, old picture frames, and other luggage you leave lying around the house. Their mode of survival, hiding skills, and relative resistance to common pesticides make them difficult to get rid of.

Once you hire bed bug exterminators, Yes Pest Pros, Inc. and other experts remind to make sure that the extermination procedure goes beyond fumigation. While it may get rid of the bed bugs, it might not be your ultimate solution, especially if your property retains that clutter and potential nesting locations for more bugs.

Get Rid of Clutter

The first step would be getting rid of anything you don’t want in your house. Those extra toys, old furniture, storage boxes, and clothes create extra nesting areas for the bed bugs. Get rid of what you can and have the rest treated and organized to remove bed bugs and discourage them from coming back.

Check Your Electronics

Most people will remove electronic appliances from the house before fumigation. This is common sense since water will damage them. However, this is bad news since bed bugs can hide easily inside your stereo system, speakers, and television. Ask your fumigator to provide professional assistance in decontaminating your electronics and ensuring that no bed bugs (or their eggs) ride the extermination by hiding in your electronic appliance.

Either way, the majority of the bed bugs hide in the bed, the mattress, the box spring, and other furniture near your bed. All these should get the closest attention during the extermination. Disassembling your bed, for instance, will expose the nooks and crannies where the bugs hide and lay their eggs, giving your exterminator a better shot at doing their job.

Always insist on thorough treatment and also ask for repeat procedures just to ensure that you get rid of everything and avoid a re-infestation.

Choosing Among the Different Types of Garage Doors

Suburban garageA variety of garage doors is available on the market today. Most of these are specifically designed to meet the customer’s needs and specifications. You will also find different options for replacement garage doors, so be sure to hire only a reputable company. Choose one that offers new garage doors, garage door installation and repair, garage door openers, and garage door parts and accessories.

Make sure the company can also handle your garage door opener repair needs. Keep in mind that your garage is one of the main features of your Ontario home and people use this as the main entrance most of the time. Below is a list of garage door options that you can choose from:

Steel Doors

Steel garage doors naturally have two sheets of galvanized steel. This type of garage door can be tinted and decorated to complement your home’s style. You can also buy it without insulation, depending on your needs.

Wood Doors

Wooden garage doors are popular because of their classic look and feel. Wood composite is a common option for property owners. This typically has a wood border protected with layers of fiberboard. Some makers of wood composite doors incorporate realistic details with drapes to mimic a genuine wood door.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are known to have fewer tendencies to dent, crack, and rust. Two sheets of fiberglass doors are attached to a steel border, and then a polyurethane lining is added.

Vinyl Doors

Vinyl garage doors are famous for being safe around children because these are tough to break. Usually, these are built on steel frames and filled with a polyurethane lining. Vinyl garage doors look like fiberglass doors, but they come in fewer shades and colors.

Remember that there is a variety of options and materials available today. If you are looking for a trusted provider of garage doors and servicing in Ontario, it is important to know the basics of the door you’re buying first.

Choosing Bathtubs: Traditional or Special?

Image of a bathtubIf you think your old bathtub is still serving you well, think again. Older bathtubs can be harder to clean and quick to suffer damage. You should consider the benefits of walk-in bathtubs compared to conventional bathtubs.

Walk-in tubs are popular as they have improved accessibility than traditional tubs. This accessibility includes a door by the side through which the user enters the tub. They also have a seat inside that helps those with limited mobility to be independent and take care of their hygiene.

You could also get a portable bathtub, which many people find extremely comfortable and functional. These are often light-weight and made of plastic or rubber. There are also foldable bathtubs which can be bought online.

Mobility-challenged and user-friendly

Seniors and people with disabilities must strain themselves to get into a normal bathtub, as it is anywhere between 15 to 30 inches in height. The walk-in bathtub is helpful to seniors who still want to live independently. These tubs have grips and rails to support the weight of the individual. They also have anti-slip flooring to prevent slips and falls when the user walks out after a bath.

Other features

Aside from all the safety aspects, they have features such as jet bath and bubble jets for a spa effect. These tubs also take up lesser space in the bathroom, as compared to a conventional bathtub. They also have fast draining systems to make the waiting game not as long.

When choosing a bathtub, you might think that only a conventional bathtub would suit you, but a comfortable walk-in-tub or portable tub could save you space. It could also give you safety and give your mobility-challenged relatives the independence they crave.

Things You Need to Do to Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers

Real EstateLearning how to increase your property’s value is one sure way of selling it faster. There are things that you can do to your home to make it more attractive to buyers and have it stand out from others. Check out the following tips and learn how you can do it.

Start with a good landscape

A well-designed landscape increases your home value to a couple of thousands more. Other features like a deck or patio are selling points, too. If you don’t have a patio, you can always hire professional patio builders in Brisbane like Just Patios to make your house look more attractive to buyers.

Sell your kitchen best

Your kitchen is your best – or worst – selling point. That is, the room that will determine whether your house is good enough to sell or not will be the kitchen itself. Re-modelling your kitchen and making it look like something out of a magazine or close to it will be worth it. Do some painting, buy some large cabinets or if you have the money, a touch of that fancy stainless steel would seriously add value to your property.

