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Getting that Dream Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry in Wigmore

a woman with a brilliant smileMany patients who visit the dentist as regularly as they should will be aware that most dental practices now offer more than just the vital treatments that most people are used to. There is a whole world of treatments that focus on the visual appearance of a patient’s smile.

In Wigmore, cosmetic dentistry can change a patient’s life, giving them a huge confidence boost that could lead who knows where. Practices like Wigmore Dental Practice offer treatments that can solve most issues a patient may have.

Most cosmetic treatments come with hidden health benefits that a patient will notice when their chosen treatment is complete. A big advantage of having an attractive smile in general is that when a patient looks into a mirror and loves what they see, they are more likely to put the extra effort into looking after their teeth well, preserving their natural beauty.

Getting straighter, more aligned teeth

Many people have concerns about the alignment of their teeth, especially if they live with crooked teeth or a bad bite. Having crooked teeth can be a problem not only for cosmetic reasons, but for health reasons as well.

Teeth are stronger when they work together. They are also easier to keep clean when the gaps between them have been closed.

When it comes cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore, the dentist will have a range of tooth straightening options to hand. The most tried and tested method of tooth straightening is still the traditional fixed brace, but this type of treatment comes with a few downsides.

More modern cosmetic tooth straightening

If a patient wants to adjust their teeth to perfect their smile, the dentist may recommend alternative treatments to traditional braces.

Traditional braces are best suited to adjusting severely misaligned teeth and bites. Dentists recommend alternative treatments that are faster acting and more comfortable for more minor adjustments.

Invisalign is one such treatment. This treatment is almost completely invisible and benefits from being completely removable, making this treatment much more practical.

Modern materials have allowed for treatments to be subtler and more comfortable than ever, making tooth straightening much simpler than in the past.

How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Girl With White TeethYour smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Therefore, it is only natural that you want your teeth to look clean, healthy and white.

You may be wondering: How much is professional teeth whitening? The cost varies. It depends on your doctor, the extent of discolouration of your teeth, the procedure to be used and the duration of your treatment.

While there are many affordable teeth whitening treatments out there, you may also want to try some home remedies that can get you that glowing smile you are looking for. Here are some hacks you can do right in the comfort of your home.

Brush your teeth.

Nothing can get simpler than that. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day should be an integral part of your everyday life. You should also floss at least once daily and use mouthwash.

You can also use a whitening toothpaste or make your own paste by mixing a teaspoon of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide effectively removes stains and whitens teeth.

Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Did you know that fruits and vegetables are not only good for your body but your teeth as well? Fruits like apples and strawberries contain malic acid, which is one of the key ingredients of tooth-whitening products. Meanwhile, vegetables like carrots, broccoli and celery, when eaten raw, can also remove surface stains and serve as your natural mouth cleanser.

On the other hand, try to avoid stain-causing foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, wine and hard candy. When drinking, use a straw.

Swish oil in your mouth.

Swishing sesame oil or virgin coconut oil in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes, also known as oil pulling, is said to improve oral health. These oils have antibacterial properties that can keep your teeth cavity-free and your gums healthy.

If you really want that brighter smile, make sure that you brush your teeth regularly and be careful with what you eat. Remember that maintaining good oral hygiene not only prevents yellowing of your teeth but also the development of cavities and infections.

Dental Veneers: The Secret to a New and More Amazing You

A dentist checking the types of dental veneers Are you looking for a non-invasive procedure to give you a perfect smile? Well, if you have multiple malformed teeth or teeth with surface damage, there is a desirable and reasonable option for you. A cosmetic dentist in Meridian will likely suggest that you have veneers. They provide lasting improvements, and they are worth every penny.

What Are Veneers?

For sure, you are familiar with porcelain, and probably have a few heirloom ceramic dishes at home. Dental veneers are essentially layers of ceramic laminates. Imagine them to be very thin. The adhesive layer sticks to the surface of natural teeth where the enamel is removed. Their function is to improve the appearance of natural teeth while allowing them to function optimally.

How Do They Bond?

A strong is necessary is for veneers to remain fastened on your teeth. A special adhesive known as light-resin ensures a reliable bond. The curing light is critical for the success of veneers. Since they are also used to correct fractured teeth, the bond must be secure. If you are concerned about this aspect of the procedure, ask the cosmetic dentist about the adhesive they will use.

Can They Be Customized?

Porcelain veneers are highly customizable. In the hands of an experienced dentist, you can achieve the particular effect you want. After the procedure, you will have teeth, which are better aligned, whiter, and better looking than when you started. Custom veneers will not take away from the usual functions of your teeth and gums. You can eat the same food, and talk in the same way.

