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Do Not Miss These Considerations When Hiring a Van

Inside view of a vanMoving out pieces of furniture or larger pieces of items manually is no easy task. Apart from the unnecessary stress, it can also compromise your business operations. Clients appreciate on-time deliveries; with a faulty transportation, you will end up explaining why everything is late. Customers are not big fans of tardiness or expired goods, which is why investing in proper transportation is a must.
Amidst the numerous choices, one still stands out: a van.

It is vital you take time to figuring out which van hire company in Auckland to choose, seeing as such service providers have varying levels of product and service quality, fleet options, price, and of course, reputation. No one wants to work with a questional provider. Instead of regretting in the end, make sure you do not overlook these considerations:

Specific requirements

Do you know what you need? It pays to know your specifications: from the specific van brand, make, model and even year. This will make it easier for the company to meet your requirements. Inform the company about product specfications and other needs; otherwise, you may end up with the wrong vehicle. Browse through their selection of vans and UTEs for hire to see which vehicle is ideal for delivery purposes.

Reduce the stress by making a list now and use this as a way to narrow your list of potential providers. You will pay good money, so you want to make sure they can meet your needs and that you get the best value for your expense.

Roadside assistance

Not all vehicle rental services automatically provide roadside assistance or back-up services. It is bad enough to have a breakdown, but to find out your delivery is in the middle of nowhere is worse. This can happen to anyone, anytime, even in the wee hours of the morning. It would be a plus if the van hire company you choose offers 24-hour roadside assistance.

As long as you do not overlook these factors, you can rest assure that you will have a smooth, problem-free mode of transportation of your goods.

Porsche Achieves Good North American Car Sales in May

Sales personnel pitching a new car to possible clientPorsche achieved relatively stable car sales in North America for May, as it sold more than 4,800 cars compared to almost 4,580 units in the same month last year.

The luxury carmaker’s increased sales has led it improve vehicular aspects, such as technology and speed, as demand remains strong.

Even that the increase in sales may also mean more owners will seek professional services for Porsche vehicles.

Interesting Growth Trend

Porsche sold a total of 23,052 cars year-to-date compared to 22,226 vehicles in 2016. While that seemed like a good turn for business, the number of certified pre-owned cars that changed possession in May reached 1,568 cars. The figure notched higher than sales of second-hand cars in April, indicating that auto dealers are transferring ownership of used vehicles.

Even so, another surprise in May occurred when Ford sold more cars than its fiercest rival, General Motors (GM), which has been a constant leader in the car sales markets.

Auto Rivalry

Ford registered 2.4% growth in sales for the month, surpassing GM by around 3,000 cars and trucks. For now, Ford can temporarily claim that it is the largest carmaker in the US. It last held that recognition in March 2016, as it lost to GM since then. On the other hand, GM posted a 1.4% decline in sales for May year over year.

The growth in Ford’s automobile sales can somehow appease investors who have closely monitored the company, ever since Jim Hackett took on the CEO position in the same month. Sports utility vehicles and pickup trucks primarily drove sales to increase, yet the F-150 pickup truck is perhaps the most important model for the company, according to Mark LaNeve, Ford sales chief.

The luxury car market’s good business partly stems from consumers’ belief that high-end vehicles represent sophistication and class. However, the market changes constantly, so as consumer behavior. We can expect a sudden turn of events sometime in the future.

Guide to Keeping a Car in Good Shape

Car in IpswichYou have just bought a new ride from an Ipswich dealer. You now have the responsibility to take care of that vehicle. Tender loving care can prolong the life of your car. With proper maintenance, you can save yourself from troubles and additional expenses.

Daily Inspection

One simple task you can do every day before leaving your home is a quick vehicle inspection. Checking your lights, windscreen wipers, tyres and engine fluids can help you detect any possible defects. When engine fluids are low, you will be able to fill them up before your car breaks down. You can likewise replace parts immediately.

Double W’s

Do you want your car to shine brightly for a long time? You can ensure the lasting appearance of your vehicle by having it washed and waxed regularly. These practices help maintain the colour of your ride.

