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Pregnant and Hungry: Food to Avoid

Pregnant Woman with Healthy FoodThere are specific foods you must avoid eating while you’re pregnant because they could harm your little one or make you sick. Make certain that you’re fully aware of the vital facts concerning foods to avoid to ensure your and your baby’s health. Your diet must consist of freshly prepared or cooked food, and must not include the following:

  • Any Alcoholic Beverage – According to the National Health and Medical Research Council, you must avoid drinking anything alcoholic while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Caffeine – Although studies have shown that consuming huge quantities of caffeine won’t cause birth defects, it might increase your risk of miscarrying or delivering an underweight baby.
  • Undercooked or Raw Eggs, Meats, and Seafood – These might contain salmonella and other bacteria that could cause life-threatening foodborne illnesses. Additionally, take note that mayonnaise, smoothies, and some desserts such as mousse, might have raw eggs.
  • Foods that Might Contain Listeria – These include white, soft cheeses such as feta and Brie, oysters, pate, soft-serve ice cream, and prepackaged salads. Take note that soft cheeses might be safe to eat if they’re cooked well above 65 degrees Celsius and served hot such as in cheese pizzas, some pastas, and cannelloni. The Listeria bacteria cause listeriosis, which is a relatively rare foodborne illness. Nevertheless, while it doesn’t cause severe symptoms in most individuals, it could be extremely harmful to you and your unborn baby.
  • Unpasteurised Dairy Products – Although the majority of dairy food products in Australia are required to be pasteurised, some imported cheeses might not be, so read the label first, advises an instructor of a food safety supervisor course online.

Carrying and delivering a baby is an immensely exciting and enjoying experience for most mothers, but you must be vigilant about what you eat because you’re eating for two. Being pregnant comes with additional nutritional requirements and studies have shown that what a mother eats while pregnant could significantly impact the baby’s development and health while growing up. Put simply, avoid the high-risk foods above to ensure a healthier and happier pregnancy.

The Cupcake Tale: Just Delicious Won’t Make the Cut

CupcakesCupcakes are taking the world by storm. Who would’ve thought this simple dessert would turn into such a well-loved treat?

Because of the continued love of cupcakes in recent years, bakers are still constantly experimenting with different flavors — some of them even bizarre. From leveling up a chocolate cupcake with the addition of alcohol to sprinkling bacon bits on the icing, it seems as if any recipe will work, especially for cupcake lovers.

If you’re looking into the business, however, know that just baking delicious cupcakes is not enough. Presentation is also everything.

Just Delicious — Not Enough

According to the team at Simply Wrappers, a good-looking cupcake is what will initially appeal customers. Presentation is everything; your treats need to look attractive and then follow through with the taste.

Judging the book by its cover sometimes applies to cupcakes. When a customer does not like what they see, they won’t give it a try. If they think your treats are dull, it’s likely they’ll just pass. Delicious matters, but if customers don’t take a bite, it becomes pointless.

Decorate your treats to improve their visual appearance. A little sprinkle here and there plus good wrapper makes a big difference.

Limitless Creativity at Hand

Apart from impressing your customers, exerting extra effort in cupcake decorations also benefits you, the baker.

Wrappers, icing, and sprinkles are everywhere. Because of the rising fame of cupcakes, suppliers offer new designs for better presentation. Your want to attract customers drives the brain to come up with surprising yet beautiful styles. From glamorous gourmet treats to pink cupcakes for a birthday party, you come up with ideas to impress.

Don’t let customers miss out on your delicious delights. Make them fall in love with these simple delights by getting as creative as possible.

Baked Goodness: What Makes a Cookie Perfect?


cookiesCookies make the world go round. In every person’s book, this baked goodness is the ideal comfort food. All it takes is one bite to make things all right. As such, it is only right to consider cookie baking a life skill. But if you’re more of an eater, you should at least know how to identify the hallmarks of a good cookie.

Gauging cookie qualities, however, goes beyond downing the pastry itself. You should treat it like chocolate or wine appreciation — deliberate and subtle.

Below are some pointers that will help you evaluate and appreciate cookies.

Judging the Texture and Consistency

Texture and consistency can easily make or break the cookie experience. When judging crisp cookies, see to it that they don’t “break your teeth.” Otherwise, the moisture content is not enough. This means that the baker used fewer eggs. These are also the types of cookies that are high in sugar and fat.

Soft cookies, which include the chewy ones, may indicate that the pastry uses more eggs. They may also contain more moisture due to high amount of water, honey, and oil.

Judging the Flavor

You may be wondering why cookies, such as those from MarcelitasCookies.com, are so tasty. The secret lies in one ingredient. In most cases, it is just butter. Solid butter, for instance, can cause the cookie to be fluffier and richer in taste. Melted butter, on the other hand, may make the final product a bit compressed and compact.

The way the sugar is prepared may also affect the flavor. A cookie with rich caramel flavor contains sugar that is dissolved first before being incorporated into the batter.

Judging cookie qualities may seem unimportant, especially if you’re the type who enjoys any type of cookie. This, however, is essential if you want to improve your cookie experience or you’re thinking of improving your baking skills.