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Botox Injections And Pregnancy

Woman Getting Injection On Her Lips

It’s well-known that pregnancy is a unique period in a woman’s life. During pregnancy, women are subject to stringent care to ensure a healthy, safe birth for the child. Many experts advise against undergoing non-essential medical procedures during this time. However, women still want to maintain their looks during pregnancy. If, for example, a pregnant woman in Enfield, or elsewhere, wants Botox to get rid of the fine lines on her face, is it safe for her and her child?

The Lowdown

The short answer is no. Botox injections aren’t recommended during pregnancy. It’s important to keep in mind that Botox, while effective in reducing wrinkles, is made from a toxin — Botulinum toxin A. This type of toxin causes botulism, which is an illness that causes food poisoning. And since the developing baby in the womb gets nourishment directly from the mother’s body, a Botox injection can pose serious risks.

However, the issue is more complex than that. While experts err on the side of safety and do not recommend Botox injections for pregnant women, there has been very little research done on the effects of Botox during pregnancy. There is not enough medical data that proves that Botox has either a direct or indirect effect on embryos and foetuses. Some studies seem to show abnormalities forming in animal foetuses whose parents had been injected with Botox. However, human trials into the effect of using of Botox for cosmetic purposes during pregnancy would be unethical and too risky to contemplate.

The International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society has published a report into the effects of Botox on segmental dystonia, a neurological movement disorder affecting two or more areas of the body. They looked at the effect of the injections on 25 pregnant women who received Botox injections to combat their disorder. Out of 31 pregnancies, only three patients received injections past the first trimester. Of those three, two women with cervical dystonia (a condition which causes muscles in the neck to contract inappropriately) received Botox injections and still gave birth to healthy babies.

Weighing up the Risks

Botox injections may be justifiable for pregnant women who suffer from dystonia or other neurological conditions, but experts advise that, given the lack of research into the effect of the toxin during pregnancy, the risk is too high to administer it for cosmetic treatments. The general advice is that Botox injections should only be administered to pregnant women if it is absolutely necessary.


Shh… No One Needs to Know You Have Braces

InvisalignWhen you decide to have braces, the first thing you might be curious about is what you will look like while you have them. Depending on your requirements in terms of effect, you may be able to consider a method like Invisalign which are practically invisible and still very effective.

A dentist like PDC Dental in Barnsley will work alongside the team at Invisalign to give you a personalised service, as well as the benefit of using a method that has realigned more than four million smiles.

The process of fitting

Your dentist will assess you to see if you are suitable for the Invisalign method. If you are looking for a mainly cosmetic treatment involving the front teeth, then it is quite likely that you will be able to use Invisalign for some or all of your treatment.

At your first appointment, your dentist will build up a picture of the current position of your teeth using photographs, x-rays and impressions. These will be used to make a treatment plan and you will be able to see a digital image of what your teeth will look like at each stage. This is when your dentist will be able to tell you how long your treatment will take.

What happens next?

Your dentist will send the information gathered to Invisalign who will create your aligners and return them to your local practice. You will take some or all of these home with you and start using the first one in the series. When this one has completed its work then you can move on to the next one in the series without revisiting the dentist. While you will still have regular check-ups, your appointments will be brief. The dentist will advise on the necessary length of time that you need to wear each aligner. You will gradually work your way through your entire set until you reach the end. This will be when you can see the final result. After that, you will need to wear a fixed or removable retainer for up to a year. This is standard for any realignment treatment as it takes this long for the teeth to stabilise in their new positions.

The Secret Behind Khloe Kardashian’s Killer Body

Body Transformation In UtahHave you seen Khloe Kardashian’s recent body transformation? The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has lost around 40 lbs in the last few months! Thanks to the gym, lifestyle change, and a cosmetic treatment called CoolSculpting.

Insane Workouts

Instead of spending her Sunday mornings at brunch, Khloe hits the gym. She does tons of workouts and she even does them with sauna suits underneath her gym clothes. In People Magazine, Khloe shared that working out has become her therapy. It has been instrumental in overcoming all the stress she experienced when she was dealing with her estranged husband’s tragic overdose.

Disciplined Diet

Khloe’s fridge used to have full of treats like candy bars and frozen pizzas. But now, she snacks on pre-cut veggies and fresh fruits. Despite her drastic lifestyle change, Khloe stated that she never deprived herself. She would still have a piece of cake from time to time, but she has managed to keep her intake of unhealthy food to a minimum.

Trendy Cosmetic Treatment

CoolSculpting is a trending cosmetic procedure in Hollywood right now. Celebrities like Molly Sims and Gretchen Rossi have been outspoken about the effectiveness of CoolSculpting. Khloe credited part of her killer body to the magic of this procedure. According to Clarity Skin in Utah, CoolSculpting is a body contouring procedure that involves freezing and reducing the body fat without invasive surgery. It helps people get rid of the fat that exercise and diet could not trim down, such as fats in thighs, hips, and upper arms.

Khloe didn’t achieve her toned body overnight. But with a mix of discipline, commitment, and technology, Khloe has accomplished a goal that most people can’t do. For that, Khloe Kardashian is the definite #bodygoals!