Signs That Tell You to Go See Your Dentist

Woman Covering Her Mouth

If you have swollen gums, toothache, bleeding gums or cold sores, it is wrong to think that these will go away on their own. You may think that painkillers can help, but you’re putting your health in danger.

Here are some instances that you should get yourself to an emergency dentist in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire that is open for 24 hours:

1. Unbearable Toothaches

If you experience extremely painful toothaches, you should go to a dentist to check your teeth. Sometimes pain is an indication of an infection or abscess.

2. Your Mouth Sore Has Lasted Too Long

Mouth sores that worsen or don’t improve at all for more than ten days is a sign of something serious. Make sure you check with your dentist in Potters Bar for an emergency check up. It could be a sign of a more pressing health problem.

3. You Have a Fever with Your Toothache

If you are experiencing fever together with your toothache, you may have an abscess forming if your gums are swollen. It is best to see a dentist to save your tooth. If you ignore this problem and let it subside on its own, you can expect a recurrence or even worse problems in the future.

4. Bleeding Gums When You Brush Your Teeth

Sometimes you think you’re just brushing too hard, but it could be that your gums are sensitive due to an inflammation. If you see bleeding even when you’re brushing gently, see your dentist for a check up. It could be an early sign of gum disease.

Be aware of these signs and see your dentist for immediate relief. Don’t let things get so bad that the treatment may be too expensive or too late.