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What to Do If You Knock Your Tooth Out

man is slapping on a bloody mouth and knocked out teethIf you play high impact sports and have been in an accident, you’ve experienced having a tooth knocked out or sprained some muscle. You know you don’t have to panic when you could get an emergency dental treatment could save the tooth and your smile.

Sports can be rough on your teeth because they can get knocked out or get chipped on impact. If this happens, getting emergency dental care could preserve the tooth, and there’s the chance to keep it goes much higher.

Treatment should be carried out within half an hour for the best results. This is because the periodontal ligament cells have their blood supply cut off once the tooth falls out. After about an hour, these cells begin to die, and the body begins to reabsorb the root.

Placing the Tooth Back In

The patient should wash their mouth out to remove any blood and then reinsert the tooth, root down into the socket. They should then bite down on some gauze to hold the tooth in place.

Preserving the Tooth in Transit

If this isn’t possible, the tooth should be placed on the inside of the cheek and care should be taken to avoid touching the root as this could damage it. The inside of the cheek is an ideal place to transport the tooth since this is near to the tooth’s natural environment. You can also place the tooth in a dish with cow’s milk. Low fat milk works best at preservation. Local dentists from Manteca, California will then work to reattach the tooth.

Re-implantation is achieved by inserting a splint of wire and resin to anchor the tooth in place and give the root some time to heal from the trauma. This process can take up to six weeks, after which the tooth will be checked for its stability.

Accidents are common, but if a tooth is knocked out, getting immediate treatment increases the chance of a successful reattachment and a brighter smile.