What are the other advantages of veneers? Once you have them on, there’s no need to worry about staining. High-quality veneers resist staining very well. They are so low-maintenance you can even forget you have them on. Ask your dentist for the best kind of toothpaste and toothbrush to use and go to follow-up check-ups. That is all you must do.

Thinking About Cosmetic Dentistry

a woman with healthy-looking skin

A woman who is happily smiling There are certain things about yourself that you can’t change: your height, your age, the colour of your skin. Of course, you can lie about your age, wear high heeled shoes and perhaps slap on some fake tan, but these are only temporary changes. Other things about your appearance you can change more permanently. The style and colour of your hair, the shape of your body, the lines on your face, and also the appearance of your teeth.

Over the last decade there have been some major changes in what dentistry can offer. Gone are the days when your dentist was simply polishing, filling or repairing your teeth. Now they have an extensive range of cosmetic treatments that can be used individually or as part of a total smile makeover to create a beautiful, natural looking smile. Many dental practices around the UK, such as PDC Dental in Barnsley, can enhance the aesthetic qualities of your smile as well as care for your overall oral health.

Keeping up appearances

Even if your teeth are reasonably straight, you may feel that their appearance needs a little finesse. Perhaps they are slightly discoloured through drinking tea and coffee or smoking; or you may have a visible amalgam filling that makes you feel self-conscious. Both of these issues can be resolved, teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments. In just a matter of weeks, you can have a brighter, whiter smile that will make you look and feel younger. Unsightly amalgam fillings and small areas of damage can be replaced with white fillings, restoring your teeth to their former glory.

Perhaps your teeth are chipped, worn or damaged or have become permanently discoloured through the use of certain medications or smoking. In these circumstances, veneers are the best solution. Veneers are made from porcelain and are fitted to the fronts of your teeth. Even if your teeth have been badly damaged or are missing, there are many ways that a cosmetic dentist can bring your smile back to life with a smile makeover. A tailored treatment plan will be devised in consultation with your dentist to ensure you can achieve the look you desire.

Uncovering the Truths Behind the Myths on Cosmetic Dentistry

A dentist in Bloomington For the last ten years, cosmetic dentistry is slowly climbing the top as one of the most preferred ways to improve not only your smile but also your self-confidence. With its popularity, however, myths do exist causing people to accept these as facts.

To debunk these misconceptions and false beliefs about cosmetic dental procedures, here are the truths for each one of them:

Myth #1: Stains on the teeth are permanent and are usually caused by brushing your teeth too hard.

Truth: Tooth enamel can be stained a number of times due to many factors, but not because your brushing it too hard. It can be due to the food you’re eating, drink preference (caffeine intake), tobacco addiction, and side effect from the medication you’re taking. This is also not permanent because there’s a way for you to get rid of these unsightly stains and that is through teeth whitening or teeth bleaching.

Myth #2: Dental caps and fillings look unnatural and ugly when done.

Truth: Thanks to today’s advancement in technology, the porcelain materials used for this procedure can be matched to the shade and size of your existing tooth enamel. Thus, making it look normal and beautiful like the original.

Myth #3: Dentures (false teeth) are for old people

Truth: Tooth loss can happen at any age. This means no one is too young or old enough for dentures. The purpose of this procedure is to fill in the gap and eliminate the development of potential problems caused by these spaces. The fact is, more than half of the country’s total population have dentures, which is why you shouldn’t be ashamed of it if ever your dentist recommends it.

Myth #4: Dental bridges can hurt you a lot.

Truth: If you’re living during the early 1900s that are likely the case. At this day and age, however, dentists are now using advanced fitting techniques which make the procedure safe, painless and comfortable than ever.

Myth #5: Cosmetic braces are exclusively for teenagers only.

Truth: In Bloomington, dentists recommend braces to improve and straighten the alignment of teeth and jaw. This orthodontic treatment is responsible for correcting the following condition which mainly affects the patient’s “orofacial” appearance – crooked or crowded teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites. So, if you’re suffering from that condition you are subject to cosmetic braces, regardless of your age.

Don’t let misconceptions stop you from achieving that perfect-looking smile. Read, understand, and research to tell apart fact from a lie. Avoid relying on hearsay, instead ask the dentist outright to personally answer all your worries and concerns.

All You Want for Christmas is a New Smile

New Smile In Sioux FallsIf you're not happy with the appearance of your smile, you don't have to put up with it. You could treat yourself this holiday to a smile makeover so you feel great for festive photos.

If you avoid smiling in pictures, you hide behind other people in family portraits or you're frequently deleting social media images because you don't like the way you look, you're not alone. More than one-third of adults are unhappy with their smile, according to the American Association of Orthodontists.  Of those people that are unhappy, 36% believe that they would have a better social life if they had better-looking teeth.

