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DIY Home Renovation Gift for Your Mom, While Curing Her Clutterbug

Mom receiving a gift from her husband and kidsDo you remember when you were younger and your mom always reminded you to clean that mess in your room? It seems that the tables have turned as you grew up. You have no idea why, but it seems that she has a hard time letting go of her old belongings.

This can be a huge problem because you wanted to surprise her by DIY renovating your family home and upgrading the interior wall panelling. Vidaspace and other experts list some ways to persuade your mom to make a change.

Step 1

Since you’re going to renovate the home you grew up in, ask your mom to help you take everything out one room at a time.

Step 2

Once the renovation is done, ask her which of the important items in each room you would need to put back first. For instance, the living room would require side tables, TV, stereo, sofa, chairs, and couch.

Step 3

Determine the right places for each of these important items. Make the most of this opportunity and help her decide where she could place it, so she can move around freely. Tell her to sit down and look at her surroundings, as she would most likely feel lighter.

Step 4

Begin layering by choosing a few items at a time that you would both bring back in each room to decorate. This can range from lamps, pictures, paintings, vases, and rugs. Remember to have her choose only the best items that she wants to highlight.

Step 5

She might ask you to bring the rest of the stuff back, but this is the time to ask her to stop. Explain to her that you don’t have to throw away the rest because you will have them locked up in a storage space for safekeeping.

Trying to cure your mom can be difficult, as she’ll most likely deny your allegations. Be patient and she will eventually give in once she knows that you just want the best for her.


Unusual Sounds? Check if Your Car Brakes are Working Properly

Brake Repair Company in OremCars today have complex braking systems, which involve electrical impulses and motorized actions. Thus, to prevent accidents, you must make sure that they’re working properly. When consulting auto experts, most of them will tell you that many car owners can’t exactly identify whether their ride has brake problems or not.

If you feel that your car is malfunctioning, they recommend hiring a brake repair company in Orem or anywhere in Utah to identify the root of the problem.

How Can You Identify Whether Your Car Has Brake Problems?

Some of the common signs of brake problems are as follows:

  • Unusual sounds – If your car makes an unusual screeching, grinding, or piercing sound, it means that the brake pads need repairs. If you do not fix this problem at the earliest, your car may require much more costly repairs.
  • Vibration while driving – If you feel that the steering wheel is pulsating or vibrating in an unusual manner while driving, it is an indication that the brake system needs to be checked. Usually, it is because of the brake metals grinding against each other.
  • Brakes won’t work unless you step hard – The brakes in your car should be smooth. If you have to press down hard to make it work, then the braking system urgently needs repair. Normally, this is a problem related to the brake fluids or the wearing out of the brake pads, both of which need immediate replacement.

If you feel that the braking system is not working properly or you hear any unusual sounds or smell any peculiar smell, it is time to hire a brake repair or car repair company. Proper repairing alone can work as a preventive measure against any untoward incident.

A Look Into the Annoying Water Heater Temp Fluctuation

Water Heater Temp in Salt Lake City

Water Heater Temp in Salt Lake CityOne of the most common issues when it comes to water heaters is temperature fluctuation. You will often notice this when someone flushes a toilet, turns on the tap, or does the laundry while you take a shower. Cold water suddenly blasts you in the shower.

There are several possible reasons why this happens, and knowing what they are can help you prevent surprises in the shower.

Too much toilet water

Because water heater temp fluctuations can occur when someone flushes a toilet, it is possible your toilet system uses too much water quickly. You can counter this by simply tinkering with the supply valve. Close it up a little to make the toilet fill up longer.

Another trick is to get a new toilet, but this time, invest in a low flow one.

Old mixing valves

Mixing valves, as the term already suggests, control the mixture of cold and hot water. An outdated one may already perform poorly, which means it either mixes in too much cold water with the hot, or vice versa.

With a new mixing valve in place, you can considerably reduce fluctuations in the water heater. In fact, top quality products can even completely get rid of this problem.

Greater supply than demand (or the other way around)

When too many people use the water supply at the same time, the demand is greater than the supply. Most water heaters require time to heat up the water, and the lack of time in between shower uses renders it with insufficient heating time. Either you increase the supply or reduce the demand, or you end up with inconsistencies in temperatures.

A great way to counter these issues is to work with a plumbing contractor in Salt Lake City such as Glover Plumbing for the best possible approach. Sometimes, it is necessary to make changes and updates to the plumbing system to finally bid temp fluctuations goodbye.