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Porsche Achieves Good North American Car Sales in May

Sales personnel pitching a new car to possible clientPorsche achieved relatively stable car sales in North America for May, as it sold more than 4,800 cars compared to almost 4,580 units in the same month last year.

The luxury carmaker’s increased sales has led it improve vehicular aspects, such as technology and speed, as demand remains strong.

Even formulamotorsports.com that the increase in sales may also mean more owners will seek professional services for Porsche vehicles.

Interesting Growth Trend

Porsche sold a total of 23,052 cars year-to-date compared to 22,226 vehicles in 2016. While that seemed like a good turn for business, the number of certified pre-owned cars that changed possession in May reached 1,568 cars. The figure notched higher than sales of second-hand cars in April, indicating that auto dealers are transferring ownership of used vehicles.

Even so, another surprise in May occurred when Ford sold more cars than its fiercest rival, General Motors (GM), which has been a constant leader in the car sales markets.

Auto Rivalry

Ford registered 2.4% growth in sales for the month, surpassing GM by around 3,000 cars and trucks. For now, Ford can temporarily claim that it is the largest carmaker in the US. It last held that recognition in March 2016, as it lost to GM since then. On the other hand, GM posted a 1.4% decline in sales for May year over year.

The growth in Ford’s automobile sales can somehow appease investors who have closely monitored the company, ever since Jim Hackett took on the CEO position in the same month. Sports utility vehicles and pickup trucks primarily drove sales to increase, yet the F-150 pickup truck is perhaps the most important model for the company, according to Mark LaNeve, Ford sales chief.

The luxury car market’s good business partly stems from consumers’ belief that high-end vehicles represent sophistication and class. However, the market changes constantly, so as consumer behavior. We can expect a sudden turn of events sometime in the future.

Guide to Keeping a Car in Good Shape

Car in IpswichYou have just bought a new ride from an Ipswich dealer. You now have the responsibility to take care of that vehicle. Tender loving care can prolong the life of your car. With proper maintenance, you can save yourself from troubles and additional expenses.

Daily Inspection

One simple task you can do every day before leaving your home is a quick vehicle inspection. Checking your lights, windscreen wipers, tyres and engine fluids can help you detect any possible defects. When engine fluids are low, you will be able to fill them up before your car breaks down. You can likewise replace parts immediately.

Double W’s

Do you want your car to shine brightly for a long time? You can ensure the lasting appearance of your vehicle by having it washed and waxed regularly. These practices help maintain the colour of your ride.

Tyre Knowledge

You will never know when you will get a flat tyre. It is, therefore, important to learn how to change a tyre. Make sure your spare tyre and tools are in great condition. By knowing how to change a tyre, you can avoid the hassle of wondering where to find help when you need it.

Professional Check-up

Whilst you can maintain your vehicle yourself, you also need to have it serviced regularly. Even Boettcher Motors agrees that experienced mechanics can perform more rigorous and meticulous inspections. Regular servicing can reveal defects, faults and broken parts early, so you can have them fixed or replaced before they get worse.

A vehicle has both sentimental and functional value. It will be a problem if your car breaks down in the middle of your journey. By taking good care of your vehicle, you can enjoy the benefits for many years to come.

Michigan Car Talk: The Three Best Selling Cars in the State

Buying a CarIn the November 1987 issue of Ebony Magazine, they said that “cars are extensions of their owners. They make statements about the character and status of their owners. They are loved, polished and pampered […] They cause people to stare and drool.”

While that article is a few decades old, the fact remains that cars are a significant part of culture — for functionality and for style.

If you’re looking for cars for sale in Michigan, check this out to know the most popular cars in the state.

The Chevrolet Silverado

The Chevrolet Silverado is a widely popular car in Michigan, as well as in Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio, and West Virginia.

The overall sales of the pickup truck are high because Chevrolet assembles it as a dependable and long-lasting full-size vehicle. What’s more, the Silverado line tackles just about any task while managing to look stylish.