The First Thing People Notice is Teeth

In fact, one of the first things people notice about a person when they meet them is their teeth. If a person has misaligned teeth, others are more likely to incorrectly assume that they are unsuccessful. First impressions do have a lasting impact on how someone is perceived.
Advances in dentistry now mean you can enhance your appearance to make the most of your natural features and gain the confidence to smile.

You Can Transform Your Smile in Just One Day

Top Sioux Falls dentists can offer computerized scanning to create personalized restorations for your teeth, such as:

  • Dental crowns to cover and protect chipped teeth or disguise discoloring.
  • Dental veneers to cover gaps between the teeth, disguise misaligned teeth without the need for months of brace treatment.  You can also choose the shade of your veneers if you would like a whiter smile.
  • Dental Inlays (surface fillings for the chewing surfaces of your teeth) made of composite or porcelain to blend in with the color of your teeth.

To start your new year with a new smile, just contact the team of specialist cosmetic dentists for a consultation to discuss your dental care requirements. 

Dental Fillings: Your Options to Repair Decayed Teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry In AlbuquerqueDiscolored and misaligned teeth can dash your confidence. These days you can do something to correct aesthetic problems concerning your teeth and gums. In Albuquerque, restorative dentists regularly perform treatments to improve the condition of misaligned, misshapen, and chipped or damaged teeth. Perhaps your dentist will recommend that you prioritize having fillings as a management for tooth decay. Before making that next appointment, learn about the type of fillings available in dental clinics in America today.

What are the top three types of dental fillings and what are their differentiating characteristics?


On top of the list is the amalgam. Despite the availability of contemporary materials, some dentists in America still use amalgam in their clinics, specifically for severe tooth decay and as fillings for back teeth. The material is an amalgamation of mercury, copper, zinc, tin, and silver. The material is wrought with controversy related to mercury toxicity, yet some cases are still best managed with amalgam fillings. It is also the most affordable of the available options. Meanwhile, most dentists today recommend tooth-colored restorations, which are becoming more popular because of the aesthetic advantage over dark-colored amalgam.

Cutting-edge fillings for your teeth

Ceramic fillings by themselves are not as durable as amalgam, but when bonded to teeth they offer the immense capability for enduring the mechanical demands of cutting and chewing. Composite fillings resemble paste when the dentist mixes the elements together, but they harden like cement once activated by high-powered light. Composite resin is quite popular — an interesting and reliable mixture of fine glass and plastic. Then there are gold fillings, composed of 75 percent gold and 25 percent minor metals.

Because of rapid changes in dental technology, and the availability of new materials, cosmetic dentistry Albuquerque specialists have more options for clients today, says an expert from Parkway Dental. Restorative dentistry practitioners can help return your teeth to its undamaged state or correct any alignment or structural problems you have been worrying about for so long.

Is It The End of the World If You Cannot Get Invisalign?

Getting InvisalignBeyond question, clear aligners have taken the United Kingdom, and so as the rest of the world, by storm. Before, it was just traditional braces; you practically have no choice but ruin your smile in the name of optimal dental health. Even if modern brackets are smaller than their predecessors, Invisalign, on the other hand, would not give you that metal mouth. In addition, clear aligners are amazingly easy to remove whenever you please.

Unfortunately, Invisalign is not for everyone. There are patients that cannot get clear aligners because of their limitations. Invisalign will not work for complex dental problems, and it is only suitable for teens and adults—not to mention it may take a longer period for it to align your teeth.

It is the sad truth, but take your heart out of your boots because you still have many other North London braces to choose from:

Ceramic Braces

This one is a crossbreed of Invisalign and metal braces. They have the shape and size of traditional braces with the invisible quality of clear aligners; hence, they are called clear braces. As the brackets and wires can resemble the colour of your teeth, they would be barely noticeable. Moreover, ceramic can move teeth to their proper places faster than clear plastic aligners.

Lingual Braces

Instead of wearing them on the outside, the brackets and wires of lingual braces are placed on the inside of your pearly whites. This option definitely makes your orthodontic device 100% invisible. Nonetheless, they may be harder to clean, and regular adjustments might take longer to finish than traditional braces.

Speed Braces

Made from the same materials as metal braces, self-ligating braces use a specialised chip, instead of elastics, to cause less friction to teeth and minimise the number of appointments you have to make with your dentist.

All treatments to correct teeth misalignment has a share of possibilities and limitations, benefits and drawbacks. As you cannot have it all, you must know how severe your dental dilemma is before you choose the most suitable amongst the available options.