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Keeping it Safe: Pool Barrier Options

kid in swimming poolA lapse in adult supervision can cause the kids to wander around the pool, which may lead to injuries and drowning. It's important to consider having different barrier options, which provide protection. They can keep the pool safe by preventing young kids from gaining access to the pool area.

  • Pool cover 

Apart from keeping out debris and dirt, pool covers can also keep your backyard safe. They also provide the additional benefit of lowering heating costs. Just make sure to use a cover that is designed for pools and not just any material you see fit. Pool covers are usually made of vinyl, polypropylene, or polyethene.  

  • Fences

These provide some benefits like enhancing pool area safety and preventing chances of accidents and drowning. Pool fences, furthermore, are very affordable, as you can install it on your own witha DIY pool fence. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) notes that they should be at last 4 ft. high (5 ft. or taller is preferable).

  • Pool alarm

This device alerts you with an automatic alarm sound if a child or pet falls into a swimming pool (without any adult supervision). There are some pool alarm options to choose from, including perimeter alarm, gate/door alarm, pressure sensitive alarm, wearable alarm for kids, and others.

  • Safety equipment

It is also a good idea to have safety equipment like a ring buoy (lifesaver or lifebuoy), which you can toss at someone who fell from the pool to prevent drowning. There is also the reaching pole or Shepard’s hook, which is excellent for pulling someone out of the water.

Swimming pools at home are an excellent source of fun and enjoyment. Make sure that they don’t become a hazard by considering the barrier and safety options mentioned above. You can always increase adult supervision, but to be sure, it is best to install a safety cover, pool fence, or an alarm.

Swimming Pool Heating: Practical Ways to Make Your Pool More Energy Efficient

Swimming PoolYou do not have to do extensive renovations to make your swimming pool more energy efficient. You might be pleased to know that there are a few simple ways to improve the energy efficiency of your swimming pool. Some of them include:

Using the Right Type of Heating system

There is a plethora of swimming pool heaters out there. However, buying just any would be a bad decision. This is because there are many options to consider including exactly what you want to achieve when heating your pool – do you want it for exercise and all year round swimming or do you just want to extend your swimming season? Before choosing any pool heater, Pool Solar and Spa says it is critical that you decide exactly the reason why you want to heat your pool. You can then explore the various options available to ensure you install the most environmentally friendly and economical heating system for your requirements. It is also important to have it installed by a professional.

Investing in a Pool Cover

Pool covers play a number of important roles than simply keeping debris out of your pool. If you live in a hot locality, installing a pool cover would help prevent evaporation. If your pool water evaporates frequently, it means you will save this precious resource and will not have to continually top it up as often as usual. You will now only need to replace the water lost due to overflow, splash-out or backwashing. The pool cover also helps to retain the heat in your pool water so you do not have to continually operate your pool heating system making the entire heating process far more efficient.

Maintaining the Temperature of Your Pool

Maintaining the temperature of your pool when it is in use and when it is not a practical way to save on energy bills. If you only use your swimming pool during the weekend, you can lower your water temperature a few degrees during weekdays. When it is time to use the pool, all you need to do is reset, its thermometer a few hours prior to using the pool. This would bring it to the desired temperature by the time you would be using it.

Maintaining the Pool Frequently

Ensuring your swimming pools skimmer basket and pool pump basket are emptied periodically and kept free of debris will help maintain your pool filtration system. Allowing these to build up over time can greatly restrict water flow and cause issues with pool water quality.

It is always important to ask for the opinion of a knowledgeable expert prior to attempting maintenance practices if you are unsure. Likewise, when looking to invest in a pool cover, research well to ensure that you choose the right type and style that will suit your purpose.

Summer’s Here: Here Are Three Pool Renovation Ideas To Consider

Swimming PoolSwimming pools are a fad of today. A lot of people clamour to have their own pool at home. For those who want their old swimming pools renovated, it may take a lot of time and effort. Despite this, upgrading your pool will definitely add to the overall aesthetic value of the house.

Most households today have their own swimming pools. Aside from the regular maintenance, there are times that it needs to be upgraded, either because its components are broken or it's degraded over the past years.

When planning to renovate or upgrade your swimming pool, consider these three renovation ideas from Bellevista Pools.

Electronic Autofill

Refilling the pool may take some time. The most difficult part is, you end up refilling it every now and then, especially when many people use it. The good news is, the electronic auto-fill technology used in resort pools can now be used at homes. Renovating the pool with an electronic auto fill is an excellent and practical addition to a swimming pool. It will help cut down on the time spent worrying about the pool water levels.

LED and Fibre Optic Pool Lights

Swimming at night is enjoyable for most people, but swimming in the dark is another thing. One of the newest trends in swimming pools today is using LED and fibre optic pool lights.

Make your pool come alive at night by installing various types of lights in and around the pool. Lights can create a wide range of effects and intensity that add to the aesthetic value of the pool.

Salt Water Chlorinator

Aside from state-of-the-art purifiers, one of the new trends of today is the use of salt water chlorinator. It removes the need for liquid chlorine or chlorine tablets which can irritate both the eyes and skin of swimmers.

Salt water chlorinators remove the storage and manual application of chlorine. It works by converting salt into chlorine through a simple chemical process. Thus, chlorine is made by the water itself.

Swimming pools are important recreation areas at home and in public areas, especially during the summer season. However, before it arrives, it is better to upgrade and renovate your swimming pool, depending on your needs and aesthetic requirements. Aside from these technology-inspired upgrades, you can add trees, a garden and stone around the pool to boost its aesthetic value further.

Key Traits of Quality Swimming Pool Builders

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool in UtahBefore contacting a spa dealer, you ought to find a reliable swimming pool builder first. The right swimming pool contractors would build you a pool that would last you a lifetime.

In Utah, for example, reputable bullfrog spa dealers and pool contractors share similar traits.

They Have a Place of Business

Only full-fledged swimming pool builders can deliver. So if your potential contractors claim to have what it takes to handle any type of project, they should have an office. For example, if they usually work on their RV or truck, they would most likely disappear with your money. It is important that you visit their offices to determine if they are indeed what they claim to be.

They are Honest

You need a service provider that would be honest regarding whether they can handle your type of project, how long it would take to complete it, the cost of the entire project, and so on. A dependable service provider would also come clean concerning how building the pool would affect your yard.

They Have Installed Many Pools Before

Any pool installation contractor can claim to have installed an acceptable number of swimming pools since they opened shop. However, few of them would be willing to show you pictures of some of the projects they have completed. Choose an expert that would gladly show you proof of accomplishment.

They are Members of Reliable Associations

A service provider who belongs to a reliable association like the Better Business Bureau would offer superior services. This is because such associations demand high levels of business practices and accountability from their members. You should choose a contractor that is in good standing with the BBB.

Hiring the right swimming pool builder would help you avoid the frustration and expenses that come with poor workmanship. It is always important to invest time in researching a potential expert to ensure that they would offer top-drawer services.