The Ford Fusion

Breaking the trend of Ford F-Series trucks in other states (e.g. Texas, Idaho, New Mexico, Nebraska, Oklahoma), Michigan locals prefer the Fusion as the state’s Ford vehicle.

It isn’t surprising for the Ford Fusion to be one of Michigan’s top car choices because Ford Motor Company designed the sedan to have a distinctive silhouette and smart technologies that combine form and function.

The Lincoln MKS

Another one of the most distinctive cars in Michigan is the Lincoln MKS. The five-seater luxury sedan has a standard six-speed automatic transmission that shifts seamlessly. The car is made of upscale materials, and showcases a handsome interior design as well as ample leg room and comfortable cushions.

This is a preview of three of the best-selling cars in Michigan. Contact your local dealer to know more about their specs.

What’s Behind the Appeal of Collecting Classic Cars?

Classic Car Dealer in UtahA gas guzzling, classic Cadillac may not be as eco-friendly as a Prius, but is sure is a thing of beauty for vintage car collectors. Why do some people like collecting these cars, if they are not as efficient and environment-friendly like their modern counterparts?


Time traveling is possible when riding a vintage Porsche down the highway. You aren’t only watching history pass by, but is actually experiencing it. Collectors, especially the older ones, relive their glory days whenever they ride a classic car. It reminds them of their youth, their first date, the first vehicle they bought with their paycheck and other positive emotions. A younger collector, on the other hand, buys such models because they want to experience the past.

Art Form

Manufacturers built cars starting with form first, then figured out how to make it function properly later on. This is why some of vintage automobiles look great, but aren’t as efficient in performance or fuel economy compared to their modern counterparts. Famous designers worked on the appearance of these vehicles and considered them as works of art. Ardell Brown and other Utah classic car dealers agree that most collectors buy such vehicles because they look good on display, and driving these said cars come in second.

Investment Material

Some vintage cars are worth a lot more than their purchase price decades ago. Investing in a classic automobile is a risk, as not all of them have the same value to other collectors. Despite the risks involved, however, collectors would still buy and keep one anyway. If you get lucky, the car you bought several years ago may even fetch you a decent sum to retire comfortably.

No matter what your reason is, whether it is simply because a vintage car looks good or you want one as an investment, do what you love.

Security Checklist: How a Car Thief Would Do It

Car Thief in ManukauDo you want a new car but you’re afraid to own one because of the rise of car burglary cases these days? There are ways to discourage thieves and burglars from stealing your car, and one of the best methods is to think like them. Here’s to get you started.

Pick the Hard-to-Steal Models – Research on the car models and brands that have a high-quality security system. You can even do it by word-of-mouth with the right contacts. Ask the reputable car dealers in Manukau as they’re the authority when it comes to cars and their features.

Bump the Car Hard – One of the best ways to check the alarm system is to ‘accidentally’ bump your car to see if it will work. There have been a number of vehicle alarm companies that give their clients a warning sticker to put on their cars. Some car thieves will still choose to ignore and try their luck, though. As an extra precaution, you may want to add a beeper upgrade where you would be given a beeper that will sound off if your car alarm does.

Check For Weak Spots – Frayed and exposed wires, weak window, doors and trunk locks and even loosened seals on your windows can readily encourage a car burglar to give your vehicle a try. Check the car you are buying for these. Have the mechanic do the same during the regular maintenance checks.

Car burglary is common these days. If you can’t beat the burglars, think like them. Being aware of what your enemy can do is one of the standard battle tactics. Do the same with your car and win the war against car theft.

Unusual Sounds? Check if Your Car Brakes are Working Properly

Brake Repair Company in OremCars today have complex braking systems, which involve electrical impulses and motorized actions. Thus, to prevent accidents, you must make sure that they’re working properly. When consulting auto experts, most of them will tell you that many car owners can’t exactly identify whether their ride has brake problems or not.

If you feel that your car is malfunctioning, they recommend hiring a brake repair company in Orem or anywhere in Utah to identify the root of the problem.

How Can You Identify Whether Your Car Has Brake Problems?

