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Veterinary Practice: Online Marketing Tactics to Try Now

A vet having a consultation with a boy and his dog As a veterinarian, caring for animals is part of your profession. But having a veterinary clinic is hard, especially because you have to compete with other veterinarians for your clients.

How could you make your practice shine? Although there are plenty of ways to market your practice, Positive Impressions, LLC suggests that you could try some tested approaches. Give people traditional custom veterinary promotional products or do some online advertising. You can start with these five ideas.

1. Contests on Social Media

Online users share social media contest posts more often than any other kind of social media post. They’re also more commented on and liked. If you also sell various pet products, run an online contest that allows your followers to win a basket of pet goodies or food supply, free service, or something similar. If you don’t already have social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter—make one now.

2. Frequently Share Photos and Videos

Aside from contests, visual posts also get increased user engagement rates. Regularly share photos of pets you’ve treated or photos and vids of pet customers with their humans. You could also consider featuring a pet customer and their human every week.

3. Now Is the Time for Blogging

Blogging is an excellent way to add relevant and good content to your practice’s website. Your veterinary knowledge should make you an authority in your field. Blog about customer stories, tips for pet care, latest vet news, and much more. Make sure your posts are informative, easy to read, and short. This would increase your SEO ranking, which in turn would help in making your site more visible online to prospective customers.

4. Consider Creating a Loyalty Program

How could you ensure that your customers would come back to you? Why not create a loyalty program. You could offer special discounts, coupons, points for purchases, among others.

5. Post Genuine Customer Testimonials

Request your satisfied and loyal customers to write a testimonial and tell them that you’d be posting it on your website and social media accounts. Send them free custom veterinary promotional products to thank them for their time and continued patronage.

These online marketing tactics will help increase repeat customers and your practice’s exposure online. Combine it with the practicality of giving out free promotional products, and it’s a surefire way to increase your customer base.

3 Strategies to Improve Your SEO in 2017

SEOSearch engine optimization (SEO) is a never-ending process. You need to know the latest updates in Google’s algorithm, new industry standards, and user behavior when it comes to search. However, every effort pays off because you will get more traffic and potential customers as your site’s SEO value increase.

Here are things every online marketer and business owner should strive for this year to make their SEO strategies count:

Publishing Long-form Content

Content is king and SEO will never be effective without it. This year, long-form content will be more important than ever because it adds more value to users and it establishes your site’s credibility. With the number of fake news sites popping out of nowhere, long-form content provides detailed, informative, engaging, and relevant information that will do your SEO wonders. Choose a Denver SEO company who can help you both in SEO and content marketing to get the best of both worlds.

Further Improving the Mobile Experience

Searches and traffic from smartphones and other mobile devices have finally overtaken desktops and laptops. That means people these days are more mobile than ever, heavily reliant on their handy devices to get what they want when they want. It’s not enough anymore to have a mobile-friendly and responsive website. You need to improve the user’s mobile browsing experience further. Mobile should be your top priority when it comes to user experience.

Improving Loading Speed

Everyone’s going mobile, so your website should be ultra-quick to load. Users don’t have the patience and time to wait for a website to load completely for more than three seconds. Slow loading speed will result in high bounce rates and lower SEO value because it brings the user experience down. There are tools such as GTMetrix and Google’s Page Speed for you to assess and improve your site’s loading speed if necessary.

Invest in these strategies and you’ll surely reap great results by having more customers, higher profit, and better SEO value.

Under Promising and Over Delivering: Your Ace in Online Marketing

Online MarketingHave you been on a flight that departed and arrived earlier than the given time? This is often a ploy of many budget airlines. This gives a passenger a sense of satisfaction and allows a company to build trust with customers. Some companies promise the universe just to make a sale; counter this strategy by following what airlines do, under promising and over delivering. This is a strategy that may also work for your online marketing campaigns.

How can you implement it for your Internet advertising campaign?

Set Expectations

The top digital marketing digital agencies know how to set and temper expectations within their organization and with customers, explains an expert from Coforge Marketing. Be honest with the things you can deliver and avoid promising what you can’t provide. What you can do is offer a specific benefit to your customer and let them discover what else is in store for them once they make a purchase. Focusing on a certain aspect of you products and services is not only cost-effective, but also enables you to build a stronger brand.

Communicating with Customers

One of the characteristics that set the first-rate brands from their competition is their ability to communicate effectively. Informing and updating customers with offerings, promos and upgrades keeps them connected to your company. Constant communication builds rapport and a sense of community with your audience. This makes it easier for you to convey your brand message and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Understanding of the Market

Understanding the market is just as important as knowing the customer. If the marketplace has a hole in a certain niche, you might be able to gain a huge share by providing for that need. Focus on a specific aspect of your offering that covers that particular need. This grabs the attention of potential buyers and secures your place as a brand that delivers on its promise.

These are ways that enable you to connect with your audience and position yourself as a brand that keeps its promises.

Finding a Digital Marketing Agency That Delivers

Digital MarketingThe pressure for businesses to hire an SEO company who can perform and deliver has never been greater. This is the key to avoiding a chaotic digital partnership whether you are hiring a digital marketing agency in Perth or elsewhere in the world.

ViperOnline.com.au lays out some of the details to look for in an agency that you want to hire.