Tyre Knowledge

You will never know when you will get a flat tyre. It is, therefore, important to learn how to change a tyre. Make sure your spare tyre and tools are in great condition. By knowing how to change a tyre, you can avoid the hassle of wondering where to find help when you need it.

Professional Check-up

Whilst you can maintain your vehicle yourself, you also need to have it serviced regularly. Even Boettcher Motors agrees that experienced mechanics can perform more rigorous and meticulous inspections. Regular servicing can reveal defects, faults and broken parts early, so you can have them fixed or replaced before they get worse.

A vehicle has both sentimental and functional value. It will be a problem if your car breaks down in the middle of your journey. By taking good care of your vehicle, you can enjoy the benefits for many years to come.

Buy Your New Car at a Better Price in 3 Ways

Car Buying in KalamazooIf you are thinking about buying a new car, you have to make plans on what type of car you want to buy and the budget you want to allot. As you know, a car purchase is a costly decision — one of the most expensive purchases after a house. To avoid making a bad decision, you have to understand some important things about buying a new car:

1. You can save more when you buy at the right time.

There are certain times of the year where you can save more money when buying a new car, especially on good months such as January, February, and other months where sales are usually slow. You can also make the most of the holidays since you could easily special offers and incentives on the next car you purchase.

2. Old models aren’t always a better pick than a new car.

While many people go for old models to save more money, some prefer new models of the car they want to purchase. You could actually save more money on buying a new car, particularly on the length of ownership, rebates and incentives, and features. Moreover, it’s always good to have the newest model than the old one. If you are eyeing for a Ford, Seelye Ford recommends finding a dealer you can trust.

3. Do not depend on the sticker price.

Making a negotiation with a car dealer is always a good thing to do when buying a new car. Oftentimes, you can still get discounts from the sticker price of the car only if you can get to the right negotiation where the real threshold lies for your purchase.

Getting into the market of buying a new car is a wonderful experience. However, follow this guide so you can always find yourself getting the best deals for your latest car purchase.

Corolla Craze: What Makes Toyota Corolla the World’s Best Selling Car?

Toyota Corolla

Best Selling Car in TexasWith over 40 million units sold worldwide, the Toyota Corolla is the most popular car of 2016, beating out the Volkswagen Golf and Ford F-150 for the position. First-time car buyers may want to consider purchasing the sedan as, according to the experts at Mike Shaw Toyota, it is both affordable and efficient. But the Corolla sedan’s popularity extends much farther than as a favorite starter car. What appeal does the car hold on the market and what makes it the best car in the world?

A Long History of Performance

Corolla cars have developed a solid reputation as an affordable, efficient vehicle. After fifty years in the market, the compact sedan has proven to be durable and dependable. The longevity of a Corolla makes it the kind of vehicle a buyer can pass down to their future family.

A Timeless Aesthetic Appeal

An inspection of Corolla shows how the simplicity of the first 1966 Corolla is still present, but Toyota infuses it with a little bit of edge and charm every once in a while. The Corolla has sharp exterior styling, standing out with a sporty trim, elegant curves, and LED highlights. The interior has supple seats and accents as well, giving the car appeal both inside and out.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is a priority for Toyota: the Corolla has a continuously variable transmission (CVT) in place, which works in cutting down excessive fuel consumption. The CVT always gets the best gas-mileage and it works, whether a user is planning a long trip or a city drive.

Models Customized to Consumer Preferences

All Corollas have a base model, but Toyota takes this further by creating different trim levels. The base model comes with the standard car features. However, the different trims available feature upgraded specifications such as improved transmission, mobile app integration or eco-friendly mode. The great selection available means user can find the perfect model for them.

Shoppers seeking a new compact sedan that combines affordability with functionality should consider getting the Toyota Corolla. As a car model that is both budget and fuel-friendly, the Corolla is a smart choice for anyone who wants a set of wheels that’s sure to last.

