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Creating a House Everyone Envies

Decorating Your HouseHave you ever walked into a pal's house and you wanted to stay in there a little longer? Such is the effect of well-done décor. It's scientifically proven that décor affects mood so ensure that your decoration choices are well-thought. 

To give your house that inviting spark, try doing these things.

Enliven your house with fresh flowers.

A study by the State University of New Jersey revealed that flowers trigger happy emotions and provide feelings of fulfilment. Further, flowers help moderate negative moods, and that’s why you will find them in offices with productive employees.

Fresh flowers create a welcoming space so placing them at your houses entrance or in the living room is an excellent idea. Since some flowers trigger allergies, consult a florist before purchasing.

Let the walls and the ceiling exude excitement and personality.

The colour on your walls will either create a delightful atmosphere or a dull one. Bold colours can be dramatic and fun, but you should go for cool colours that you won’t have a problem looking at one year down the line.

This said, many people pay too much attention to the walls and ceiling and end up forgetting the windows. Yet, the windows play a major role on the overall décor as well.

Select a window treatment that works for you.

When selecting window treatments, consider your concerns. While curtains are easy to maintain and install, blinds provide better light control, privacy and versatility. When shopping for window blinds in Brisbane, select a colour that blends in well with your walls, furniture and ceilings, ImageBlinds.com.au suggests.

Also, select the right material for the right place. Window blinds, for instance, will work best for the living room and bedroom but not the kitchen or bathroom due to moisture in these places.

The furniture and couches in the living room matter.

Consumers are presented with infinite couch options so the dilemma on what to buy is understandable. Nailing down your personal taste is important but what is even more important is the structure: the sofa should allow you to sink in but at the same time provide adequate support especially for your back to avoid getting back problems.

It’s the small transformations that end up giving your house an overall inviting and exciting look. Transforming your house can be one of your DIY projects to cut cost.

When Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?

Fertilized LawnThe lawn is an important area in any household. It makes the home look brighter and cozier. A beautiful lawn is a healthy one, and homeowners think using fertilizers frequently is the way to go. But, is it really?

Like other substances, they have to be used sparingly to achieve desirable results. Greenside Landscaping understands this well. How often do you really need to use them on your lawn?

What Too Much Fertilizer Does to Your Lawn

It’s tempting to apply fertilizers frequently, especially if you’re in a hurry to see those flowers bloom. But, using too much of them may have the opposite effect. The University of Utah Healthcare says that fertilizers increase the growth of leaves in plants. So, there are fewer flowers.

In addition, they make grass grow too fast. When grass roots take up a lot of space, other plants are unable to grow strong roots because of the crowding. They can’t get enough nutrients from the soil as well.

Too much grass makes it difficult for you to maintain your lawn. You have to mow it more often than usual because they grow too fast.

When You Need to Fertilize

Spring and early fall are the ideal times to apply them. Plants grow during these seasons, and extreme weather conditions slow down growth.

The summer heat is not convenient for fertilizing, as plants dry up more easily. The winter weather, on the other hand, increases risks of injuries for the gardener. It is also difficult to apply fertilizer when there is a thick layer of ice and snow over the soil. Spring and early fall are ideal for both the homeowner and the plants.

In using fertilizers, knowing when to apply it is key to achieving desirable results. A healthy lawn is any homeowner’s pride. Fertilizers make it possible, but applying too much of them does the opposite.

Your House, Your First Investment


HouseFor many, buying a house is getting a place to call one’s own. Somewhere one could raise kids and grow old. But so much emotional attachment to the house can make one forget that a house is still an investment that could get you to a better state in life when the time comes.

Losing Perspective

Owning a home seems an uphill climb for most. People view the comforts of an abode as a trophy of sorts, a place you can work hard for.

Many Americans would rather pay the mortgage for a home, to stay out of the ever vicious rent-a-home cycle. No wonder it brings a lot of happiness to have a place to call home. And for many, that’s about it.

But experts on real estate beg to differ. They say Americans should view their first home as an investment property.

Meaning, you should be looking at your first house as a way to jumpstart your finances and rev up your lifestyle. Instead of going through the usual post-college approach, consider the investment while young.

Such a paradigm shift gives you better momentum, as it allows you to focus on “building a life” instead of spending needlessly.

A Good Decision

Such a decision is wise, as rental increases are outgrowing purchase increases in many localities. It becomes an especially advantageous investment when you utilize an FHA loan, especially when you’re in your 20s or 30s.

Also, that helps you make your abode as valuable as possible.

When the time is right, exchange your home for a good financial return. Savvy companies offering cash for homes could give you a substantial return on your most valued living space. FasterHouse says the arrangement gives you a lot of leverage, especially useful when your need for cash is immediate.

When you view your house as more than just a place to live, you could improve your lifestyle faster than you could ever imagine.