A Kick-Ass Website

These companies understand how critical having a website is, and an extremely impressive one at that. Conversions happen on the site. If the digital agency you are eyeing is not continuously updating and upgrading its website, it’s time to look elsewhere. If they mean business, the agency will take care of its website in a diligent manner.

A Go-Getter Team

The right agency to hire must be proud of its people. A powerhouse of experts, the digital firm should be able to communicate the talents and expertise of the team members clearly. The team must be multi-disciplined too — digital marketing has several branches including social media, content, branding, etc., not just web design and mobile app development. Putting its people front and centre is also a clear manifestation of the agency’s organisational culture.

A Tool Portfolio

Again, digital marketing involves discipline and specific tools. Nonetheless, it isn’t enough to ask the agency representatives what tools they are using. The agency should be able to relate to you which tools are relevant for your campaign and what benefits can be derived from these tools. The right agency should invest in the right tools as well as hone people to be experts in using these tools.

These are three of the most important characteristics of the right digital agency. The value of the process is that an online campaign is a sizable investment, but which pays for itself more than several times over.

The Channel is Just as Important as the Published Content

Video MarketingWe may think that just because people are active in social media, they will engage with our brands and buy our products or use our services. However, this is not always the case; people are a lot perceptive now compared to before when it comes to companies trying to sell something to them. We may come off as inauthentic and insincere when we hard sell our offerings. Marketing agencies in Brisbane said that the channel we use to publish content has an impact on whether we will convert a visitor or not.

The Importance of the Distribution Channel

A blog post, which is predominantly in text format works differently, compared to a multimedia video, explains an expert from Made4media.tv. These two types of content are potent marketing tools if you know your audience and your brand identity.

The written text can be just as emotionally compelling like a video of a testimonial or as detailed as promotional videos that showcase how a customer uses a product. The words you use will affect how a reader responds. Action and power words such as need, now, sale, urgent and other similar ones may improve your conversion rate. It’s not just about words on a blog post; it’s also how you weave a narrative that interests your target readers. This may influence their purchase behaviour and entice them to make a purchase.

Videos are the medium of choice of millennials; this market segment is likelier to purchase a product when they watch and learn about it, compared to their older counterparts. A video combines words, pictures, emotions and even music to deliver a powerful message to your audience.

A Personal Touch Goes a Long Way

We may have all the tools and techniques down pat, but at the core of what we do as marketers is customer service. Technology is only an extension of a person, albeit a cold one if used too often. What a customer needs is an authentic and personal approach when a company is trying to sell them something.

SEO in 2016: 4 Trends to Watch Out For

SEOSearch engine optimisation (SEO) helps you drive quality traffic to your website. It’s important for your business it increases your online visibility, strengthens your brand, and makes your business credible. So whatever business you’re in, it’s definitely worth keeping a tab on. 

SEO company Digitise My Business gives some of the SEO trends this year.

Mobile wallets: 2016 is the year for mobile wallets. Businesses are slowly waking up to the true potential of mobile wallets. The diverse applications that mobile wallets offer including coupons, mass transit, and loyalty points will make mobile wallets very popular this year.

Google and local search: Internet giant Google is set to invest more in local search engine optimisation. The recent release of the Google My Business API and adding local searches to the Search Quality Ratings Guidelines, both point to the fact that Google is serious about local search in 2016.

Local marketing will be based on location data: Traditionally, businesses have allowed their local data – names, addresses, phone numbers – as passive data but they are now realising that this information can be amplified using data aggregators like Localeze. Publishers like Apple and Foursquare can also be roped in to amplify location data in the digital world that is populated by customers.

Apps will flourish: Apps like SnapChat and Periscope can play a huge role in supporting advertising and direct response at a national level. Businesses that have a national reach are able to use and adapt these methods to target audiences at a local level, making it relevant.

These are just some of the trends that will rock the local search engine optimisation world in 2016. Keep an eye out for them and see how you can apply these trends to your business.

The Typical Roles Performed by an SEO Agency


seoThe primary objective of a business is to have many customers to reap maximum benefit. Reliable SEO services help in making the business reach more people and give more information about their available products (or services), hence increasing their site traffic.

When choosing an SEO company, you should be sure of what they are offering to make sure they suit your needs. SEO agencies in Minnesota, such as prcaffeine.com, offer quality services that broaden marketing, leading to the growth of the business beyond the target level. Hiring an SEO firm helps the business focus more on other activities that lead to growth.

Some of the following are the typical roles performed by an SEO company.

Widen Market

Customers prefer a top-ranked company, with the hopes that it has the best products and services. SEO companies help the business rank in this manner to ensure its products and services can reach as many clients as possible.

Some SEO firms also design a business website to make it as attractive as possible, catching the eyes of many Internet users. The result is increased exposure to the business’ products, and therefore increased potential of returns.

Improves Business Reputation

A business can be known by many customers, but without a good reputation it will never achieve its ultimate goal of making maximum profit. Excellent customer services bring clients satisfaction who will leave positive remarks on the type of services and products offered.

SEO companies should ensure that all the positive feedback about the company is accessible by all. This is because many people start their shopping from the Internet by checking the experience of other customers with that particular business. Positive feedback would lead to increased results.