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Discover the Benefits of Invisalign in Glasgow

a woman showing her InvisalignPatients who want to straighten their teeth without resorting to metal braces, are now presented with many discreet options. Invisalign was developed almost 20 years ago and remains one of the most popular teeth straightening treatments for adults who wish to fix their smile without anyone knowing that they are undergoing treatment.

Invisalign in Glasgow is available in many dental practices, including Park Orthodontics. Invisalign aligners can correct many mild to moderate dental issues, including crooked, crowded, gapped and misaligned teeth. However, patients with more severe dental conditions may be advised to have metal or fixed braces instead.

How is Invisalign different from traditional braces?

Invisalign in Glasgow straightens teeth just as effectively as traditional metal braces, but using a modern approach that is well suited to an active and social lifestyle. The clear plastic aligners are virtually invisible and not likely to be spotted by anyone. And unlike traditional braces, they are removable. This makes it possible to brush and floss the teeth without the interference of brackets that can contribute to tooth decay and gum disease.

Patients who opt for Invisalign can remove the braces to eat and drink without worrying about staining them. Unlike traditional metal braces, which use brackets and wires that may harm the soft tissue in the mouth, Invisalign aligners are made of smooth plastic that is comfortable to wear. The convenience of Invisalign in Glasgow appeals to many people at different stages in life.

How does Invisalign work?

Patients who wish to straighten their teeth with Invisalign, first need to have an oral assessment in order to determine whether this is the right treatment for them. The dentist will use 3D technology to create a customised treatment plan and a virtual image of how the teeth will look after the treatment. Based on this plan, the Invisalign lab will create a series of clear aligners that are specifically made for each patient.

The aligners are comfortable to wear and can be removed for eating and cleaning the teeth. About every 7-10 days patients will progress to the next set of aligners until they have used all of them.

Killer Smiles Count

Woman showing the thin and subtle InvisalignThe smile is every potential lover’s most important weapon. This is what someone is going to see across a crowded dance floor, what will ignite a warm smile in response, and will open the door to being able to use all that sparkling wit and kindness that can lead to true love. The smile is where it all begins. It is the human being’s most important non-verbal communication tool, the thing that people notice above all else when they meet someone for the first time. In North London, braces can help transform a smile from a grimace into a thing of unforgettable beauty.

Smiles with wonky teeth are far less forgiveable in 2017 than ever before. Maybe that’s because there are now so many kinds of braces in North London available for straightening mildly misaligned teeth, from dentists such as Denchic Dental Spa.

Six Month Smiles

These very popular braces in North London use a traditional bracket and wire system, but with a twist. As it is aimed only at straightening the front six social teeth, which have one root as opposed to three and are therefore easier to shift, Six Month Smiles uses much gentler forces. This means the brackets, which are made of clear ceramic, can be smaller, and the wires, which are tooth-coloured nickel titanium, are finer. The average treatment time is only six months and the braces grace the teeth rather than dominating them.

Inman Aligner

Two clear plastic spring-loaded aligner bars slip over the two front teeth, one in front and one behind them, and the pressure can straighten any kind of front tooth misalignment, starting with completion in as little as six weeks. The removable aligner doubles as a retainer, and so is good value for money.


Incredibly thin, transparent plastic mouth guard-style aligners snap on over the teeth and all but disappear. Only the most practised observer can spot them being worn. The patient wears a series of aligners, each for about two weeks, and the deliberately created pressure nudges the teeth into alignment over a period of about a year. Removable for eating and cleaning, they must be worn for at least 20 hours every day to get their work done.

Smarter Smiles

Woman wearing her InvisalignThere is a discreet and comfortable way to achieve a better-looking smile with teeth in healthier positions. Invisalign is a type of aligner made from transparent plastic. Popular with adults who work in and around Harley Street, Invisalign is worn over the teeth, and uses gentle pressure to improve dental positioning. At London dentists like the Harley Street Dental Clinic, this treatment gives patients a way to optimise their dental positioning without the unwanted social attention that more eye-catching braces can often attract.

Efficient and customised

The process of tooth realignment begins with a consultation between dentist and patient in Harley Street. Invisalign is suitable for a range of problems, but particularly complex ones may require a different kind of treatment. Once it’s clear that Invisalign is appropriate, the dentist will take detailed images of the patient’s mouth. Then a set of clear plastic aligners is produced, carefully shaped to fit the patient’s requirements. The patient will wear each one of these aligners for around two weeks, before moving on to the next one. Each aligner is a slightly different shape, so over the treatment’s duration, the patient’s teeth are gently pressured into better positions. The lightweight aligners can be removed when the patient needs to eat, or brush their teeth.

