Could Clear Aligners be for You?

Clear AlignersMany people would like a beautiful smile, however, most people don’t have perfect teeth. There’s a common misconception that only teenagers can use teeth straightening methods such as braces. That’s not the case; clear aligners such as Invisalign, are becoming popular with adults wanting to straighten their crooked teeth.

What’s the Difference Between Aligners and Braces?

Braces are brackets and wires that help teeth to move into position, whereas aligners are fitted bespoke retainers that have to be changed every few weeks in order to continue to work effectively. With Invisalign, you will need to receive a replacement aligner every 2 weeks for the treatment to work.

Who Are Clear Aligners Suited For?

Clear aligners are an excellent option for adults or teenagers who have crowded teeth, or small spaces in between their teeth. They are most suited for people with mild to moderate issues, however, those with severe dental issues should look into other treatments, such as lingual braces. Sheen Dental in Richmond offers both Invisalign and lingual braces, an assessment is always carried out of a patient’s teeth before the most beneficial teeth straightening method is recommended.

Caring for Your Teeth While Wearing Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign clear aligners make caring for your teeth easy. One of the great things about the aligner is that it can be removed when eating, drinking and cleaning your teeth, however, for maximum results it must be worn 20-22 hours including during the night.

Invisalign clear aligners could be the perfect solution for adults wanting to straighten their teeth, as they’re extremely discreet, so it will not be noticed at work, during meetings, or any other professional occasion that may require you to smile. They can even be worn when going out to a nice restaurant, or a night out, without ruining your glamorous look. Teenagers would find Invisalign very helpful as they won’t have noticeable metal braces when talking or smiling, which can sometimes cause embarrassment and low self esteem, and overall make the teenage years even more difficult.

It is possible for adults to discreetly get a beautiful straight smile without having to go through a drastic procedure or breaking the bank, with invisalign clear aligners.