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How to use a lightweight wheelchair

Old man on his wheelchair in a warm afternoonMore and more, people are being encouraged to stay actively engaged with life no matter how mobile they are, and today there are plenty of ways people can adapt their wheelchairs to enable them to carry on participating in their favourite activities, and trying out some new ones too. Let’s take a look at lightweight wheelchairs and their benefits.

There is quite a range of lightweight wheelchairs out there to choose from, from places such as Karma Mobility, each with different features designed to make living easier for the user.

Easier to transport

Lightweight wheelchairs are made to be lighter and therefore easier to pick up and stow away. Some even weigh as little as 8.3kg, and are designed to be folded and lifted in and out of the car with little trouble. Some models have ultra-light solid frames. Others are collapsible and can be stored out of sight in small spaces.

People find that these wheelchairs can help them make the adjustment to life with a mobility aid more easily because they require less effort to fold, store, and transport.

Autonomous propulsion

The larger back wheels and extra bits of frame on the outside of many lightweight wheelchairs are to provide extra grip for the user to propel themselves along. The ability to be able to move the chair oneself is of vital importance, especially when the user is new to being in a wheelchair and faced with the possible loss of their independence. Knowing they will still be able to get around unaided can make a big difference to their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Physical exercise

People in wheelchairs are recommended to get the same amount of exercise as people who don’t need a wheelchair. This means finding ways to achieve 150 minutes of aerobic activity and two strength sessions per week. Users may not be able to hit this straight away, but it provides a goal to build up to, and having a lightweight wheelchair can make this easier, and more fun, as these chairs are easier to get going in the gym, allowing people to participate in team sports. The best way to find the right lightweight wheelchair is to test some out.

Custom Food Labels and How They Can Help Boost Your Sales

Nutrition facts on a food labelLabels are an important component in marketing packaged products, as it is the first point of engagement with a consumer, whether it’s a popular brand or a newbie. A salsa jar stamped with vibrant, chilli-shaped logo in a glowing finish would most likely appeal to a buyer than a similar jar with plain, old labelling.

Labels With a Cause

Whether you own a small or medium-sized packaged food business, high-quality labels are indispensable as they make your products more attractive. Unimax notes that you can use the labels to highlight your product’s uniqueness using eye-catching words and images that can make your target customers buy.

Other than the standard nutrition information and expiration date required by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), your custom food labels can connect better with consumers by including vital information.

Types of Custom Food Labels

Food products, such as sauces and mixes, soups, preserves, spreads, baked goods, beverages and wines require different types of labelling. Here are three basic options depending on your product’s packaging:

1. Non-Laminated Labels – not water or oil-resistant

  • Paper Labels – come in various textures, grade and stock; great for food items
  • Recycled Labels – Also called Kraft or Vellum labels, these are made of 100% recycled material and are ideal for organic and other ‘green’ packaging.

2. Laminated Labels – for protective finish

  • Metalised Labels – ultra-shiny labels for a glossy, elegant finish. These are ideal for premium, export-quality products.
  • Matte Laminates – provide non-glossy, raw finish and are ideal for the earthy or natural-look type of packaging.

3. BOPP (Bi-Oriented Polypropylene) Labels – These crystal-clear materials are excellent for packaging retail products, as they are water and oil-resistant.

  • Clear BOPP Label – used in reverse printing (label is attached inside the glass packaging and read from the outside) for a window-type finish.
  • Chrome (Silver) BOPP Label – has a mirror-like effect of shiny chrome perfect for bottles, jars and see-through packaging.

A good custom food label provider can guide you in creating labels that your target customers can easily recognise and remember. Your product labels are invaluable tools for promoting your brand and growing your business.

Eco-friendly Brands are a Hit with Consumers

Man holding boxes

New studies suggest that businesses could protect the environment without sacrificing their profit. Environmental Leader, an online environmental magazine, reported that 53% of consumers prefer products from companies with a good environmental reputation. Chinese consumers have the highest preference for eco-friendly brands at 67%, followed by Australian and Swedish shoppers, at 52% and 46%, respectively. The results mirrored a study by Unilever, which showed that about 33% of consumers would choose sustainable brands.

