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Planning for Your First Ever Ski Resort Holiday

Man Going SkiingPeople typically plan a break during the winter vacation. They might decide to brave the weather to drive down to their holiday vacation or head to their parent’s home for the holidays. It is a good idea to break the tradition and book yourself your first ski vacation at an excellent ski destination. This is one of the best ways to refresh yourself and recharge your batteries.

Book and plan early

The quaint settings, crisp air, down to earth town citizens and the first ski vacation experience is a wonderful thing to look forward to. For accommodation, you can pick from the various St. Anton ski chalets that are available at the ski resorts like Ski Line Limited. But since it is your first time, you should know how to prepare for it. Plan well and book your tickets and accommodation well in advance, so that you get what you like.

Pack wisely

While personal items are important since you are going to a ski resort, it is important to pack all the medication and first aid kits your family might require. Take a copy of prescriptions so that you can get them later if needed. Take warm clothing for each of the member and all the necessary toiletries.

In snowy and mountainous regions, it is best to dress in layers to protect yourself from the severe cold. Hence carry enough clothing, shoes, gloves, warm socks, scarfs, ear muffins and the like. Many items you have to carry on a vacation, is dependent on the mode of your travel.

If in any doubt call the ski resort, to know what daily use items will be available and what you have to carry with you. You should be equipped well to ski, snowboard, to sledge and also spend time indoor with your loved ones. Check with the resort to know if they will rent ski gear for you and your family members. Thus, with the right planning, your first ski vacation will be a memorable one, and it will not be your last ski vacation.

Ski Holiday Ideas for Mending Broken Family Relationships

Family SkiingHaving family holidays in Australia is quite a treat. However, it can also be the best setting for fixing broken family relationships. Here are specific activities you can do that can bring your family members closer to each other. Also, they can bridge whatever conflicts you may have with your loved ones.

Dining Together – Being in the same hotel may not always assure you that every family member will be doing the same things together. However, meals are usually served at the same time for group package trips and the same can be said of ski holidays in Australia. Break the ice by encouraging everyone to say something positive about the food and each other. Don't speak when your mouth is full and if you just want to badmouth.

Camp Fire Circles – If your room has a fireplace, or if the hotel has a campfire area, plan a marshmallow and sausage party. Talk things out as you drink hot coffee or chocolate in front of the warm fire. Make this the last activity of the day so you can sleep with a warm, fuzzy feeling. And if the conversation becomes a little too heated, at least you have privacy to settle things between yourselves. Just make sure that you leave that your tempers, and the fire, is not left burning when you leave.

Before You Sleep – Find time for your family to talk together in one room or area of the ski lodge before you call it a night. Communication is important for mending hurts and the change of scenery can help bring down defences. Take a look at the stars, or find a spot in the lounge where you guys can talk quietly. After all, a ski lodge offers many places of peace, relaxation and tranquillity.

The family is always important. That said, you may want to prioritise fixing whatever issues you may have with your family while enjoying yourselves. SnowScene says an Australian ski holiday will always be a great way for you to return the warmth into an already icy situation.

All About Ski Helmets: Features You Should Watch Out For

Ski Helment

Ski HelmentWearing a helmet when skiing is one of the best things you can do protect your head against potential permanent damage. Whether you’re purchasing one for the first time, or looking for a replacement helmet, know that helmets these days come with various features that you have to know so you can choose the best one.

  • The Construction – Some ski helmets provide an inner shock absorbing shell with a sturdy outer protective layer, while other models offer in-mold construction, with the outer and inner layers merged for less weight. Some, like some K2 ski helmet models, as Erik’s Bike Shop explains, combine both construction principles for the best of both worlds.
  • Chinstraps – Used for getting the perfect fit, some come in more visible designs for easier access during emergencies, while some use magnetic closure.
  • Adjusters – These come in the form of a wheel or dial located at the helmet’s back portion so you can easily get the proper fit.
  • Liners – These are useful for drawing sweat away from your head and keep you dry. Some are removable and come with antimicrobial properties to ensure that your head stays fresher longer.
  • Goggle Support – The majority of ski helmets come with a clip or strap (some are detachable) to ensure that your goggles will stay in place. Some also have grooves surrounding the outer shell to keep the goggles in place. Remember to bring your goggles when you’re out helmet shopping to ensure proper fit.
  • Vents – These ensure that your head is cool when skiing. Some vents can be opened and closed according to your preference, while some stay open.
  • Safety Standards – Helmets must meet either the European safety standard CE EN 1077 or the American safety standard ASTM F20040.
  • Audio Support – Most earpads are detachable and can be swapped with audio-compatible models. Some can be attached through a neckpiece. Other helmets also come with built-in speakers.
  • Camera Support – Can’t live without your GoPro? Find a helmet that offers built-in support for your beloved camera.

Skiing is one of the most exciting sports in the world. Enjoy it more with the right safety gear.