How to ensure your teeth whitening treatment is safe, effective, and fast

Teeth WhiteningDo you, like many adults in the UK, dream of a beautiful set of pearly white teeth? There has been a massive increase in demand for teeth whitening treatments in recent years, fuelled at least in part by the rise of celebrity culture and the continual march forward of Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat to name but a few.

Unfortunately, though, few of us are actually gifted with amazingly white teeth. They can easily become stained by food and drink (think tea, coffee, red wine, blackcurrant. . . ), by lifestyle choices such as smoking, even by medicines and medical conditions, not to mention a natural part of the ageing process.

If you are interested in tooth whitening procedures, there are some important facts that you need to be aware of first.

The key teeth whitening fact to be aware of is that it must, by law in the UK, only be carried out by a dentist or a hygienist/hygiene therapist on a dentist’s prescription. Recent media reports have exposed some of the horrors of unlicensed teeth whitening treatments, which the Local Government Authority has found can contain up to 300 times the legal limit of hydrogen peroxide.  

Clearly, this is extremely dangerous, and can have a devastating effect on your dental health, causing damage to your teeth, gums, and surrounding structures and requiring a lot of expensive and extensive restorative treatment from your dentist to put right. So remember, whilst these treatments may appear initially cheaper, the cost could a lot more than just a financial one.

Teeth whitening offered by a dental practice, such as the home and in-practice power whitening procedures available at Garden View Dental Care in Buckinghamshire, are tried, tested, and safe. They have been proven to be gentle, reliable, and fast-acting, meaning you could have that bright white smile in time for your summer holidays.

Cosmetic dental treatments, including whitening, should only be carried out on a healthy mouth. Your dentist will perform a thorough clinical examination and will be able to treat any issues prior to carrying out whitening.