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A Glimpse on the 3 Prime Uses of Dust Extractors

dust from concrete engulfing a workplaceIt’s important to vacuum your home and workplace to make it clean and keep the health effects of dust and debris at bay. When regular vacuum cleaners are not enough to do the job right, getting a dust excavator would be essential. If you are bent on investing in an appliance, also make a point to buy the required protective gear. With this, you can clean your premises effectively and get rid of risky elements without putting your health at risk. Below are the three prime uses of dust extractors:

Removing Crystalline Silica

Crystalline silica is a notorious cancer-causing agent. It’s present in some minerals and also in soil. A good example is Quartz, which is generated whenever objects are drilled, cut, or grinded. As the dust produced during such operations is microscopic, it can float on the air and leave the occupants of the premises exposed to health risks.

Removing Microbes

Microbes are present everywhere. They are present in unclean rugs and unkempt upholstery, just to mention a few. This makes a dust extractor essential not only for NZ offices, but for every NZ home. Your equipment would aid in removing all forms of powder impurities from your surfaces and the air.

Removing Wood Dust

Wood dust is small that it can be microscopic. It could lineup in the corners of your premise and remains unnoticed for a long time. In such a case, dangerous particles could float on the air continually and leave the occupants of the premise exposed to inhaling it.

Wood dust is considered one of the most dangerous kinds of dust because it could cause nose, throat, and lung cancer when exposed for a prolonged period. It also causes dermatitis and a whole range of respiratory problems.

Dust particles may seem harmless, though they could lead to life-threatening health concerns. Even if they’re microscopic, you must not ignore their presence. Ensure that the collected debris is disposed of in a manner that will not harm the environment. Consider the capacity and features of different machines and choose one that is appropriate for your site.

Important Considerations When Choosing Hi Vis Safety Workwear

a construction worker wearing reflective clothingRecently, it has become common to see workers of all kind wear bright and reflective clothing in their line of duty. Is that the latest fashion trend? No, certainly. These bright coloured wear are popular as hi vis safety or security workwear and serve as personal protective gear for workers in various fields.

So, you are now thinking of joining the bandwagon but have no clue of what to consider when choosing high visibility personal protective clothing for your workers? Below are three things you should look into:

The Colour in the Background

High visibility clothing is available in different colours, but mainly in red, green-yellow and orange-red. These three colours are visible in a white and black background, but may not be significantly visible in an environment with the same colours.

The ultimate choice of colour of your clothing should be one that is most suitable for your work environment.


One factor of personal protective clothing is that workers should be comfortable with wearing the attire in the worksites. Some workplaces are in cold areas while others are in sweltering weather conditions, which will determine the kind of clothing you should get.

You can get high visibility clothing that is breathable, for hot areas, and insulated clothing for workers in colder regions.

Location of Reflective Materials

High visibility clothing can have the reflective material on the entire attire or in some specific areas. You, however, should ensure that workers have visibility from all angles to ensure maximum safety. You can have the reflective material around the knees and wrists, or in wristbands.

High visibility safety work wear should be a necessity for workers in workplaces. They make the wearer stand out from the background, thereby alerting the other employees of their presence so that they can gain reaction time early enough.

If you are not using high visibility clothing for your workers, it is important you rethink this and avoid unnecessary workplace accidents.