Gradual process

The total duration of a Harley Street Invisalign treatment will vary according to the patient’s needs, but it is a contemporary technique, and precise planning makes it as efficient as possible. Typical treatment can take around 12 months or longer. Afterwards, the patient will need to wear a retainer while they sleep, to ensure that their teeth settle securely in the new positions.

Future improvements

Having straighter teeth means having a mouth that functions more efficiently and is easier to keep clean. The risk of tooth decay and gum disease is therefore reduced. A person’s smile is also more appealing when their teeth are properly aligned, and this can improve the confidence they have in their overall appearance. All of these benefits will last for many years, meaning that when a person opts for Invisalign in Harley Street, they make a long-term investment in their future oral health.

Discreetly Realigning the Teeth

a woman showing her plastic bracesContemporary dentistry has several methods of realigning adult teeth. Treatment by these methods is discreet, because of the materials from which the appliances are constructed, such as the transparent plastic of Invisalign. Weybridge dentists, like Weybridge Orthodontics, use Invisalign to move their patients’ teeth into healthier and more visually appealing positions.

A customised process

The patient will start the process with an in-depth discussion at their dental practice in Weybridge. Invisalign treatment uses digital technology to capture 3D images of the teeth. This ensures treatment can be precisely planned, and that the plastic aligners are comfortably shaped for each patient. Sometimes, the dentist can show the patient a simulation of how their new smile will look.

Once a series of plastic aligners has been produced, the patient will wear one of them over their teeth for around two weeks, before moving on to the next one. The shape of each aligner is slightly different, so the patient’s teeth will gradually move into better positions.

While treatment is ongoing in Weybridge, Invisalign appliances can be taken out of the mouth at mealtimes, or when the patient needs to brush their teeth. They are convenient as well as discreet, causing minimal disruption to the patient’s lifestyle.


Everybody’s needs are different, and the total duration of a realignment treatment will depend on the complexity of the patient’s needs. Typical durations can be 12 months or longer. After the aligners come off, the patient may need to wear a retainer at night.

Long-term benefits

Realignment will give people teeth that function more effectively, are more aesthetically appealing, and easier to keep clean. There is a reduced risk of gum disease and tooth decay, and less strain on the jaw during mealtimes. If the front teeth were too prominent before treatment, there’ll be less chance of damaging them afterwards. As well as this, a better-looking smile can help people to feel more positive about their overall appearance.

These advantages will last for a long time after the aligners have come off. Choosing to have Invisalign in Weybridge can mean choosing to make a long-term investment in future oral health.

Invisalign Protects Smiles and Prevents Oral Health Problems

Woman showing the thinness and subtleness of Invisalign

Woman putting on her invisalignOne of the most common dental problems amongst Londoners is gapped teeth. This refers to the condition wherein noticeable spaces separate the teeth when they should be sitting as close together as possible.

Many people make the mistake of believing that these spaces are just simple cosmetic flaws. While the spaces indeed ruin smiles, they can also contribute to numerous other health concerns. The good news is, with the latest gap-eliminating oral appliances, you can prevent these complications. One of the things you can undergo is Invisalign treatment in London, which can close these spaces in as little as six, even three months.

Gaps and Tooth Decay: The Link

Tooth decay is one of the leading causes of tooth loss all over the globe. In the United Kingdom, a considerable percentage of the population of children have tooth cavities. And almost the entire adult population have a decay on one of their teeth. While it is widely known that poor oral hygiene leads to the development of tooth decay, not a lot of people know that certain conditions, such as gapped teeth, further increase the risk of cavities.

When you have spaces between your teeth, you will find it harder to clean your teeth and remove the decay-causing plaque that always forms on the teeth and gums. Keep in mind that this clear but sticky substance takes as little as 20 minutes to form, so imagine how severe their accumulation is over the months and even years you keep your gapped teeth.

Tooth Decay Results in Gum Problems

Tooth decay and plaque formation gives rise to gum problems. Gum disease, gingivitis, and periodontitis cause pain, inflammation, loosening of the teeth, gum recession, and ultimately, tooth loss. Because people who have gapped teeth have a higher risk of cavities, it follows that they also have an increased risk of gum diseases.

So as early as now, seek out all your possible treatment options to rid your mouth of these spaces that will not just ruin your smile, but also your oral health.

Shh… No One Needs to Know You Have Braces

InvisalignWhen you decide to have braces, the first thing you might be curious about is what you will look like while you have them. Depending on your requirements in terms of effect, you may be able to consider a method like Invisalign which are practically invisible and still very effective.

