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Why Go Solar: The Deal with Climate Change

Dry cracked lands Climate change is real. We already feel its effects around the globe. 97% of scientists believe that humans cause the current climate change the Earth is experiencing.

However, there are still a lot of people who challenge this fact. The ones who do not believe that such a thing as a climate change exists are called climate change deniers. The climate change deniers usually are the people who do not believe in the science of it all. They usually have some connection with the oil industry.

Alternative Source of Power

Thankfully, there are a lot of people who believe that climate change is real, and they are doing something about it. People are now becoming aware of the causes and effects of climate change. The individuals who know are now changing their lifestyle and trying to lessen their carbon footprint. These people are turning to another source of power: solar energy.

Solar Power

The use of solar energy is now becoming popular. In fact, in every four minutes, an American family is going solar. The solar power users in the United States have tripled in the last two years. This is a great step towards saving the world from the threat of climate change.

So, if you are from a place in the US that receives a lot of sunshine, such as New Mexico, solar panels are readily available in the market. You are not only saving money for using the sun as the sources of your energy, but you are also saving the planet.

Climate Change Deniers

There are deniers out there that don't have connections with the oil industry but still believe that climate change is all a hoax. Their argument is that climate change is natural and that it happened before.

Climate Change Caused by Humans

It is true that climate change happened before, and the cause of it is natural. However, what makes the climate change today a cause for concern is the rate at which the change is occurring. It is no longer natural. People have caused the rapid change. The primary cause is the burning of fossil fuels, using oil in almost everything. Oil is the main source of power. That’s why the oil companies are denying the fact that climate change is a real problem. Another cause is cutting down trees without replacing them.