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Comprehensive Care

Portrait of a smiling dentist with arms crossed in dental clinicWhile most people might expect their SW14 dentist to provide fillings, advice on dental hygiene and support with maintaining strong gums, they may not know that they can also offer assistance with other issues. These could include help with snoring, stopping smoking, and ensuring fresh breath. They also carry out cosmetic work, such as teeth whitening and veneers, and can replace missing teeth using effective techniques such as dental implants. Dentists also offer screening for mouth cancer. Whether patients have a great smile and want to keep it that way, need help to improve their dental health or have a dental emergency, their SW14 dentist can help. Building a good relationship with a dentist is a long-term investment in health and well-being as well as appearance.

Modern techniques and a caring approach

The services that a dentist provides are becoming more advanced and treatment is carried out using modern technologies as well as a sympathetic approach. Often a dentist in SW14, such as at Sheen Dental, brings together skills from different members of the dental team who receive regular training so that their knowledge is kept current. This ensures that the patient receives exactly the care they need and can rest assured that they are in safe hands.

Care for anxious patients

For up to 13% of people in western countries, severe fear of dentists or dental phobia is a very real problem. This can prevent some people from ever visiting their SW14 dentist or make it a very unpleasant experience for others. A dentist in SW14 will make a great effort to put people at ease through creating a comfortable environment and making sure that patients are fully informed at all stages of treatment. They can also offer techniques such as conscious sedation, which can help patients relax during their treatment. This sort of care is especially vital for people who put up with dental problems for years as they are too anxious to seek help. A sympathetic approach, pain relief, and options specifically catering for nervous patients make having dental care more accessible so everyone can get the treatment they need.

Is Anyone Suitable for Dental Implants?

Dental ImplantWhile missing teeth is mainly a cosmetic problem, its consequences go beyond compromising your smile. It can also result in bone loss or premature ageing. This is one of the reasons many consider implants instead of dentures in replacing lost teeth. Dental implants offer a long-term solution that looks and functions like natural teeth.

Almost anyone can have dental implants, but it is important for your teeth and gums to be healthy. In most cases, if you are suitable to undergo tooth extraction or other procedures required for bridgework, you are also considered suitable for an implant treatment. If there are any problems (like decay or gingivitis), they will need to be addressed first.

Informed About the Process

Dental implant centres in Hertfordshire note that consultation is necessary to know the best form of implant treatment for you. This will also keep you informed about the process, including the benefits and risks. Healthy bone in the jaw is a major requirement, as the implants need to fuse with the bone and support the tooth replacement.

Habits and Lifestyles

Your lifestyle and health condition also play a part in determining your suitability. If you, for instance, smoke, the procedure may not be advisable for you. This is because smoking compromises gum health, and heightens the risk of implant failure. You will need to quit the habit and follow good oral hygiene to qualify for the procedures.

Care and Maintenance Requires

It is good to know that implants cannot get tooth decay. Like you natural teeth, however, they can have gum problems. This makes it even more important to brush and floss daily. Regular check-ups and examinations are also important to address and detect problems early. While dental implant failure is uncommon, daily care and long-term maintenance are advisable.

If you want a tooth replacement that can last a lifetime, choose dental implants. As they infuse with the bone and look like natural teeth, there will be no restrictions in eating or cleaning your teeth. Visit a dental implant centre today to find out more about the procedure.

Find the Right Croydon Orthodontist for You


One of the most important decisions concerning your dental health is the selection of an orthodontist in Croydon. There are several options, and they all offer varying treatments and payment options that it can be overwhelming.

To help you find the right orthodontist for you or your child, do the following.

  1. Check Their Qualifications

There’s a difference between a specialist orthodontist and a dentist who provides orthodontic services. The former has gone through an additional three years of schooling and often have more experience to better meet your needs.

  1. Ask for ‘Before and After’ Photos

The only way for you to evaluate the skill of the orthodontist objectively is to look at their previous work. Orthodontists typically have photos of patients’ teeth, before and after treatment, for reference. If you ask to see them, a reputable orthodontist should be willing to show them to you without reservations. Better yet, the photos should be up on their website.

  1. Consider Their Payment Options

Orthodontic treatments are a significant investment, so it is best to be informed about how much you need to pay before you start the treatment. Ask the orthodontist to detail all costs, including post-treatment expenses, to help you decide which treatment is suitable to your budget.

  1. Assess Their People Skills

For some people, being fitted with orthodontics can be an ordeal. Be sure the orthodontist you choose makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Most orthodontists offer free initial consultations, so take advantage of these to get a feel for how a long-term relationship with one would go if you were to choose that practice.

It takes a little bit of time and research to find and choose the right orthodontist. And when you find the most suitable one, you will realise it was worth all the effort to find them.


Want a Good Dentist? Here are the Qualities to Look For

Dental Treatment in Modesto, CAIn 2015, the number of practicing dentists in the US was 195722. A good number of this dentist specialize in implant dentistry. If you want a dental implant in Modesto, CA, you are sure to find an implant dentist. However, the question is how to identify a good implant dentist. Here are the characteristics of a good dentist.

Ability to help others

The primary responsibility of a dentist is to help people eradicate pain and problems associated with oral disorders. The dentist should not only be interested in making money, but should be happy to have helped other people. The dentist should feel contented by helping other people.

Confidence and reassuring demeanor

Most people panic when visiting a dentist due to the uncomfortable procedures that are performed in the mouth. This fear is also brought about by superstitions based on dentistry as a science. Dentists should be confident to reassure the patient of their safety and well-being.

Excellent interpersonal skills

The dentist is required to explain to the patient the problems they are facing and procedures they will perform to correct the problems. The dentist should also distract the patient and comfort them when they are undergoing pain. Additionally, the dentist should advise the client on how to avoid oral problems in the future.