Consumers do not rely on reputation alone. About two-thirds of global consumers would buy eco-friendly products even if they cost more. In these circumstances, businesses can hit two goals with one move. By enforcing an environmentally sound production, they could attract customers as well as protect the environment.

Eco-friendly Production

Environmental Leader stated that 12% of consumers want corporations to take action against climate change. Because of consumer demand for accountability, many manufacturers plan to include the environment in their business strategies. They will focus on using eco-friendly materials from a reputable source.

Sustainable Packaging

Experts also say that manufacturers should improve their packaging. A Nielson report claimed that 52% of global consumers would check the label to ensure that the brand leaves a positive environmental impact. For packaging, businesses could use materials that only leave a small carbon footprint. One such material is carton. In fact, it’s been dubbed the most eco-friendly type of packaging.

Companies can rest assured that using these materials will not hamper production. According to PakSmart, a company that offers automated carton packaging machinery, production will remain effective even if they switch to using carton packages.

Recycling Information on Packaging

Consumers also do their part to promote sustainability. Aside from choosing sustainable brands, they intend to recycle the packaging. In fact, a study by Recycling Today, an online recycling magazine, claims that consumers look for recycling information on the packaging.

Protecting the environment doesn’t cost companies their profit. In fact, people will trust a brand more if they go green. Companies could grow their customer base while preserving the environment.

Important Considerations When Choosing Hi Vis Safety Workwear

a construction worker wearing reflective clothingRecently, it has become common to see workers of all kind wear bright and reflective clothing in their line of duty. Is that the latest fashion trend? No, certainly. These bright coloured wear are popular as hi vis safety or security workwear and serve as personal protective gear for workers in various fields.

So, you are now thinking of joining the bandwagon but have no clue of what to consider when choosing high visibility personal protective clothing for your workers? Below are three things you should look into:

The Colour in the Background

High visibility clothing is available in different colours, but mainly in red, green-yellow and orange-red. These three colours are visible in a white and black background, but may not be significantly visible in an environment with the same colours.

The ultimate choice of colour of your clothing should be one that is most suitable for your work environment.


One factor of personal protective clothing is that workers should be comfortable with wearing the attire in the worksites. Some workplaces are in cold areas while others are in sweltering weather conditions, which will determine the kind of clothing you should get.

You can get high visibility clothing that is breathable, for hot areas, and insulated clothing for workers in colder regions.

Location of Reflective Materials

High visibility clothing can have the reflective material on the entire attire or in some specific areas. You, however, should ensure that workers have visibility from all angles to ensure maximum safety. You can have the reflective material around the knees and wrists, or in wristbands.

High visibility safety work wear should be a necessity for workers in workplaces. They make the wearer stand out from the background, thereby alerting the other employees of their presence so that they can gain reaction time early enough.

If you are not using high visibility clothing for your workers, it is important you rethink this and avoid unnecessary workplace accidents.

RIBA Now Accepts Entries for 2018 International Prize

Man holding a trophyThe Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) opened nominations for its 2018 International Prize. This award honours the best new building in the world.

The recognition will seek to pick the “most transformative building”. Qualified architects from all over the world to submit their designs. The award will celebrate the project’s vision, innovative thinking, and excellence of execution. And when it comes to materials used, Winward Engineering LTD says designers can use anything — from metal pressings to powder-coated steel.

Criteria for Judging

Diller Scofidio and Renfro’s Elizabeth Diller will lead the panel of judges for the 2018 prize. Joshua Bolchover, who won the first International Prize for the Best Emerging practice category, will also join the grand jury. RIBA will accept entries until Oct. 17, while it plans to announce a winner in November 2018.

RIBA first launched the International Prize in 2016. Back then, 21 projects received an Award for International Excellence. That included Australian designer Peter Stutchbury Architecture’s work for the Invisible House. However, the Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología in Lima ultimately bagged the inaugural prize. Grafton Architects designed the building in what critics described as “a modern-day Machu Picchu.”

Stirling Prize

Aside from the International Prize, RIBA has also awarded the Stirling Prize. The Stirling Prize has now reached its 22nd year in the UK. A short list of six projects will compete for honour. The organisation will announce a winner on October 31.

