Don’t Eat Garlic Before Your Appointment! and Other Things Your Dentist Won’t Say

Dental Care in IndianapolisDentists have a responsibility to provide a safe and high level of care. They also have a responsibility to be honest and professional. Sometimes, you just have to read between the lines.

If you wonder what your dentists are thinking when they’re peering inside your mouth, here some of the things they want to say – but won’t:

You have bad breath. But we won’t tell you unless you ask.

If you have halitosis or chronic bad breath, the stink remains unknown until you get it out of your dentist. So, if you want to know if you’re offending people with your breath, dare ask.

Your choice of dentist makes the difference.

While all dentists help you improve dental health and quality of life, not everyone achieves it at the same level of competency and pace. An efficient dentist, together with state-of-the-art technology, can shorten appointments and provide a comfortable experience, Gentle Dentist shares.

It’s not a hair salon. We can’t pattern your teeth like Angelina Jolie’s

If you’re one of those patients who come in with pictures of film stars and say, “Make me look like her”, you’re in for a disappointment. You can’t have an exact replica of someone’s teeth, no matter how advanced the treatments are, if you don’t have the facial structure to accommodate those teeth.

Wipe off your lipstick so we don’t have to ask!

Lipstick is always a disaster,” says Victor Zeines, author of Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body. Patients often come in and don’t think to take it off, and others even get offended when they’re told to do so. While strictly harmless, it can get on your dentist’s gloves and disrupt the procedure.

Don’t floss just because you’re due for an appointment.

Dentists can tell if you’ve only flossed on short notice. They recommend sparing yourself the trouble because it only ends up hurting your gums. If you want to make a good impression on your dentist (and health), then do it the old-fashioned way: floss regularly.

Your dentists are your friends in keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful. Why not get a little personal on your next appointment? Who knows? Maybe you’re about to discover something incredible.