Is Anyone Suitable for Dental Implants?

Dental ImplantWhile missing teeth is mainly a cosmetic problem, its consequences go beyond compromising your smile. It can also result in bone loss or premature ageing. This is one of the reasons many consider implants instead of dentures in replacing lost teeth. Dental implants offer a long-term solution that looks and functions like natural teeth.

Almost anyone can have dental implants, but it is important for your teeth and gums to be healthy. In most cases, if you are suitable to undergo tooth extraction or other procedures required for bridgework, you are also considered suitable for an implant treatment. If there are any problems (like decay or gingivitis), they will need to be addressed first.

Informed About the Process

Dental implant centres in Hertfordshire note that consultation is necessary to know the best form of implant treatment for you. This will also keep you informed about the process, including the benefits and risks. Healthy bone in the jaw is a major requirement, as the implants need to fuse with the bone and support the tooth replacement.

Habits and Lifestyles

Your lifestyle and health condition also play a part in determining your suitability. If you, for instance, smoke, the procedure may not be advisable for you. This is because smoking compromises gum health, and heightens the risk of implant failure. You will need to quit the habit and follow good oral hygiene to qualify for the procedures.

Care and Maintenance Requires

It is good to know that implants cannot get tooth decay. Like you natural teeth, however, they can have gum problems. This makes it even more important to brush and floss daily. Regular check-ups and examinations are also important to address and detect problems early. While dental implant failure is uncommon, daily care and long-term maintenance are advisable.

If you want a tooth replacement that can last a lifetime, choose dental implants. As they infuse with the bone and look like natural teeth, there will be no restrictions in eating or cleaning your teeth. Visit a dental implant centre today to find out more about the procedure.