Recognition such as the RIBA 2018 International Prize aims to foster a higher level of excellence among designers. It also endeavours to promote innovative and thoughtful designs. Do you know someone whose work deserves a nomination for the award?

Why Using Stainless Steel Press Fittings is Important

Stainless Steel Pipes

Using stainless steel in hose adapters and fittings comes with a lot of benefits. But before buying any fitting or adaptor for your project, it is best that you determine the materials used for the product first, and its manufacturing process. These factors affect the product quality.

Following are the advantages of stainless steel for hose fittings and why using stainless steel press fittings – a product offered by firms such as Europress – is important.

Can Withstand Extreme Temperatures

Stainless steel can withstand extreme changes in temperature. Low-cost materials are prone to expanding or contracting when exposed to subtle temperature changes. This can cause leaks and poor performance in the future.

Stainless steel is one of the most resistant and strongest materials available. Thus, it is ideal for use in warm or cold environments.

Tough and Durable

If your project location is under exposure to mechanical shocks and frequent jolts, then stainless steel should be your material of choice. It can absorb shocks well. It will not budge or stress. Thus, it is the perfect material for different types of fittings like stainless steel press fittings.

Ideal for Outdoor Use

A lot of metals tend to degrade and corrode fast, but not stainless steel. The material needs little to no maintenance, making it cost-efficient. Because it is corrosion-resistant, it is ideal for use in outdoor applications or in projects that put a premium on hygiene.


The material is non-porous. This means it prevents germs and bacteria from getting in. Hygienic hose fittings ensure that food that passes through the hose is untainted and safe. Stainless steel is popular in kitchens and F&B processing facilities.

These are the main advantages of using stainless steel materials for various applications. When considering different materials for your project, determine the manufacturing process used and the composition. Both these factors determine the quality of the product you will buy.

Pipeline Systems Used in Many Industries

Pipeline SystemPipelines are important components in many industries today. Engineering structures require pipes to deliver water, oil, and other substances.

Whatever their purpose, these essential equipment are prone to corrosion and breakage. Many engineers encourage the use of steel press fittings to ensure that pipelines and joints won’t leak or break. Companies such as Europress explain that the right equipment together with the correct pressing tools will create a durable and effective pipe system in any field.

Water Treatment Facilities

Water treatment facilities use extensive pipelines to process water. However, regular maintenance is a requirement if you wish to minimise the incidence of scale corrosion and product fouling. Interior corrosion and bacterial contamination could lead to pipe leaks and corrosion. Schedule regular checks and maintenance to sustain your facility’s productivity.

Natural Gas and Oil

Natural resources like crude oil and natural gases are raw materials for the production of energy. The world consumes energy for almost everything since technology is everywhere – cars, trains, trucks, and electricity.

A particular kind of pipeline connects one location to another to transport oil and gases. Pipelines are also the safest, most economical and most efficient way to move these natural resources. Hence, it is important that manufacturers make these pipes with high-quality and sturdy materials.

Sewage Systems

Pipelines are also a necessary component in sewage systems. These pipes carry effluent and waste water from households and businesses to water treatment facilities. These pipes also require maintenance, as they are prone to infiltration and inflow issues. Pipes could get damaged from careless construction or even heavy ground movement.

Manufacturers understand the value of using high-quality pipes in all of these systems. Using parts such as steel press fittings make it possible for these pipes to be connected efficiently and safely.

Sustainable Fashion: Love the Planet in Style

FashionThe fast fashion industry is notorious for manufacturing more clothing than the world consumes. What these brands aim to do is to bring the runway to the malls, making them affordable enough for middle-class consumers to buy on impulse.

Sadly, not everyone is aware of the detrimental effect of retail therapy on the planet. We don’t see the consequences of our garbage until we’re at the receiving end of its effects. Independent clothing brands like New Zealand’s WE’AR produce sustainable, ethical clothing as a social responsibility, and here’s why everyone else should, too:

Zero Textile

Unwanted clothes don’t always go to thrift shops. About 84% of discarded clothes goes to a landfill. From this global obsession over disposable clothing, there are around 12.7 million tonnes of textile waste thrown away each year. Some may think that’s harmless, but since most disposable clothing consist of semi-synthetic fibres, they emit potent greenhouse gas as they decompose.

