Different Roles at the Dentist

a dentist checking the mouth of his patientWhen a patient visits the dentist, they are supported by a team of people. Each has a different role to play depending on the stage of treatment.

It is vital that a patient chooses a dentist where the team works closely together. That way, when they need services from a different part of the team, the two professionals can communicate efficiently about their treatment. Someone might see a dentist, hygienist or orthodontist in Milton Keynes.

Dentist, hygienist or orthodontist in Milton Keynes?

The person that a patient sees depends on their needs. At some point they may see each member of a dental team.

The dentist takes care of routine work, check-ups, fillings and lots of other, more extensive work. They are likely to become the person that the patient is most familiar with. The dentist can make referrals to other members of the team at appropriate times. Dentists are skilled communicators who can easily go through treatment options with patients in a way that is clear and ensures that they can make informed choices.

The hygienist focuses on preventive care, cleaning and polishing the teeth. They are also skilled at providing advice about at-home care and techniques. Someone might see a hygienist as a regular part of their dental routine to keep their teeth free of plaque and tartar as well as sparkling and bright. They may also see them prior to a treatment like teeth whitening in order to prepare their teeth.

The orthodontist in Milton Keynes is trained in a specialist area of dentistry. A fully-qualified orthodontist trains for a number of years in this subject on top of the standard dental degree. Although some orthodontists perform regular dentistry as well, most tend to stick to their chosen field of specialisation because their skills are much in demand. A qualified orthodontist is registered with the General Dental Council as a specialist. They are trained to make adjustments to teeth that are out of alignment. This can include bite correction as well. A misaligned bite can cause a multitude of issues for a patient and orthodontics can provide relief. A patient will typically be referred to the orthodontist by their regular dentist as and when treatment is required.