Some of the common signs of brake problems are as follows:

  • Unusual sounds – If your car makes an unusual screeching, grinding, or piercing sound, it means that the brake pads need repairs. If you do not fix this problem at the earliest, your car may require much more costly repairs.
  • Vibration while driving – If you feel that the steering wheel is pulsating or vibrating in an unusual manner while driving, it is an indication that the brake system needs to be checked. Usually, it is because of the brake metals grinding against each other.
  • Brakes won’t work unless you step hard – The brakes in your car should be smooth. If you have to press down hard to make it work, then the braking system urgently needs repair. Normally, this is a problem related to the brake fluids or the wearing out of the brake pads, both of which need immediate replacement.

If you feel that the braking system is not working properly or you hear any unusual sounds or smell any peculiar smell, it is time to hire a brake repair or car repair company. Proper repairing alone can work as a preventive measure against any untoward incident.

Going on a Vacation With Entire Family? Rent a Car First

Car RentalIf you are planning to go on a vacation and intend it to be a long-haul road trip, then it would be wise to just rent a vehicle instead of using your own car. Renting a car means the one you own will not be suffering from wear and tear due to long distance travel.

Many car rental firms offer an 8-seater vehicle, as it’s perfect for family travel and road trip adventure with friends. Experts at Aries Car Rental suggest doing some research before renting a vehicle to avoid costly mistakes.

What You Can Enjoy if You Decide Renting

Some of the benefits of renting a car during vacation are as follows:

  • Money saving: If you travel in your own car, you will have to get your car serviced after your return from the vacation. Moreover, you will also have to pay for the repairs of your car caused by wear and tear due to long distance travel. All of these expenses can be avoided if you hire a car.
  • Sufficient space for the entire family: If you are travelling with your family, then you can consider renting a minivan or a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Such cars require more maintenance and hence, renting them would be much better than taking your personal car.
  • Save on gasoline: You can choose to rent the latest model of a car. This will definitely save on the fuel expenses incurred due to long distance travel, as latest models of cars give better mileage.

Moreover, the insurance will cover all expenses related to the breakdown of the rental car. Thus, choosing to travel by hiring a car is definitely better than taking your own vehicle.

Bio Diesel: A Natural and Eco-Friendly Alternative


dieselDiesel engines have a natural and eco-friendly alternative fuel in the form of bio diesel. Aside from being biodegradable and producing fewer pollutants, it can ultimately contribute to counteracting the increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Compared to traditional fuels, there’s always been a debate whether biodiesel is a viable alternative fuel. With the growing demand of gas products and decreasing levels of fossil fuels, many are shifting to this environmentally friendly alternative.

Less Harmful Emissions

The most notable benefit of using bio diesel is that it doesn’t produce harmful by products when it burns. Since the way it burns fuel is a lot cleaner compared to traditional diesel products, it doesn’t produce sulphur dioxide fumes. You also won’t worry about black smoke clouds coming from your car’s exhaust when you use this eco-friendly alternative.

Bio diesel also smells better due to its superior fuel burning capabilities. Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint on the environment, but you will also make the air cleaner and safer for both you and the people around you. The oil used in creating bio diesel is also renewable unlike fossil fuels, which makes it a long-term solution to prevent the world’s dwindling natural resources.

Safe and Engine-friendly

Bio diesel has a flash point of 300 degrees centigrade as compared to fossil fuel diesel’s flash point of 150 degrees Centigrade, reducing the chance of fire or deadly engine combustion. It also produces a natural lubricating action on the engine, reducing the amount of engine wear it experiences. Aside from producing less sulphur and carbon, it also prevents potentially costly engine maintenance and repairs.

Before you switch over to bio diesel, it’s important to check with your car’s manufacturers and verify if you can use it for your vehicle.  Technically, all diesel cars can use bio fuel, but a little checking and maintenance go a long way, especially if your vehicle is already experiencing engine problems from your old fuel.

Only time can tell if all diesel cars will soon be using the environmentally friendly bio fuel instead of traditional diesel products. Presently, it’s the best alternative for a cleaner engine and a smoother ride.