Extensive knowledge

A good dentist should have vast knowledge in science. The dentist should quickly identify the problems and the effective treatment. To achieve this, the dentist should continue pursuing education to stay updated on new research in the industry.

Gentle touch

A good dentist should understand that the mouth is a sensitive part of the body and so should employ a gentle touch when performing procedures. The soft touch is important in reducing pain and making the process more comfortable for the patient.

Ability to pay attention to details

A great dentist should pay attention to details. They should identify small problems that are likely to be missed in standard checkups. They should as well have solutions to these problems.

Identifying a dentist with the above qualities is critical as it makes the visit to the dentist a bit comfortable.

How to Achieve a Smile Makeover in Just a Few Short Visits to your Dentist

Dental TreatmentEveryone dreams of a beautiful smile, but unfortunately Mother Nature doesn’t always grant our wishes. Almost half of adults in the UK admit to being so unhappy with the way their smile looks that it affects their confidence.

Cosmetic dentistry has risen rapidly in popularity in recent years, fuelled at least in part by celebrities and really television stars advocating such treatments. Blue Sky Dentistry in Northern Ireland has seen an increase in patients seeking cosmetic treatments in recent years, and offers a wide range of options to suit every smile.

Some people imagine cosmetic dental treatment will take a long time to complete, when in fact many of the procedures require only a few short appointments at the dental practice. Every smile is different, and no reputable cosmetic dentist will offer you a “quick fix” solution, but in many cases it is possible to perform a complete smile makeover in time for a special occasion – a wedding, graduation, or job interview, for example.

Cosmetic dentistry is a broad umbrella term covering an extensive range of treatments both large and small. From discreet adult orthodontics to single sessions of teeth whitening, from cosmetic crowns to extensive restorations involving dental implants and cosmetic dentures, there is a solution available to every smile problem. You may think your smile is beyond redemption, but a consultation with a cosmetic dentist will change your mind.

Fast ways to make over a smile

Below are some common smile concerns, and what a cosmetic dentist can do to improve the situation.

Stained teeth

Many common tooth stains – those caused by dietary factors or habits such as smoking – can be rectified quickly with a course of teeth whitening treatment. So long as this is carried out by a dentist it is safe, reliable, and rapid. Home whitening takes a fortnight, whilst power whitening sessions only take an hour of your time.

Chipped teeth

Porcelain veneers can cover a multitude of sins, including chipped front teeth. Alternatively, composite bonding with white filling material can be used to rebuild chipped teeth. Veneers tend to require two-three appointments; composite bonding can be complete in one.

Don’t Eat Garlic Before Your Appointment! and Other Things Your Dentist Won’t Say

Dental Care in IndianapolisDentists have a responsibility to provide a safe and high level of care. They also have a responsibility to be honest and professional. Sometimes, you just have to read between the lines.

If you wonder what your dentists are thinking when they’re peering inside your mouth, here some of the things they want to say – but won’t:

You have bad breath. But we won’t tell you unless you ask.

If you have halitosis or chronic bad breath, the stink remains unknown until you get it out of your dentist. So, if you want to know if you’re offending people with your breath, dare ask.

Your choice of dentist makes the difference.

While all dentists help you improve dental health and quality of life, not everyone achieves it at the same level of competency and pace. An efficient dentist, together with state-of-the-art technology, can shorten appointments and provide a comfortable experience, Gentle Dentist shares.

It’s not a hair salon. We can’t pattern your teeth like Angelina Jolie’s

If you’re one of those patients who come in with pictures of film stars and say, “Make me look like her”, you’re in for a disappointment. You can’t have an exact replica of someone’s teeth, no matter how advanced the treatments are, if you don’t have the facial structure to accommodate those teeth.

Wipe off your lipstick so we don’t have to ask!

Lipstick is always a disaster,” says Victor Zeines, author of Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body. Patients often come in and don’t think to take it off, and others even get offended when they’re told to do so. While strictly harmless, it can get on your dentist’s gloves and disrupt the procedure.

Don’t floss just because you’re due for an appointment.

Dentists can tell if you’ve only flossed on short notice. They recommend sparing yourself the trouble because it only ends up hurting your gums. If you want to make a good impression on your dentist (and health), then do it the old-fashioned way: floss regularly.

Your dentists are your friends in keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful. Why not get a little personal on your next appointment? Who knows? Maybe you’re about to discover something incredible.

Just Like Natural Teeth: Proper Dental Implant Care

Dental ImplantsDental implants give you back the look of a complete set of teeth. They are the more permanent solution when you do not wish to wear removable dentures. It will not feel like a foreign object because the implants are attached deep into your gums. It replaces your missing tooth instead of just temporarily hovering over your gums or filling the space in between. Having an artificial tooth does not mean you do not have to take care of it.

Regular Check-ups

When you get a tooth implant in Edinburgh, you will need to go through regular checks with your dentist. They can check whether the implant is not affecting your gums negatively or if it is still in good condition. Sometimes, brushing alone does not keep it clean. There are some areas in your teeth that your brush cannot reach.  Checking in with your dentist and getting your monthly cleaning may help prevent build-up especially on your tooth implant.

Regular Brushing and Flossing

A great advantage of dental implants over other types of dental equipment is easy cleaning. You do not have to remove it every time just so you can keep it free from dirt or bacteria. Treat it just like you would treat your natural set. All you have to do is be more careful in brushing, so you do not make the same mistakes that led you to losing some of your teeth. This time, floss regularly to keep the plaque build-up in control.

Taking care of your teeth is important if you do not want to lose more of your natural teeth. Brush every night before going to bed to ensure your mouth is free of build-up. Dental implants need care too, so never miss a night of brushing if you want to be free of trouble in the long run.