‘Dress up’ your whole house

Dressing up is all about de-cluttering your house and making sure that it looks good enough for the buyer. Clean the windows. Take out the dust and trash. Polish the floors. Make the bathroom smell better. Replace broken bulbs if there are any. Dress your windows with curtains or blinds as you see fit. Give your house a fresh paint and make it look homey, spacious and cool. If you want to make your house more attractive, set up each room in a way that it looks pretty enough for them to buy your house.

When selling your house, dressing it up and doing additions like a patio makes it more attractive to buyers. Just remember to make your house liveable and comfortable, and you’ll get those buyers in no time at all.

What to Consider When Selecting a Rainwater Storage Tank

Home Water Tank

As dry season approaches, resource solutions company Rapid Plas encourages Australians to conserve rainwater as early as May. It is one of the best water conservation practices that help reduce water scarcity in the country. Rainwater storage tanks are suitable for domestic use. The following are some of the things to consider when selecting a rainwater tank:

Your Water Requirements

The water volume that your household needs depend on the size of your family, and the consumption purposes. If you use it for gardening and washing your car on top of other chores, you will need a large plastic water tank.

Where to Position

Most home owners install water tanks outside their houses. You can hoist them on a raised platform outside the house or underground. This means that you need to go for a tough, rust-resistant material. Plastic, concrete, and fibre-glass are the best choices for an outdoor setting. They are durable and can store water for long periods of time.

The Material Used in Making the Water Tank

Companies manufacture water tanks of different materials. These include concrete, stainless steel, fibre-glass, plastic, and iron. Many consider plastic as the best material for making outdoor water tanks because of its versatility, movability and affordability. The light material allows anyone to install the tank on the roof of your house, on a raised area on the ground or underground.

The Structural Composition of the Tank

The design determines durability. For example, thick-skinned containers can resist elements including sun exposure and extreme heat.

Your home’s available space, water needs, and budget should be enough to give you an idea of what you need. Nonetheless, seeking the help of an experienced professional will help you make an informed decision in selecting rainwater storage tanks for your home.

Clogged Kitchen Drains 101

Plumber Fixing Clogged SinkIf you have been getting headaches from the drains in your kitchen sink clogging constantly, maybe it is time to confront this question: what am I doing wrong? A problem that happens again and again could only mean you are making the same mistakes.

Although quick fixes are available at your disposal – items like boiling water, vinegar, and baking soda—often chronically clogged kitchen sinks call for professional remedies that you might not be able to perform yourself.

The Usual Suspects

All talks about clogged drains in kitchen sinks should begin by asking: what are the common causes?

Food. Bread particles and cereals seem like harmless food items. To your kitchen sink though, they are some of the most notorious clog inducers. It is best to remove all food particles off kitchen utensils before washing them in the sink.

Grease. Oil does not clog your sink per se. What they do is aid clogging by trapping food particles.

Foreign Objects. If toddlers, running around throwing random stuff like toy parts and jewellery into your sink, overrun your house, then count them in as clogged drains’ usual suspects.

Experts’ Advice

So what do experts have to say? Limit your use of unclogging chemicals. Chemicals, though proficient in addressing the problem on the surface, could cause further harm to your drains and pipes. They could also be harmful to you and your loved ones if handled poorly.

Know the location of the main water valve in your house

Shutting off the main water valve is crucial when addressing clogged drains. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not even know where to find these shut-off valves.

Seek out the help of professionals

Doing it yourself could save you a few dollars, but the price of damage your inexperienced hands could cause to your kitchen sink is sure to accumulate over time.

What we really talk about when we talk about clogged drains is this: it is better to consult with professional plumbers in Nelson, such as Tim Miller Plumbing. After all, an improperly unclogged drain could cause, among others, leaky pipes.

Popular Christmas Lighting Themes for You

Christmas LightsIn most parts of the world, Christmas is the happiest and most awaited holiday of the year. People go out of their way to decorate their homes and establishments with the right festive décor fit for the occasion.

If you feel sad on that special day, just go out and see the festive commercial Christmas lights, balls, bells, lanterns, and trees that adorn malls and establishments. Every year, you see these basic decorations. There are variations, however, depending on the set theme.

Here are the most popular themes that people use when preparing Christmas décor.

Candy Land

Most children love Christmas. Aside from toys, kids anticipate a windfall of candies and other sweets for the occasion. Since Christmas is primarily for kids, why not work on a candy-based theme? A popular idea is a gingerbread house adorned with lots of Christmas lights – and of course, candies. Red and white are the season's favorite Christmas colors, and what better represents these colors than giant candy canes?

North Pole

A North Pole theme would give you an enchanting white Christmas. You could create Santa's house and his toy factory. To complete the theme, make sure there are reindeer, elves, gifts, and snow everywhere.

Christmas Village

This theme is popular for indoor decorations, but you can use it for your outdoor decorations as well. Basic decorations for this theme include snow-topped houses, festive garlands, pine trees, and of course, Santa. Combined with well-placed lights, the entire village comes alive on Christmas Eve.