Going on a Vacation With Entire Family? Rent a Car First

Car RentalIf you are planning to go on a vacation and intend it to be a long-haul road trip, then it would be wise to just rent a vehicle instead of using your own car. Renting a car means the one you own will not be suffering from wear and tear due to long distance travel.

Many car rental firms offer an 8-seater vehicle, as it’s perfect for family travel and road trip adventure with friends. Experts at Aries Car Rental suggest doing some research before renting a vehicle to avoid costly mistakes.

What You Can Enjoy if You Decide Renting

Some of the benefits of renting a car during vacation are as follows:

  • Money saving: If you travel in your own car, you will have to get your car serviced after your return from the vacation. Moreover, you will also have to pay for the repairs of your car caused by wear and tear due to long distance travel. All of these expenses can be avoided if you hire a car.
  • Sufficient space for the entire family: If you are travelling with your family, then you can consider renting a minivan or a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Such cars require more maintenance and hence, renting them would be much better than taking your personal car.
  • Save on gasoline: You can choose to rent the latest model of a car. This will definitely save on the fuel expenses incurred due to long distance travel, as latest models of cars give better mileage.

Moreover, the insurance will cover all expenses related to the breakdown of the rental car. Thus, choosing to travel by hiring a car is definitely better than taking your own vehicle.

Pro-tips for Buying Tyres

Buying Tyres

 Buying Tyres in AustraliaTyres are usually the last thing on most drivers’ minds since they don’t cause much trouble… until they do. You remember what you should have done when you are already stuck on the side of the road in the middle of the night and in the middle of nowhere (someone needs to look into why it rarely happens in less extreme circumstances).

The whole process starts with the purchase. It can, however, be a little confusing since you will be bombarded with a wide range of brand names and sizes when you walk into a showroom. You need to know your tyres lest someone convinces you to buy something you don’t need or might not use.

Do you need them?

Throw your eyes around and check for excessively worn treads, discolouration, cracked sidewalls and bulging. Any of these indicates a need for change. If the tyres are older than 10 years, it’s probably high time to change them, according to Richard’s Tyrepower.

Check your car

Your tyres can tell you whether your car has a problem. Uneven wear indicates a problem with the suspension. Get a trusted mechanic’s opinion and fix that first before changing tyres. Otherwise, the next set will wear out the same way and just as quickly.

Refer to the owner’s manual

The owner’s manual and information placard will give you the manufacturer’s recommended tyre size and type for your car.

Decode the tyre codes

You will find numbers on the sidewall of the tyre. These are a description of the tyres and are standardised. They are used to identify them in the event of a recall.

  • The first letter shows the purpose (P for passenger or LT for light truck).
  • Then follows a three-digit number that gives the tyre’s width in millimetres.
  • This is followed by two digits which is the ratio of height to width (aspect ratio).
  • Next is a letter, R, for radial. This is the way the layers are laid out underneath.
  • The last two digits indicate the rim diameter in inches.
  • The next 2 or 3 digits are optional but they show tyre load. The next letter is the speed rating.
  • The last letters (M/S or M+S) mean that the tyres can be used in mud and snow.

Most importantly, always remember to keep a spare tyre with you and ensure it is in good condition. Besides, don’t forget to check with the dealers of tyres when shopping for new tyres.

Simple Car Improvements for Improved Comfort and Performance

Car Upgrade in Perth

Car Upgrade in PerthSome car owners need their cars every day of their lives to make transportation easier, while some just want a comfortable way of getting to places. Whatever your reason, it’s important to make some minor changes every now and then, to improve the vehicle’s performance and the convenience you get. Here are some car improvements you can try if you need an upgrade this year but don’t want to buy a new car just yet.

Engine Reconditioning

Engine reconditioning in Perth may be an important car improvement if you’ve been driving your car for more than five years. While your engine still works, it may not be at its best condition after so many years and so many miles. Engine reconditioning is a simple but effective way to make your car work at its (almost) best condition again without requiring you to buy a new engine altogether.