The Zero Waste lifestyle promotes a reduction of waste. One way to stay fashionable while minimising the amount of trash that ends up in landfills is buying secondhand clothing. While fashion brands are affordable, thrift clothing is less costly. Variety is a thrift store’s asset – the possibilities are endless.

We, the People

Consumers know the big brands, the models and the size charts. What they might not know is the people behind them. Most, if not all, famous fast fashion brands outsource their manpower. This means that the owners put up sweatshops in third world countries like Cambodia, China and India to get labour for cheap. This means big brands get to sell their clothes while their factory workers suffer from toxic chemical exposure, poor working conditions and an insufficient pay.

The simplest way to help alleviate this problem is to only support brands that have ethical ways of producing their clothes. A lot of independent brands have economic and social development standards that they abide by.

Shopping sustainable isn’t easy. With enough research, however, anyone can be fashionable while loving the planet.

Scrapper Basics: Advice on Scrapping from Veteran Used Metal Collectors

Scrap Collectors and Dealers in New ZealandScrap collectors and dealers in New Zealand engage in negotiations all the time. Your entry into the world of scrapping will get you involved in the things you may not be familiar.

If you want the time and resources you invested to pay off, follow the words of advice from veterans.

Dealing with dealers

Organising pickup of scraps from homes, commercial establishments an industrial facilities. Cleaning, sorting, and categorising piles of used metal from customers. These are labour-intensive tasks accomplished by expert scrap metal recyclers, like McCamish Metals.

As a newbie scrapper, you would have to deal with dealers of all sorts. Knowing how they do their business can get you amazing deals. In addition, dealers work very hard to keep their customers happy. The competition is intense, so they will present enticing offers to attract more people to their door.

Helping yourself

Most scrappers decide to be one on a part-time basis. Yet, you must realise you are doing an important job. Take responsibility and do your best in getting the job done. By learning about the qualities of the different categories and types of metals, you will be able to present clearly organised piles of scraps and fetch better prices. When you take the time to learn about proper handling of used metal, you improve your chances of getting higher offers from dealers. By scouting all possible sources of scraps in your area, you improve the chance of getting a higher volume of used scraps to sell to the highest bidder.

Helping the planet

Of course, it is good to realise the efforts you put in as a scrapper benefits the community as well. Think of it not only as a source of additional income. Think of scrapping as your advocacy for the environment and responsible handling of waste products.

Be a proud and responsible scrapper. Learn about handling metals. Take responsibility and scout for best prices before you let go of the loot you have collected painstakingly.

3 Strategies to Improve Your SEO in 2017

SEOSearch engine optimization (SEO) is a never-ending process. You need to know the latest updates in Google’s algorithm, new industry standards, and user behavior when it comes to search. However, every effort pays off because you will get more traffic and potential customers as your site’s SEO value increase.

Here are things every online marketer and business owner should strive for this year to make their SEO strategies count:

Publishing Long-form Content

Content is king and SEO will never be effective without it. This year, long-form content will be more important than ever because it adds more value to users and it establishes your site’s credibility. With the number of fake news sites popping out of nowhere, long-form content provides detailed, informative, engaging, and relevant information that will do your SEO wonders. Choose a Denver SEO company who can help you both in SEO and content marketing to get the best of both worlds.

Further Improving the Mobile Experience

Searches and traffic from smartphones and other mobile devices have finally overtaken desktops and laptops. That means people these days are more mobile than ever, heavily reliant on their handy devices to get what they want when they want. It’s not enough anymore to have a mobile-friendly and responsive website. You need to improve the user’s mobile browsing experience further. Mobile should be your top priority when it comes to user experience.

Improving Loading Speed

Everyone’s going mobile, so your website should be ultra-quick to load. Users don’t have the patience and time to wait for a website to load completely for more than three seconds. Slow loading speed will result in high bounce rates and lower SEO value because it brings the user experience down. There are tools such as GTMetrix and Google’s Page Speed for you to assess and improve your site’s loading speed if necessary.

Invest in these strategies and you’ll surely reap great results by having more customers, higher profit, and better SEO value.