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Today’s Technology: Photobiomodulation

Woman consulting with therapistPhotobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) is best known for its technical term, Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). If you visit any photobiomodulation service in your area, you would know that this involves lasers and LEDs. CryoSpace further explains that it aims to repair tissues and reduce pain. It’s typically used for sports injuries and neuropathic pain syndromes. Furthermore, research shows that this therapy can also be beneficial for those experiencing arthritic joints as well as back and neck pains.

All About Light Therapy

When light is at certain wavelengths, it can serve as a performance enhancer. It can only mean different effects regarding one’s performance. Scientists were able to discover that with the proper optimization of the type and duration of light we receive, it’s possible to improve sleep quality, provide more energy, and reduce inflammation.

Light therapy makes use of a light box that exposes a person to the healing effects of light at different wavelengths. When light affects the internal circadian rhythm, it allows the body to perform at a much higher rate. Ever noticed how you feel more awake and energized after taking a morning walk? In the early mornings, the sun gives off blue light. This light is the same blue light that triggers wakefulness. For those who don’t receive enough blue light, they can easily make use of devices that emit it.

However, this type of light should be avoided at night. There are technological inventions that help with this issue, such as F.lux and the iPhone’s “Night Shift,” which stops the screen from emitting this light spectrum at night. Furthermore, there have been scientific innovations pertaining to light bulbs giving off varying wavelengths. There are now light bulbs for sleeping and light bulbs for being alert and awake.

Benefits of Photobiomodulation

  • Enhancement of Cognitive Skills

This type of therapy promises substantial enhancement of one’s cognitive skills. A research was done on photomedicine and laser surgery showing that therapies using near-infrared light can increase reaction time with no unfavorable effects. This approach is the same as methylene blue; it increases memory formation and neuroprotection.

  • Reverse Signs of Aging

It’s impossible to turn back time, but with PBMT services, you can reverse the signs of aging. This light therapy can stimulate collagen production to reduce and eliminate the signs of aging.

  • Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is regarded as one of the consequences of physically and mentally performing too much. Pushing past your physical and mental capacity can lead to pain, brain fog, and some chronic diseases.

Continuous research on light therapy indicates far more benefits being discovered in the near future. Furthermore, the best way to go about receiving the “right” kind of light is by having morning walks out in the sun.

3 Signs Your Kid is in Need of Psychiatric Help

Therapist listening to her patient in therapists officeIt can be challenging for parents to identify if their child suffers from mental health problems and requires psychiatric assistance. So the sooner you schedule for psychological evaluations, the easier it will be for experts to diagnose and treat your little one. A competent psychiatrist in Westport lists down the following signs and indicators you should look out for:

Extreme behavioral changes

You should not overlook extreme signs of aggression, tantrums and violence in your kid, for these could mean he or she is having mental troubles. One-off incidents are perfectly normal, but if such mannerisms persist for over six months, then you must not ignore the need to see a psychiatrist.

Extreme anxiety or fearfulness (or the lack of it)

Some mental health concerns trigger paranoia and intense anxiety while others minimize the fear factor, making a child feel no fear even if obvious danger is in sight. If your kid’s level of fear is extreme (or lacking), something could be amiss with his or her mental health. In most cases of severe anxiety, the child experiences nightmares, making him or her reluctant to sleep alone, attend school or be separated from parents.

Abrupt learning challenges

If your child was once growing academically but is now suddenly finding it extremely challenging to master even basic concepts, then there could be grave underlying concerns. With the right assistance, your little one could quickly recover and get back to improving his or her school performance.

Good mental health is just as vital as good physical health. Therefore, you should not ignore these red flags with the hopes that they will just all go away after some time.

Practical Tips on How to Look For a Chiropractor

Chiropractor At WorkLooking for the right chiropractor need not be backbreaking. It is just like looking for a doctor or a dentist; you need the elements of trust and confidence in choosing your chiropractor. You have to be confident with your choice. After all, you will be trusting this person with your life. Here are some tips on how to scout for a competent and reliable chiropractor.

Start with your doctor

If you don’t know where to start looking, you could ask your primary care physician if he can recommend a chiropractor. If your doctor actually has one, the better. Nothing would beat this situation, especially if you trust your doctor.

Go geographic

It is always best to start your search in the immediate vicinity of your residence. If you are from Colorado, you could further limit your search for chiropractors by using Denver as a search parameter, if you live in that city. Or further reduce the geographical area as small as your neighborhood. You might hit the jackpot and find someone just across the street from where you live.

Friends, family, and Facebook can help

Your immediate social circles can also help you find the right chiropractor for the medical services you require. Ask family and friends for good suggestions. Again, a family or friend-trusted chiropractor is better than finding one off the yellow pages. Expand your query to those in your social media accounts, like Facebook. You’ll never know when someone you know might have the best chiropractor in the world.

When you find the right chiropractor, you can ask around for a history of his or her practice. The most important thing is that you find a chiropractor that you are very comfortable seeing.

Hope is Alive in Rehab Centers: Recovering from Substance Use Disorder

rehab group in Utah

rehab group in Utah“It is hard to understand addiction unless you have experienced it.”

This is one of the most striking quotations from renowned singer Ken Hensley. He acknowledges the different perspectives of the thousands of people who are suffering from substance use disorder. Unfortunately, the current stigma in drug and alcohol addiction has substantially hindered the improvement of some individuals.

The path to recovery starts from oneself. You must be willing to acknowledge your situation and have that strong desire to improve your overall well-being. The key to having a quick recovery is by entering a drug rehabilitation program.

Stable Environment

Undergoing treatment in drug rehabilitation centers has many benefits. You will have a stable environment that has the necessary equipment to aid in your recovery. These centers offer a place where you can live peacefully and eliminate stressors that could distract you from your goal. A stable environment also ensures that temptations or triggers will not hinder you from having a quick recovery.


Another benefit of drug rehab centers is that you can cleanse your body from toxins. Some of the drug rehabilitation programs in Utah, for example, focus on detoxification of the body. This is an essential process to make sure the hazardous chemicals from drugs will not impair organ functions.

Effective Programs

Rehab centers offer a range of treatment plans to aid in faster recovery. Some centers promote peer support, which involves sharing of experiences with other people. You can communicate your concerns without the fear of stereotypes and misjudgments. You can even ask for advice from people who have experienced similar troubles in the past. Other programs such as one-on-one therapy, group therapy, and meditation are also available in rehabilitation centers to help patients become abstinent.

Recovering from drug and alcohol use disorder is a long process. You must have the patience, willingness, and determination to become abstinent and live a better life.