Find the Right Croydon Orthodontist for You


One of the most important decisions concerning your dental health is the selection of an orthodontist in Croydon. There are several options, and they all offer varying treatments and payment options that it can be overwhelming.

To help you find the right orthodontist for you or your child, do the following.

  1. Check Their Qualifications

There’s a difference between a specialist orthodontist and a dentist who provides orthodontic services. The former has gone through an additional three years of schooling and often have more experience to better meet your needs.

  1. Ask for ‘Before and After’ Photos

The only way for you to evaluate the skill of the orthodontist objectively is to look at their previous work. Orthodontists typically have photos of patients’ teeth, before and after treatment, for reference. If you ask to see them, a reputable orthodontist should be willing to show them to you without reservations. Better yet, the photos should be up on their website.

  1. Consider Their Payment Options

Orthodontic treatments are a significant investment, so it is best to be informed about how much you need to pay before you start the treatment. Ask the orthodontist to detail all costs, including post-treatment expenses, to help you decide which treatment is suitable to your budget.

  1. Assess Their People Skills

For some people, being fitted with orthodontics can be an ordeal. Be sure the orthodontist you choose makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Most orthodontists offer free initial consultations, so take advantage of these to get a feel for how a long-term relationship with one would go if you were to choose that practice.

It takes a little bit of time and research to find and choose the right orthodontist. And when you find the most suitable one, you will realise it was worth all the effort to find them.