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Keep Safe: How to Avoid Getting Involved in Road Accidents

a bus driverYou may pride yourself on being a defensive driver and for making sure your vehicle is always in tiptop condition, so why were you still involved in a car accident? The reason, of course, is the other driver who may have been talking or texting on their phone or changing the station on their car’s radio.

Whatever the reason, and even if the insurance will take care of the bills, you should pursue legal action so you can assert your right to due compensation and achieve justice. An auto accident lawyer in Lynnwood or wherever location can certainly help.

While the U.S. did not place among the worst for highway safety in the analysis of European, North American, and Asian countries, it didn’t stand among the best either. The 41,000 deaths recorded on its roads last year attest to the sad fact that many Americans are bad drivers.

Sure, exploding tires are also the main cause of deaths as well as other common causes of car accidents like rain, potholes, and animal crossings. But if you take a closer look at all of these causes, you can still put the blame on the person behind the wheel.

With this in mind, here are a few ways you can avoid accidents:

1. Stop. Look. Listen.

This doesn’t only apply to when you’re at a railroad crossing, but even when you’re simply pulling into traffic. Do it slowly, be aware of blind spots, and always assume someone else is dying to get home more than you do. In that case, let them pass first.

2. Don’t go yet when the light turns green.

Again, someone might be in a hurry that they’re willing to break the law and run a red light. Wait three seconds before crossing the intersection, and look both ways to make sure there’s no red light runner barreling your way.

3. Keep your eyes on the road.

This cannot be emphasized more. When you’re behind the wheel, your only task is to drive and get to your destination safely. You don’t eat, use your phone, turn to the passenger you’re talking to, or even change radio channels, or the song track on your music player. A split-second of distracted driving is all it takes for you to find yourself in an accident.

4. Keep your vehicle well maintained.

Tire blowouts, stalled engine, and brake failure can all be prevented if your car receives regular TLC. Older models will need more care and maintenance, so be a responsible driver.

5. Practice road courtesy.

Imagine if everyone does this, we can probably lower road accidents as well as road rage incidents to almost zero level. That means following traffic rules and practicing good driving habits. Thinking of your fellowman’s sake is not only for when you’re driving but with life in general.

Following these tips will greatly increase your chance of not becoming another statistic in the ever-growing list of road accident victims.

4 Common Driving Mistakes Every Car Owner Should Refrain from Doing

Woman drivingMost issues that people experience on their car is due to the lack of proper care and maintenance. Many vehicle owners fail to see the importance of servicing their ride on a regular basis until it's too late for them to amend the problem. But, there are also cases in which such troubles take place due to the driver's bad habits

To prevent any of these from happening, here are some quick reminders that are worth knowing:

Ignoring the Warning Lights

There are good and valid reasons car manufacturers put all those warning lights on your dashboard. One of those is to notify you that something wrong might have occurred in your system. This is why you need to pay close attention to them, as well. Besides, there's nothing wrong with checking and confirming whether there's something happening in your engine or not.

Driving Right Away after Starting

If you have the habit of driving the car right after starting it up, then you should stop. This, in fact, is a bad practice. Certified Automotive and other auto repair companies in Salt Lake City said that you have to wait at least 30 to 60 seconds before you rev up your car on the road. Like humans, cars need to warm up to prepare all their components to get to work. 

Going from Reverse to Drive Mode

Another common mistake is shifting from reverse to drive mode. Whenever you change gears, especially when you're going forward or backwards, you need to take a moment and stop before switching to a higher or lower gear. Although abruptly shifting may work smoothly for you, it's an engine problem in the making so might as well refrain from doing it.

Not Checking the Fluids

Fluids like gasoline and oil are the life source of your car, so if it runs dry, a serious disaster might be coming your way. That's why one of the most important things you should do before traveling is to check it. While you're at it, don't forget to have a quick inspection of your tire pressure and alignment.

One of the biggest mistakes car owners commit is failing to stop the problem right before it takes place. Most of them think that everything's fine with their ride as long as it is running and working. That shouldn't be the case, though. What you should do is to avoid breakdowns and troubles from showing up and not wait for them to happen.