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Rules of Botox: The DOs and DON’Ts

Woman Injected Botox

Botox is no doubt among the most popular and sought after non-surgical treatment worldwide for addressing wrinkles. And why not? From the dramatic results and minimal downtime to the short treatment times and long-lasting effects, it simply is very effective and convenient.

However, although you could easily squeeze in a Botox session in your lunch break, you must be aware of some DOs and DON’Ts before and after your appointment.

Botox DON’Ts

  • DON’T undergo Botox if you’re breastfeeding, pregnant, or underage (unless your doctor gives you the go signal).
  • DON’T prod or massage the Botox injection sites at least 48 hours after your treatment.
  • DON’T take vitamin E, aspirin, or ibuprofen for at least 24 hours following your treatment.
  • DON’T undergo any other procedures within two weeks if the results of your treatment aren’t what you expected. This is because it could take up to several days or two weeks to see the outcome of your treatment.
  • DON’T work out or lay down within four to six hours of your treatment. Otherwise, the Botox might spread to neighbouring areas and result in double vision or droopiness in the treatment site.
  • DON’T undergo the procedure if you have a neuromuscular condition, including myasthenia gravis or Neurone disease.

Botox DO’s

  • DO confirm that the treatment would address your wrinkle concerns.
  • DO make sure that a licensed professional will do the procedure.
  • DO tell your aesthetician about allergies you might have or medications you might be taking such as maintenance drugs or antibiotics as these could interfere with the effects of the treatment, advises top Botox providers in Enfield such as Cuffley Village Dental Practice.
  • DO note that you might experience slight bruising, tenderness, and mild headaches for an hour or two.
  • DO exaggerate or overemphasise your facial expressions in the treated sites for an hour after the procedure to encourage the spread of the Botox in the treated muscle.
  • DO report immediate or severe allergic reactions such as swelling, itchy rash, or difficulty breathing.

Yes, Botox offers plenty of benefits, but you have to remember that it is still a cosmetic procedure, which means that have to understand what you are in for. Do not forget to follow these Botox DOs and DON’Ts to be certain that you get the most out of the treatment.

The Benefits and Limitations of Botox

Botox Treatment

Botox TreatmentAny treatment like Botox comes with its own rewards and risks. In order to be used in the way that it is by so many people, you can be fairly certain of its high success rate. However, everyone is different and you need to be fully informed before you go ahead.

When you visit a reputable practice like Hermes London Dental Clinic in Victoria, they will advise you on both the benefits and limitations of your treatment so that you are fully prepared. If the practice does not, this should set alarm bells ringing.

What Can Botox be Used For?

Botox is only effective in certain areas of the face. It is essentially a muscle relaxant and so will be effective at smoothing out lines in areas where they are caused by muscular action. This includes the forehead, between the brows and some areas around the mouth. It won’t be effective in other areas and a skilled practitioner knows how to blend the effect it will have with the rest of your face. This will make any improvements seem more natural.

How Long Does it Last?

The effect of Botox wears off after around about three months. If you want to continue to see the same results, then you need to have the treatment repeated. You can get advice on treatment intervals from your practitioner. They will let you know that it is not advisable to top up too frequently as the body can build up a tolerance to the effects of Botox.

What Effect Will I See?

The fact is that there is no way to predict what effect Botox will have on you the first time you use it. Your practitioner can give you a guide about the likely effect, but everyone’s body reacts differently. Everyone’s idea of what a successful treatment looks like is different as well. It is up to the person you are working with to manage your expectations. It may be that you need a couple of treatments to achieve the effect that you want.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Serious side effects are relatively rare. Most, such as redness or unintended paralysis in areas of the face, will be self-correcting over time. Your dentist will let you know what to look out for and what it is normal to expect.

The Do’s and Don’ts During and After a Botox Treatment

Women, men, and the whole society are obsessed with youthful looking skin. The Botox treatmentfact that everyone is ashamed of their age reveals how much they want to stay as young as possible. Most people rely on a proper skin care regimen to maintain their beautiful skin, while others get a Botox treatment to get immediate results. But, before you book a visit at Fresh Dental London, check out the following do’s and don’ts during and after your Botox treatment.

During the Treatment

On your most awaited day, try going in au naturel. The clinic will clean your face off with antiseptic or a rubbing alcohol anyway, so it is best to skip the makeup for the day. If needles scare you, do not make it worse by constantly worrying about it. Calm your mind by thinking about random things like that adorable outfit you just saw when you passed by your favourite boutique. Before you know it, the procedure will be over in no time.

To help calm your nerves, read the Botox process revealed by the Medical News Today while you are in the waiting area. You only need to lay still, listen to your doctor and follow the instructions. He will be telling you to frown, relax and smile throughout the procedure.

After the Procedure

It is essential that you take very good care of your skin after the treatment. Ensure that you do not touch the part of your face where your doctor injected the Botox. Do not massage or rub the treated skin for 24 hours to prevent the Botox from spreading to other muscles.  During this time, you must not participate in any straining physical activity or drink alcohol. Do not undergo microdermabrasion, chemical peels or facials for 24 hours.

If you ever go through any complications or side effects, get in touch with your doctor immediately. Following the above practices will lead to enhanced Botox experience and results.