A dentist like PDC Dental in Barnsley will work alongside the team at Invisalign to give you a personalised service, as well as the benefit of using a method that has realigned more than four million smiles.

The process of fitting

Your dentist will assess you to see if you are suitable for the Invisalign method. If you are looking for a mainly cosmetic treatment involving the front teeth, then it is quite likely that you will be able to use Invisalign for some or all of your treatment.

At your first appointment, your dentist will build up a picture of the current position of your teeth using photographs, x-rays and impressions. These will be used to make a treatment plan and you will be able to see a digital image of what your teeth will look like at each stage. This is when your dentist will be able to tell you how long your treatment will take.

What happens next?

Your dentist will send the information gathered to Invisalign who will create your aligners and return them to your local practice. You will take some or all of these home with you and start using the first one in the series. When this one has completed its work then you can move on to the next one in the series without revisiting the dentist. While you will still have regular check-ups, your appointments will be brief. The dentist will advise on the necessary length of time that you need to wear each aligner. You will gradually work your way through your entire set until you reach the end. This will be when you can see the final result. After that, you will need to wear a fixed or removable retainer for up to a year. This is standard for any realignment treatment as it takes this long for the teeth to stabilise in their new positions.

3 Secrets to Effortless Beauty

InvisalignSome people seem to have no effort in making themselves beautiful; they go out with a fresh, naked look and you think they’ve put nothing on their faces. But just ask them how they got this look. They have at least a layer of concealer under their eyes, mascara on their lashes, and clear invisible braces on their teeth.

And why not? The clean-faced look with just a barely-there makeup is attractive and you just have to glam it up by applying a high-contrast lipstick. This means, if your complexion is fair, you just have to use dark lipstick. So how about it? Are you ready to rock this look?

Concealer for dark spots

If you’re working on a schedule that demands you stay up late at night, chances are, you have dark spots under your eyes. While proper sleep and diet are the best ways to get rid of those, you can make do with a layer of concealer on them. For a quick and easy blend, use a liquid one that matches the colour of the back of your hand.

Invisalign for your teeth

Misaligned teeth are not just bad for your health, they also do not look good. But not to worry, you do not have to stick wires inside your mouth to fix crooked or gapped teeth. What you need is a set of invisible aligners to improve your smile. The great thing about them? They are easier to maintain than metal braces as they are removable, according to MiSmile.

Mascara for that ‘pop’

The concealer hides dark spots, the invisible braces straighten your teeth, and the mascara brings life to your eyes. The even skin tone won’t mean anything when that is all you have, so buy a bottle of non-waterproof mascara, which is easier to clean in the evening and doesn’t flake off during the day, apply it on your lashes in quick and even strokes, and face the day looking fresher and lovelier than ever.

These are what you need for any casual day, with only a darker shade of lipstick to add when you have to glam up. See, it is not hard to achieve a lovely effortless look.

Is It The End of the World If You Cannot Get Invisalign?

Getting InvisalignBeyond question, clear aligners have taken the United Kingdom, and so as the rest of the world, by storm. Before, it was just traditional braces; you practically have no choice but ruin your smile in the name of optimal dental health. Even if modern brackets are smaller than their predecessors, Invisalign, on the other hand, would not give you that metal mouth. In addition, clear aligners are amazingly easy to remove whenever you please.

Unfortunately, Invisalign is not for everyone. There are patients that cannot get clear aligners because of their limitations. Invisalign will not work for complex dental problems, and it is only suitable for teens and adults—not to mention it may take a longer period for it to align your teeth.

It is the sad truth, but take your heart out of your boots because you still have many other North London braces to choose from:

Ceramic Braces

This one is a crossbreed of Invisalign and metal braces. They have the shape and size of traditional braces with the invisible quality of clear aligners; hence, they are called clear braces. As the brackets and wires can resemble the colour of your teeth, they would be barely noticeable. Moreover, ceramic can move teeth to their proper places faster than clear plastic aligners.

Lingual Braces

Instead of wearing them on the outside, the brackets and wires of lingual braces are placed on the inside of your pearly whites. This option definitely makes your orthodontic device 100% invisible. Nonetheless, they may be harder to clean, and regular adjustments might take longer to finish than traditional braces.

Speed Braces

Made from the same materials as metal braces, self-ligating braces use a specialised chip, instead of elastics, to cause less friction to teeth and minimise the number of appointments you have to make with your dentist.

All treatments to correct teeth misalignment has a share of possibilities and limitations, benefits and drawbacks. As you cannot have it all, you must know how severe your dental dilemma is before you choose the most suitable amongst the available options.