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3 Strategies to Improve Your SEO in 2017

SEOSearch engine optimization (SEO) is a never-ending process. You need to know the latest updates in Google’s algorithm, new industry standards, and user behavior when it comes to search. However, every effort pays off because you will get more traffic and potential customers as your site’s SEO value increase.

Here are things every online marketer and business owner should strive for this year to make their SEO strategies count:

Publishing Long-form Content

Content is king and SEO will never be effective without it. This year, long-form content will be more important than ever because it adds more value to users and it establishes your site’s credibility. With the number of fake news sites popping out of nowhere, long-form content provides detailed, informative, engaging, and relevant information that will do your SEO wonders. Choose a Denver SEO company who can help you both in SEO and content marketing to get the best of both worlds.

Further Improving the Mobile Experience

Searches and traffic from smartphones and other mobile devices have finally overtaken desktops and laptops. That means people these days are more mobile than ever, heavily reliant on their handy devices to get what they want when they want. It’s not enough anymore to have a mobile-friendly and responsive website. You need to improve the user’s mobile browsing experience further. Mobile should be your top priority when it comes to user experience.

Improving Loading Speed

Everyone’s going mobile, so your website should be ultra-quick to load. Users don’t have the patience and time to wait for a website to load completely for more than three seconds. Slow loading speed will result in high bounce rates and lower SEO value because it brings the user experience down. There are tools such as GTMetrix and Google’s Page Speed for you to assess and improve your site’s loading speed if necessary.

Invest in these strategies and you’ll surely reap great results by having more customers, higher profit, and better SEO value.

Finding a Digital Marketing Agency That Delivers

Digital MarketingThe pressure for businesses to hire an SEO company who can perform and deliver has never been greater. This is the key to avoiding a chaotic digital partnership whether you are hiring a digital marketing agency in Perth or elsewhere in the world.

ViperOnline.com.au lays out some of the details to look for in an agency that you want to hire.

A Kick-Ass Website

These companies understand how critical having a website is, and an extremely impressive one at that. Conversions happen on the site. If the digital agency you are eyeing is not continuously updating and upgrading its website, it’s time to look elsewhere. If they mean business, the agency will take care of its website in a diligent manner.

A Go-Getter Team

The right agency to hire must be proud of its people. A powerhouse of experts, the digital firm should be able to communicate the talents and expertise of the team members clearly. The team must be multi-disciplined too — digital marketing has several branches including social media, content, branding, etc., not just web design and mobile app development. Putting its people front and centre is also a clear manifestation of the agency’s organisational culture.

A Tool Portfolio

Again, digital marketing involves discipline and specific tools. Nonetheless, it isn’t enough to ask the agency representatives what tools they are using. The agency should be able to relate to you which tools are relevant for your campaign and what benefits can be derived from these tools. The right agency should invest in the right tools as well as hone people to be experts in using these tools.

These are three of the most important characteristics of the right digital agency. The value of the process is that an online campaign is a sizable investment, but which pays for itself more than several times over.

SEO in 2016: 4 Trends to Watch Out For

SEOSearch engine optimisation (SEO) helps you drive quality traffic to your website. It’s important for your business it increases your online visibility, strengthens your brand, and makes your business credible. So whatever business you’re in, it’s definitely worth keeping a tab on. 

SEO company Digitise My Business gives some of the SEO trends this year.

Mobile wallets: 2016 is the year for mobile wallets. Businesses are slowly waking up to the true potential of mobile wallets. The diverse applications that mobile wallets offer including coupons, mass transit, and loyalty points will make mobile wallets very popular this year.

Google and local search: Internet giant Google is set to invest more in local search engine optimisation. The recent release of the Google My Business API and adding local searches to the Search Quality Ratings Guidelines, both point to the fact that Google is serious about local search in 2016.

Local marketing will be based on location data: Traditionally, businesses have allowed their local data – names, addresses, phone numbers – as passive data but they are now realising that this information can be amplified using data aggregators like Localeze. Publishers like Apple and Foursquare can also be roped in to amplify location data in the digital world that is populated by customers.

Apps will flourish: Apps like SnapChat and Periscope can play a huge role in supporting advertising and direct response at a national level. Businesses that have a national reach are able to use and adapt these methods to target audiences at a local level, making it relevant.

These are just some of the trends that will rock the local search engine optimisation world in 2016. Keep an eye out for them and see how you can apply these trends to your business.