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Improve the Colour, Shape and Size of Your Teeth with Veneers

dentures in different color shades

VeneersVeneers are a custom-built shell that is tremendously thin and highlights an astoundingly lifelike finish. Dentists place these on the front of each patient’s tooth to give it a new look.

To ensure that dental veneers in Tauranga, which you can get from clinics such as Taylor Burley Kleiman Dental, will look harmonious and naturally contoured, they may or may not get rid of the structure of the tooth.

This will primarily depend on the size of the tooth itself, besides the preferred final tooth shape and size.


The colour of your teeth can change throughout your life, and it would normally grow yellowish with time and age. Some patients got antibiotic tetracycline when they were kids, and it led to discolouration of their teeth that is quite hard to remove.

Moreover, lifestyle choices could also cause the discolouration, especially if you consume certain foods, drinks and smoke cigarettes. Even though whitening can help treat this, the extent to which the teeth will whiten depend on when you started.

With porcelain veneer, it can mask the colour completely to provide you brighter and whiter teeth.


The abnormal wear on your teeth can make them look flatter, shorter and rough around the edges. You might not realise this, but the edges of younger choppers are rounder. Those who get veneers enjoy the benefit of a more youthful smile, too.

The dentists can even redesign it to integrate structures that make them appear more youthful.


Some teeth are way too small or too big for their owners. Some have had it when they were growing up, while others got smaller because of wear. The restoration effects of veneers can resolve their smiling issues and bring back their confidence.

The developments dentistry has witnessed recently are quite extraordinary, particularly with porcelain veneers. The materials that the practices use to form veneers did not only develop immensely but the expertise level of dental specialists, as well.