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No Car? That Shouldn’t Stop You from Dating the Girl of Your Dreams

a man keeping a date simpleThere seems to be a man drought in Auckland. In recent years, Auckland has experienced the worst and highest shortfall of young to middle-aged men. According to a report, women who are 25 to 39 years old outnumber the opposite sex by more than 11,000. Although this might be a tragedy for women, it’s apparently the other way around for their counterparts.

Now that you know there are fewer men in your country, that just means there are fewer men to compete with. You might have been eyeing that one girl for the longest time, and there is no better time to date her than now. If the only thing stopping you from chasing after the girl of your dreams, however, is a car, then there’s no need to fret.

For the Intimate Date

With the state of the economy, it will be difficult to get your own car during the beginning of your career. Metropolitan Rentals believes that your lack of a car shouldn’t stop you from going out on dates.

In Auckland, there are several vehicles you can rent for a specific amount of time. Two-door cars and London taxis are good choices for dates.

Don’t Like Couple Dates? Go on Group Dates

If you’re ready to enter the dating scene but not quite in for an exclusive one-on-one rendezvous, try group-dating. There’s a famous mobile app in Auckland called Date with Eight, an app for singles between 22 and 50 who want to bring people together in a ‘quadruple date’.

Car rentals also have luxury minibus and mini van options for those who want to go on group dates without the need to bring several cars to a venue. The best way to go about it with a rental vehicle service is to meet at a common point.

You can make a date work without owning a car. If you’re resourceful, you will always find a way.

You Are What You Drive: Fun Ways to Guess Personalities Based on Cars

Guessing Personalities Based on Cars in KalamazooCars sometimes mean different things for different people. Sure their role in people’s lives is to more or less give them a ride, but there are other meanings many car owners attach to their vehicle. In some ways, it is true that you can tell a person’s personality by simply looking at what they drive. Just for fun, here are some clues:

The brand new, state of the art

Of course, this person probably has money. It’s not just having money; a driver who spends $400,000 to $500,000 on a Lamborghini Aventador also wants to let you know that they have lots of money. Before you conclude that it’s all about braggadocio, however, consider that the person possibly needs to keep up appearances to attract even more greenbacks. For some, maintaining their success has to do with a controlled showcase of what they’ve achieved so far. Whatever their reason, the person who drives an expensive supercar knows how to live it up.

The secondhand machine that keeps on running

The driver who scouts used car dealerships for that great bargain on an Accord, Camry or Mazda 6 is saving money for something more (like a house). Seelye Ford added that these types are simply not into showmanship, and they want things simple and low-key. They consider longevity because they’re not the type to update everything they have for its own sake. They’re the type to do at least a bit of research before they spend their hard-earned cash on something, including vehicles.

They may also be starting out in life. Kanye West sang, “He’s gonna make it to a Benz out of that Datsun.” So when you see a young person in an affordable used car, remember that he could be full of potential. He could also be thrifty, and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, Mark Zuckerberg drives a Honda Fit.

The shiny restoration job

A true student of the times, and a full-blooded car lover — that’s the person who spends time and money on a restored classic. A 67 Chevy Camaro is by no means ugly, but when a restoration buff gets it looking like it rolled out of the plant, you know it’s nothing less than beautiful. That proud car owner isn’t likely to trade it in even for an Aston Martin DB11. Well, maybe for a 63 DB5, but that’s another story.

Of course, not all people who drive these cars fall under these categories. But when you look at someone’s car sometimes, you can’t help but think of the story behind it. And it’s just fun to have your own basic ideas.

What’s Behind the Appeal of Collecting Classic Cars?

Classic Car Dealer in UtahA gas guzzling, classic Cadillac may not be as eco-friendly as a Prius, but is sure is a thing of beauty for vintage car collectors. Why do some people like collecting these cars, if they are not as efficient and environment-friendly like their modern counterparts?


Time traveling is possible when riding a vintage Porsche down the highway. You aren’t only watching history pass by, but is actually experiencing it. Collectors, especially the older ones, relive their glory days whenever they ride a classic car. It reminds them of their youth, their first date, the first vehicle they bought with their paycheck and other positive emotions. A younger collector, on the other hand, buys such models because they want to experience the past.

Art Form

Manufacturers built cars starting with form first, then figured out how to make it function properly later on. This is why some of vintage automobiles look great, but aren’t as efficient in performance or fuel economy compared to their modern counterparts. Famous designers worked on the appearance of these vehicles and considered them as works of art. Ardell Brown and other Utah classic car dealers agree that most collectors buy such vehicles because they look good on display, and driving these said cars come in second.

Investment Material

Some vintage cars are worth a lot more than their purchase price decades ago. Investing in a classic automobile is a risk, as not all of them have the same value to other collectors. Despite the risks involved, however, collectors would still buy and keep one anyway. If you get lucky, the car you bought several years ago may even fetch you a decent sum to retire comfortably.

No matter what your reason is, whether it is simply because a vintage car looks good or you want one as an investment, do what you love.

Old is New for a Better Price: Buying Used Vehicles

Buying a Car

Buying a CarThere is no better feeling than driving your brand new car for the first time. But the joy you experience might be short-lived. From the moment you drive your brand new car out of the dealer’s premises, its value begins to drop.

You may find yourself largely inclined to buy a brand new vehicle. But there is a slight probability you have not factored everything in the equation. The joys of driving off an unblemished, untouched and to some extent largely unregistered cars are many. But truth be told, getting a second-hand vehicle may prove to be the wiser choice.

A Little Math

Nobody’s stopping you from taking home your dream car. It’s your choice. But there should be no rush when it comes to car purchases. It’s best to jot down your requirements and the budget that you have.

Awareness of factors provides you a detailed view on how you should decide on the right car.

For obvious reasons, new cars are more expensive compared to used ones. That would mean your hard-earned cash will lose quite a substantial chunk.

Secondly, consider depreciation.

Know that new vehicles depreciate in value as soon as they’re driven off the lot. In a span of two years, your once brand-new car will have lost 30% of its original value.

Used vehicles, like those second hand trucks, for instance, depreciate steadily over time.

Let’s Talk About Insurance

Insurance is another advantage used cars have over new ones. Car insurance for used ones are a lot lesser than those for brand new vehicles.

Also, bear in mind that most used cars and trucks have been customised to fit the road, which is an advantage over brand new vehicles.

While brand new cars give no upgraded versions, buying used ones offer a wider customised option.

New is not always better, especially in this case. Sometimes, old offers more and at a lower cost.