Custom Vinyl Wrap

The appearance of a car is a great factor for some owners because it’s more enjoyable to drive a vehicle that’s sleek and smooth. When your car’s old paint job is not doing you any good, maybe it’s time to shell out a few hundred dollars to get a custom vinyl wrap which will automatically make your car look just like new. These wraps come in countless different finishes, colours and textures, so the style is up to you.

New Bushings

Noise pollution is one of the things people avoid when commuting. Old bushings in a car will produce noise pollution. Bushings mute the vibrations from transmission, engine and car-road interaction. If your car is in great condition but you’re hearing some squeaks, maybe it’s time to get new bushings.

These car improvements are quite simple, but they will make you feel like a better driver and car owner. Ask your auto mechanic about them and get them done soon.

The Force that Powers the 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 in IndianapolisThinking about working with a used Chevrolet dealership in Indianapolis? Then you probably have your eyes and heart set on a 2013 Silverado 1500. This vehicle, the brand’s light-duty pick-up, comes with many great qualities, making it a favorite among many truckers in the city. However, the primary components that make it a great ride are those under the hood.

The base engine

For the base powertrain, Chevrolet equipped both the 2013 Silverado 1500 regular cab and the 2WD extended cab with a 4.3L, V6 engine. It delivers more than enough power for light to medium tasks, what with it capable of producing up to 195 horsepower. As for the torque, the engine has a 260-pound-feet rating. Regular unleaded fuel makes all trims in this line run, and they come paired with a four-speed automatic transmission system.

Getting more with the 4.8L, V8

For more horses, you may want to consider going for the 4.8L, V8 engine available for the regular, extended, and crew cabs. With a 302-horsepower and 305-pound-feet-of-torque rating, you can almost any task without problems. Expect a four-speed automatic system paired with this powertrain.

Fuel-conserving 5.3L, V8

You can also choose to equip your 2013 Silverado 1500 with the 5.3L, V8 powertrain, available for all cab options. Aside from giving you 13 more horses and 30 more pound-feet-of-torque than the 4.8L variant, you also get to enjoy the benefits of the Active Fuel Management technology. This engine, paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, helps conserve fuel.

Maximizing the truck’s potential with the 6.2L, V8

You will find used 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 models (extended and crew cabs) carrying an E85-capable, 6.2L, V8 engine. With this, you can experience driving power of up to 403 horses and 417 pound-feet of torque. You also get the standard six-speed automatic transmission system.

Blossom Chevrolet recommends getting your Chevvy from a reliable dealership if you are going for a pre-owned one.

As you can see, the engine options themselves already make the 2013 Silverado 1500 lineup attractive, even when you go for a used one.

Dropping By a Wrecking Crew for Genuine BMW Parts

BMW engine parts

BMW engine partsSome cars have received widespread popularity and fame (or infamy) compared to others. Consequently, some big brands have evolved as the world’s preferred cars. These cars guarantee a smooth ride and top performance.

One such brand is BMW, whose wreckers in Perth are also in great demand.

The Reasons for the Demand

This is because the garages that dismantle and strip these luxury cars are the best places to source used car parts. This will ensure that you get original parts, though second hand.

Many authentic parts such as transmission, mechanical body parts, engines and other accessories are available from these yards. Make sure that the dealer is trustworthy and only accept genuine car models to get good deals, though. Still, you can potentially acquire original parts from here at a very low cost.

Importance of a Genuine Part

The parts of such cars are unique and high performance under the strictest quality control in special auto factories, so they last in the worst possible conditions. These help give you trouble-free rides. While used parts carry a risk of higher frequency of maintenance and repairs, it would still be less if you purchased a used, non-genuine part.

Getting Parts for Old Models

Going to car wreckers to obtain original parts, even if they old or outdated BMW models, is always part of tried-and-true street smarts. Since these garages deal only with wrecked cars of the original brands, they generally stock up all the parts they could salvage from damaged or used cars. Hence, the chances of you getting a spare part for an outdated model at these garages are higher.

Most people visit car wreckers if they are on a budget, or need limited performance parts. Still, you need to be sure of the auto scrap yard first, and if the part is compatible with your machine. Otherwise, it would just be a total waste of money.