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When You Shouldn’t Just Walk Away after an Accident

Man with injured legAccidents can already be quite a traumatic experience just by themselves. However, when the victims sustain injuries or face damage to their property because of others’ doing (or lack of action), the fear, pain, and other forms of suffering associated with such unfortunate incidents make them even more traumatic. No one deserves to experience all these highly unpleasant emotions, but unfortunately, they can happen to anyone.

This doesn’t mean that victims should just walk away from it, scarred for life. In Georgia, specific laws allow them to at least “become whole again,” and in most cases, these take the form of monetary compensation. So if you fall victim to an accident caused by another party in Columbus, GA, you should hire a personal injury lawyer like paulbennettlaw.com as soon as you can.

Motor vehicle accidents: Some of the most common reasons for lawsuits

With thousands and thousands of drivers using Columbus’ roads on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that road related accidents, such as collisions, occur frequently.

When you get into one, and you know for a fact that the other driver is entirely, or even just partially at fault, then you should, by no means, let it pass. File a personal injury claim immediately.

When you should file a claim

When filing a claim against one of the state’s cities or counties, you have to do so within six months from the time you sustained the injury. However, when your lawsuit involves suing the state itself, then you have two years from the day itself of the injury-resulting incident.

Keep in mind though, that it’s best to file the claim as soon as you possibly can when you still have a fresh memory and can remember as much of the details of the accident as you can. The longer you delay, the more difficulties you may have of remembering the most important things that happened that can help your case.

Green Card and Marriage: What You Could Do If Your Application Was Denied

Permanent Resident Card Although being married to a lawful permanent resident or U.S. citizen affords you (an immigrant) the legal right to apply for lawful permanent residency in the U.S. or a green card. However, this right doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be granted green card.

In case your application was denied, what you do next would depend on why you were denied and which immigration office handled your green card application.

If You Were Denied at the U.S. Consulate

If you applied in your home country’s embassy or U.S. consulate, you simply can’t appeal directly. But in some instances, your attorney might be able to appeal an advisory opinion from the Washington DC Visa Office of the State Department.

Otherwise, your best bet would be to determine why you were denied and then reapply. But you have to make certain that you resolve all the reasons why your marriage green card application was denied, advises Buhler Thomas Law, P.C., an immigration law firm in Utah.

If Your Adjustment Status Was Denied in the U.S.

If you applied for your green card in a USCIS or Citizenship and Immigration Services in the U.S., you can’t directly appeal for a second chance. Your lawyer could request for your case to be reopened, particularly if you could provide new information that would help change the denial of your green card. You could likewise reapply, making certain to fix any issues from your first application.

On the other hand, your situation would be entirely different if your spouse in the U.S. doesn’t have a valid visa. If this occurs, he or she will face deportation or removal proceedings. During the proceedings, you could present your case to the judge and testify. With any luck, you’ll convince the judge to give you that green card.

While you might be upset, sad, and shocked because your marriage green card or immigrant visa was denied, you could take some steps outlined above to remedy your situation depending on the specific reasons for your denial and which office denied your application. Ideally, you must seek legal help from an immigration attorney to assist you when you reapply.

Being a Lawyer can be the Longest Path to Earn from Lawyering

LawyerWhen the road’s an uphill climb, taking it may be too taxing for a working mom to follow. While being a lawyer certainly has its merits as the proliferation of attorneys-at-law in America has shown, becoming one is a tall order – and that’s an understatement. You’ll be screened to get access to ABA-accredited law schools while brandishing above-ordinary GPA; most of all, you need to pass the bar, a test which many have tried but failed.

It’s certainly no walk in the park. In which case, legalstudies.com says, getting a paralegal degree instead could be worth it.

Climbing Mountains

America is the nation to beat when it comes to amount of lawyers. No other country has more counselors. But the journey to becoming a certified attorney is long and winding. Not only does it need above-average mental acumen, it takes years of legal study after passing an undergrad course – not to mention thousands of money. To make matters worse, there could be more people who flunk the bar than those who make it, as the 2014 results show.

With all this in the equation, exploring a paralegal degree could be your best chance of earning well from a legal profession.

Smoother Ride

Paralegal work has been on a steady rise with growth rates projected at 28 percent from 2008 to 2018 – a rate higher than most other professions. And with that rise came along a steady increase in pay over the years.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly for many, paralegal training is not as rigorous as the law profession. Though education and training requirements could vary from state to state, of from company to company, suffice it to say paralegal study may take a minimum of two-year post-secondary study. However, you could also earn certifications or even a masteral degree in paralegal studies.

What’s more, paralegal training is available online making your journey a lot lighter. This has come as no surprise for most who are even just vaguely familiar with the Internet, as online training and education is fast becoming an alternative to traditional schooling.

With a little bit of determination, you should be sitting inside a big firm’s office in no time. And who knows: the journey could begin by getting a paralegal certificate.

The Nontraditional Path: Unconventional Careers for a Law Graduate

Law Student

Law StudentIt takes a few years before most law-school graduates have a regular appearance in the courtroom. A number of them will go through clerkship and internship first.

Some will enter law firms or look for temporary attorney jobs to improve their resume. But, others take non-traditional career paths for a law graduate.

Arts and Literature

Two well-known writers who went to law school are John Grisham and Scott Turow. The former went to the University of Mississippi School of Law, and the latter from Harvard Law. Their fluency in legal matters helped them come up with critically acclaimed literary pieces.

The oddest path is probably that of Will Shorts, the world’s only academically accredited puzzle master. The man earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Virginia School of Law before his life with puzzles.


Entrepreneurship finds a common ground with law practice, thinking creatively and critically. Law graduates both need to crack challenging dilemmas with limited resources.

Who would imagine that a law graduate would turn into a cyber matchmaker? Daniel Dolan, a brain behind an online dating site, is a Harvard Law School graduate. Even the people behind a famous restaurant and shopping reference site are lawyers, Nina and Tim Zagat.

Nonprofit sector

Attorneys become reliable consultants and trainers when it comes to leadership and management. For example, the former president and CEO of AmeriCares Foundation, Curtis Welling, graduated from Vanderbilt University Law School.

Countless attorneys hold executive positions in nonprofit industries. The problem-solving skills that lawyers absorbed from law school are helpful for almost every career.

Real Estate

The law school provides a ground to understand the structuring of financial transactions and negotiating. The learning on taxation becomes beneficial for this sector, too. One good example of a law graduate turned real estate magnate is Sam Zell. He went to the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor Law School.


The law school teaches students to communicate clearly, become articulate, synthesize ideas, and deeply determine an issue. These skills are equally critical in journalism. There are many renowned broadcast journalists in the country who took law. Former CBS News senior political correspondent, Jeff Greenfield, went to Yale Law School.

The steps to become a successful lawyer can be long and challenging. Some law graduates will go to legal practices while others will take unconventional careers. The degree opens countless opportunities.