Christmas is all about kids and toys. This is one time of the year when kids can experience living in Toyland. The theme is common during the Yuletide Season. You can see toys everywhere; festively adorned houses around, and trains circling town. With colorful commercial Christmas lights outlining houses and trains, kids would never want to leave Toyland.

No matter what theme you use, remember that the most important theme is to share and make other people happy with your decorations. That is the true spirit of Christmas.

How to Manage Indoor Air Quality Problems Caused by Flood

Fan Blowing AirDirty floors and walls are the usual sight after your home gets flooded. Outside, there are leaves and twigs scattered all over your lawn. Getting rid of the dirt and debris might seem enough. However, the flood may leave behind a more serious problem: poor indoor air quality.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises getting flood cleanup service in Salt Lake City if the floodwater has not dried up in two days.

The same agency also leads in spreading information about poor indoor air quality caused by a flood. This problem poses a health risk just like the polluted air outside.

Most Likely Victims

Kids and old people are more likely the ones most affected. That is because their immune system is weaker than that of adults. But then again, everyone who has a lung, heart or immune system problem may be affected. If someone in your family is undergoing cancer treatment, he or she is also at risk.

The Causes

Flood can cause poor indoor air quality in many ways. First, floodwater can bring microbes inside the home. Once the water is gone, the bacteria may attach to other items or float in the air. As a result, the indoor air becomes susceptible to pollution.

The high moisture and high humidity from the flood are another cause of poor indoor air quality. These conditions make your home ideal for dust mites and mold spores. These airborne particles pollute your indoor air.

The Solution

Proper and speedy flood cleanup is crucial to prevent the problem. This involves removal of debris and items soaked in flood for more than two days. This also includes drying up floodwater.

Your HVAC system must undergo a thorough check as well. A damaged HVAC system can be a breeding ground for mold and pests. Aside from that, it can also cause humidity and moisture control problems inside your house. Have it fixed by a pro to ensure that the air inside your home is at an ideal level.

Flood can bring about poor indoor air quality. This can affect people with weak immune system, especially when indoor air co-mixes with airborne particles. Proper flood cleanup and HVAC maintenance serve as the best solution to prevent and counter indoor air pollution.

Top Pool Decor Trends You Should Check Out

Designing a poolDesigners are competing every day. New designs and décor combinations are being discovered for both interiors and exteriors. There are numerous decor trends used for pools that homeowners can consider.

Some of the best pool builders in Utah do have designs that you will appreciate. Consider checking out some of the latest trends on the market. Pool contractors, including Dolphin Pools & Spas, recommend looking at the following designs when choosing the best pool decor.

Neutral and Saturated Hues

Color combination has been great for many décor plans. Matching color systems are excellent for pools. Some of the hot colors include warm nude, hazelnut, and kale. These work well for the poolside. Going for attention-grabbing colors, you can add pop colors to match. You can always go for different color combinations.

Mixed Metals

Consider metals when choosing pool decors. Brass and polished nickel, as well as oil-rubbed bronze, have become popular poolside décor choices. Most people are going for the minimalist effect, which is easily achieved through these mixed metal combinations.

Natural Charm Always Works

You can consider a rough stone edge or any other natural finish. Painted sand can also be a great way to enhance the poolside. Work with a good designer who can advise you on how to combine different natural elements around your poolside. An expert contractor can build a stone curving around the pool to meet your preferences.

Working with landscape specialist is important to get the best pool decor the market has to offer. Find out how reputable the expert you bring in is. Discuss your expectations before making any move. Luxury poolside decors may cost you a lot more but with proper research, you will get the best value for your money.

When Flood Strikes: Precautions and How to Handle a Flood

Flood inside homeWater may give life to any thirsty creature, but it can also destroy life and property. Floods can happen anytime and anywhere. Flooding can come because of a severe thunderstorm, an overflowed river, or even a plumbing disaster. To protect your home from flooding, you can only use elevation. Here are some guidelines you can follow to prepare for a flood, and how to handle flooding when it invades your home:

Know the Flood Level

First, you can know the flood level of your area by checking flood maps on the Federal Emergency Management Agency website. You can also ask your local building department or your home insurance agent as they will know the flood level as well. When you know the flood level, you can better take precautions that may spell the safety of your home.

Raise Valuable Home Systems

Second, if possible, you can raise all electrical and climate systems in your home. Experts recommend you raise the system a foot above the flood level of your home. Home features to modify include sockets, switches, circuit breakers, wiring, the furnace, and the water heater.

Anchor or Raise Equipment

Besides the electrical system of your home, you can also either raise or anchor outdoor equipment. The equipment can include standby generators, air conditioning units, and fuel tanks. You can anchor the fuel tank, but generators and air conditioning units are better raised.

3 Flood To-Dos

Now, when a flood hits your home, you can do something about it if the flood came due to a plumbing disaster. You can remember three to-dos: stop the water flow, minimize damage, and return things to normal. With the previous three to-dos, you can easily handle plumbing floods.
When a natural disaster hits your home in the form of a flood, however, you cannot do much else except to stay safe. When flood levels recede, you can attempt to bring your home back in order. You can hire flood cleanup professionals in Salt Lake City. They can return your home back to its original condition as if nothing happened.