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4 Tricks to Getting a Camera-Ready Smile

Woman SmilingWith the emergence of selfies and instant photo sharing sites, it is always best to have a good smile. For some people, however, flashing that beautiful grin seems tough. But, with practice, smiling becomes easier.

Listed below are a slew of tricks that you may want to consider to acquire that enchanting, camera-ready smile.

Give porcelain veneers a shot

If you have fractured or imperfect teeth, porcelain veneers are worth a shot, as this enhances your smile. In addition to being a durable solution, these also provide natural-looking results, as these imitate the light reflecting qualities of your teeth. An Orange County dentist, such as Kurt Schneider, DDS, will further explain the numerous benefits of this dental procedure.

Think about someone you love every time you smile

It is easier to flash a friendly, genuine smile if you think about a person you care about. In addition, your smile will come naturally when you feel thankful for all the positive things that you have.

Smile with your eyes

If you wish to have a warm, mesmerizing smile, one good way is to flash a so-called Duchenne smile. You can achieve Duchenne if your eyes do smile as well. To practice this kind of smile, you may stand in front of your mirror while keeping your focus only on your eyes. It is also helpful to remember which muscles work anytime you do Duchenne.

Pick the right lipstick color

In order to make your teeth look whiter, use the right shade of lipstick. Note that pink-based and blue-based undertones are of help to cover up those yellow stains in your teeth.

Keep in mind that a nice smile improves your self-esteem and makes other individuals happy too. Following the above-mentioned tricks can help make your smile more appealing.

Your 3-Step Approach to a Beautiful Smile

Better SmilePerfectly white, gleaming teeth will inspire admiration. But a sparkling set of teeth goes beyond ensuring attraction. Good teeth also prevent tooth loss, reduce the risk of heart disease and maintain good digestion. Clearly, it is in your best interest to work towards better teeth. How do you do it without the hefty cost?

The Economics of Good Teeth

U.K. prices on cosmetic dentistry vary with each treatment. Teeth whitening may cost anywhere between £300 to £1,000 while dental implants range between £1200 to £2,500 per tooth. It is not exactly pocket change unless you’ve got quite the pocket. The cost of dental treatments, however, doesn’t have to stop you from getting celebrity-worthy teeth.

Consider this three-step approach to achieving a gorgeous smile:

Step 1 – Practice Regular Oral Care Hygiene

A beautiful smile starts with healthy teeth. The London clinic of Fresh Dental underscores the value of maintaining strong and healthy gums, which prevent tooth decay. If your teeth are healthy to begin with, you will not spend much on cosmetic dental treatments.

Aside from regular brushing, include flossing or interdental brushing with your oral care hygiene. Although recent findings show the lack of evidence on the efficacy of flossing, the British Dental Association still recommend you do it.

Step 2 – Stay Away from Sugar

Is sugar nice? Not to your teeth. Sugary foods cause tooth decay. The British Dental Health further note the devastating effect of sugar consumption on children’s dental health. Take the recommended daily serving of sugar, and pay attention to hidden sugar in certain food and beverages.

Step 3 – Rethink Your Smoking Habit

Tobacco is bad for your health. Prolonged smoking increases your risk for lung cancer, heart disease, stroke and other health problems. Smoking will also stain your teeth. The National Health Service reveal smokers are more likely to get gum disease than non-smokers. Also, non-smokers have fresher breath.

Good teeth provide multiple benefits, not the least of which is better overall health. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve a sparkling set of teeth. Maintain proper oral care hygiene. Watch your sugar consumption. And consider giving up tobacco.

How to Achieve a Smile Makeover in Just a Few Short Visits to your Dentist

Dental TreatmentEveryone dreams of a beautiful smile, but unfortunately Mother Nature doesn’t always grant our wishes. Almost half of adults in the UK admit to being so unhappy with the way their smile looks that it affects their confidence.

Cosmetic dentistry has risen rapidly in popularity in recent years, fuelled at least in part by celebrities and really television stars advocating such treatments. Blue Sky Dentistry in Northern Ireland has seen an increase in patients seeking cosmetic treatments in recent years, and offers a wide range of options to suit every smile.

Some people imagine cosmetic dental treatment will take a long time to complete, when in fact many of the procedures require only a few short appointments at the dental practice. Every smile is different, and no reputable cosmetic dentist will offer you a “quick fix” solution, but in many cases it is possible to perform a complete smile makeover in time for a special occasion – a wedding, graduation, or job interview, for example.

Cosmetic dentistry is a broad umbrella term covering an extensive range of treatments both large and small. From discreet adult orthodontics to single sessions of teeth whitening, from cosmetic crowns to extensive restorations involving dental implants and cosmetic dentures, there is a solution available to every smile problem. You may think your smile is beyond redemption, but a consultation with a cosmetic dentist will change your mind.

Fast ways to make over a smile

Below are some common smile concerns, and what a cosmetic dentist can do to improve the situation.

Stained teeth

Many common tooth stains – those caused by dietary factors or habits such as smoking – can be rectified quickly with a course of teeth whitening treatment. So long as this is carried out by a dentist it is safe, reliable, and rapid. Home whitening takes a fortnight, whilst power whitening sessions only take an hour of your time.

Chipped teeth

Porcelain veneers can cover a multitude of sins, including chipped front teeth. Alternatively, composite bonding with white filling material can be used to rebuild chipped teeth. Veneers tend to require two-three appointments; composite bonding can be complete in one.