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Choosing Bathtubs: Traditional or Special?

Image of a bathtubIf you think your old bathtub is still serving you well, think again. Older bathtubs can be harder to clean and quick to suffer damage. You should consider the benefits of walk-in bathtubs compared to conventional bathtubs.

Walk-in tubs are popular as they have improved accessibility than traditional tubs. This accessibility includes a door by the side through which the user enters the tub. They also have a seat inside that helps those with limited mobility to be independent and take care of their hygiene.

You could also get a portable bathtub, which many people find extremely comfortable and functional. These are often light-weight and made of plastic or rubber. There are also foldable bathtubs which can be bought online.

Mobility-challenged and user-friendly

Seniors and people with disabilities must strain themselves to get into a normal bathtub, as it is anywhere between 15 to 30 inches in height. The walk-in bathtub is helpful to seniors who still want to live independently. These tubs have grips and rails to support the weight of the individual. They also have anti-slip flooring to prevent slips and falls when the user walks out after a bath.

Other features

Aside from all the safety aspects, they have features such as jet bath and bubble jets for a spa effect. These tubs also take up lesser space in the bathroom, as compared to a conventional bathtub. They also have fast draining systems to make the waiting game not as long.

When choosing a bathtub, you might think that only a conventional bathtub would suit you, but a comfortable walk-in-tub or portable tub could save you space. It could also give you safety and give your mobility-challenged relatives the independence they crave.

What to Consider When Selecting a Rainwater Storage Tank

Home Water Tank

As dry season approaches, resource solutions company Rapid Plas encourages Australians to conserve rainwater as early as May. It is one of the best water conservation practices that help reduce water scarcity in the country. Rainwater storage tanks are suitable for domestic use. The following are some of the things to consider when selecting a rainwater tank:

Your Water Requirements

The water volume that your household needs depend on the size of your family, and the consumption purposes. If you use it for gardening and washing your car on top of other chores, you will need a large plastic water tank.

Where to Position

Most home owners install water tanks outside their houses. You can hoist them on a raised platform outside the house or underground. This means that you need to go for a tough, rust-resistant material. Plastic, concrete, and fibre-glass are the best choices for an outdoor setting. They are durable and can store water for long periods of time.

The Material Used in Making the Water Tank

Companies manufacture water tanks of different materials. These include concrete, stainless steel, fibre-glass, plastic, and iron. Many consider plastic as the best material for making outdoor water tanks because of its versatility, movability and affordability. The light material allows anyone to install the tank on the roof of your house, on a raised area on the ground or underground.

The Structural Composition of the Tank

The design determines durability. For example, thick-skinned containers can resist elements including sun exposure and extreme heat.

Your home’s available space, water needs, and budget should be enough to give you an idea of what you need. Nonetheless, seeking the help of an experienced professional will help you make an informed decision in selecting rainwater storage tanks for your home.

5 Realities of Having an Addict in Your Life

Living with an Addict

Substance abuse treatment in Salt Lake CitySometimes, no amount of praying, patience and love can help you handle a life situation with an addict. No matter the relationship you have with an addict, you’re essentially dealing with the person and the addiction — the imbalance is all on their side.

To save yourself, your family and even your addicted loved one, here are some truths that you should face if you want to emerge on the other side:

  1. They can never have “just one”.

Even after recovery, gatherings and celebrations are going to be tame if you want your former-addict to join in. No recreational substances in any mild form should be present. This isn’t about trust; it’s helping your loved one stay sober.

  1. Unless your addict is a child, it is never your fault.

Most of the time, your addicted loved one is an adult who blames you or others for “forcing him” into the habit. While you may have contributed to their depression and other bad feelings, you did not make the decision to abuse a substance. That’s always on the addict.

  1. Rehabilitation doesn’t need to be voluntary to be effective.

Your loved one has to go through substance abuse treatment. Salt Lake City has good, faith-based facilities where they’re comfortable but challenged and given hope upon hope. Start from there. Even if you have to call a professional to drag him from the house.

  1. Listening is more important than looking for answers

It’s easy to discount what the addict thinks or feels until he’s emerged sober. But the answers you’re usually seeking are hidden within your loved ones thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, they’re hidden in your own.

  1. Medication is going to be part of your life

Whether you agree that addiction is a disease or not, substance abuse patients go through can do irreparable harm on their mind and body that need medicine. Accept the presence of drugs in your life.

Did this help? Things may seem tough — and they’re going to get tougher. Remember to set your own limitations and protect your other friends and family should everything go wrong in the end.